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iPad tethering, gaming retro and modern and VPN services all tickled your fancy this week. Kick off your Monday by checking out the ten most popular posts from Lifehacker Australia last week:

  1. Ask LH: How Can I Tether My iPad To My iPhone?
    Dear Lifehacker, For Xmas I received an brand new iPad (with 3G), but I also have an iPhone 3GS with a data plan. I do not really want to go and get another data plan as I very rarely use all the allowance for the iPhone plan, as I mainly use them both at home or in the office. What I would love to do is ‘share’ the phone’s mobile broadband with the iPad. Any suggestions? Yours, SIM Sage
  2. Top 10 Gaming Hacks And DIY Projects
    We love our games and consoles, but there’s a big world that lies beyond the product you pull out of the box. Your console is capable of so much more than you may realise. Here are our top 10 video game hacks and DIY projects to prove it.
  3. The Nintendo 3DS: Nauseating But Nice
    I never watch 3D movies or TV because I feel sick as soon as I look at them, and sadly the Nintendo 3DS is no different. Despite that, it’s one of the few 3D devices I might actually contemplate owning.
  4. Five Best VPN Service Providers
    If you have a need to encrypt and secure your internet connection—whether you’re using an unsecured public Wi-Fi connection or are worried about an authoritarian government snooping your data—a VPN service is just what the doctor ordered. Here are the five most popular tools for the job.
  5. What I Use: Luke Bennett’s Favourite Gear And Productivity Tips
    Last week we called for readers to tell us about their setups, and Luke was one of the first to respond. Here’s how he makes the most out of life in his largely-Mac universe, how he keeps bookmarklets organised, and why his slow, ancient Nokia phone is still a useful productivity tool.
  6. How To Tell If You’re Compatible With Another Person
    Dating site OKCupid’s blog, OKTrends, is a constant source of fascinating conclusions drawn from user statistics. In their latest post, they’ve figured out the three questions best determine your compatibility with another person—and they’re not what you might expect.
  7. Lifehacker 101 Explains LTE And 4G For Beginners
    Telstra’s announcement this week that it will roll out a new long term evolution (LTE) mobile network has put LTE firmly back in the headlines. But just what is an LTE network, can it really be described as a 4G network, and why should you care?
  8. Ask LH: Why Does Gmail Have An Archive Feature?
    Dear Lifehacker, I’m a long time user of Gmail and have recently been looking into archiving my older messages, but for the life of me I can’t figure out why I’d want to “archive” something rather than just leave it sitting in my inbox. I’ve only used 2GB of my 7GB, so space isn’t a problem. So what are the benefits of archiving in Gmail? Thanks, Archiving Agnostic
  9. Ask LH: Can I Import Google Maps Data Into My GPS?
    Dear Lifehacker, I’m planning a trip to Europe later this year, and part of my journey involves a road trip along the famous German ‘Alpine Road’ at the base of the Bavarian alps, which unfortunately for me is not actually a single road to be followed but in fact a fairly complicated route including many different roads and highways. I was lucky enough to come across someone who has mapped out the actual route on Google Maps, but I’m wondering if it’s possible to import that data into a GPS.
  10. Secure Your Online Life The Easy Way
    There are add-ons, VPNs and apps galore that offer a safer browsing experience — but the browser you use, and the sites you visit, offer strong but simple security tools, too. Here are the best of the no-hassle, no-install-required options that you should be using now.


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