What’s Your Biggest Annoyance With Android (And How Did You Fix It)?

What’s Your Biggest Annoyance With Android (And How Did You Fix It)?

Android is constantly improving, but Google’s phone platform still hosts a few annoyances and not-quite-there features. We’re wondering what your biggest issue with your phone is—and if you found an app or another fix to make it much better.

Flash, for instance, can be a burden on your phone, but not if you set it up right. Your home screen might be a mishmash of ideas from your phone manufacturer about “social” and “convenience”, but you can load your own launcher (and then make sure it behaves). Not quite happy with having to connect via USB to transfer files? For that there is Dropbox, or perhaps something like Awesome Drop.

So, your turn: What bothers you about your Android? How have you fixed it? Let us know in the comments.


  • Samsung Galaxy S

    Problem – 2.1 is slow, glitchy and unresponsive.
    Solution – Update to Doc’s Froyo rom from XDA and learn a lot about my phone in the process.

    Problem – Stock music app is poorly under powered.
    Solution – Install Doubletwist. hells yeah.

    Problem – Touchwiz makes me vomit iphones.
    Solution – LauncherPro is MUCHO better.

    Problem – Usb port is on the TOP of the phone.
    Solution – Buy a desktop dock with a connector on a cable from ebay.

    Problem – Battery life can be shit.
    Solution – buy a secondary charger.

    Now my phone is now the ultimate telephony device EVER!

  • HTC Desire.
    Having lots of contacts, emails, sms etc synced on the phone, I am constantly running out of space. When dropping below 15meg of internal memory the phone is rendered useless basically.

    The fix. Root, custom rom, a2sd+ and ext3 partition on sd card.

    OR buy the Nexus S I guess.

  • Prob: No easy to apply screen protector for my Nexus One.
    Sol: Cut a iPhone protector down to size and try, try and try again to get it on without bubbles of dust under it. Still not perfected it.

    Prob: Slow updates coming from Vodafone despite generic (but stamped with the Carrier ID) Android.
    Sol: Install a carrier-less Android recovery image, then get all updates including the important 2.2.1 update within hours of release.

  • Most these issues are hardware not software. I have some pretty big issues with my Desire, but I don’t think any of them are to do with Android.

    Probably my only real gripe is the slow updates, but I fix that mostly by using custom roms.

  • Motorola Defy
    Headphones can only start/stop music, not skip with double-click. Using winamp.
    After a call using headphones, phone is unlocked and while in pocket all sorts of things can happen, like random calls etc. Andriod OS fix needed.
    Lockscreen inadequate. Widgetlocker purchased.
    Average battery life. Rooted, underclocked with SetVsel, juicedefender installed.
    Alarm had to turn off as the swipe bar is so small + screen orientation changes when picking up the phone and the slightest touch to screen or buttons snoozes alarm. Need to try a new alarm app.
    Can’t bring up music app overlay with a double-tap of the home button.
    I want the power widget to be part of the notification bar like SBsettings.

    • “Headphones can only start/stop music, not skip with double-click. Using winamp.”
      My stereo bluetooth headphones can start/stop/skip tracks/etc with winamp – Do you have Control Headset turned on in Winamp Settings?

      “I want the power widget to be part of the notification bar like SBsettings.”
      CyanogenMod has the power widget in the notification bar, but I don’t think the Defy is supported yet – worth checking though.

    • Have SGS i9000 with Optus. Two previous attempts with custom ROM’s caused lost WIFI, SMS and Data connections so had to roll back. I take this isn’t a problem with Darkies?
      Also installed Voodoo 5RC1 which is causing probs – apps & icons disappear, phone freezes. But can’t uninstall and no longer able to roll back firmware. I know Darky’s can maintain the lagfix on there but can it also get rid of it if I want?

  • htc desire hd: substandard battery life.

    solution: None yet.. tried under clocking and juice defender, but i still cant get a days use with moderate usage…

  • Couple of annoyances…no fixes as yet…

    Cant change the calendar an event is entered in, can only choose the calendar when the event is created.

    Calendar often goes back to yesterdays page after making alterations to an event.

    Mutiple google accounts are all called ‘Google’ so when entering a new contact its unclear which google account its going to add it to…just one more button click but not being clearly displayed on the screen can mean I dont think to check its going to the right account.

    Desire HD, 2.2.1

    • oh…and just recently.. clicking the map button from contacts goes to Location app…not just google maps…not 100% of the time but most times…didnt used to do it… to get around it I have to go to maps then search for the contact from there…

      HTC Desire HD, 2.2.1

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