Create Entirely New Email Addresses As A Hotmail Alias

Hotmail users can use the "[email protected]" email filtering trick — so, you know, it's at Gmail's level from five years ago. But it's got an even more powerful spam-fighting, privacy-protecting option: creating an entirely new address that arrives right in your inbox.

Each Hotmail user gets five aliases per year, and a total of 15 aliases. The tricky part is finding email addresses that haven't been taken on the world's most popular email service, but if you can think up a long or unique enough thread, your Hotmail alias is really convenient. You hand it out, the email arrives into a labelled folder in your inbox, and you reply or forward those messages from that same address — or you can switch back to your regular email address when everything appears on the up-and-up.

Convenient offering — what can you imagine using it for?

Create a Hotmail alias [via Ghacks]


    So this is exactly like GMail's multiple accounts options, except it's limited to 15, and you can't customize the filters..? Like you said; "it’s at Gmail’s level from five years ago."

      JessT: Try reading it again, its got the [email protected] that gmail had 5 years ago.

      AND an even better alias system.

      Granted it was pretty poorly worded, but easy enough to figure out.

      Ineed... it's more like a mashup of Gmail and Yahoo mail from 5 years ago ;-)

      Yahoo Mail has had "Disposable email addresses" for ages.

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