The Home Office Sandbox

The Home Office Sandbox

If you’ve ever spent a day at your desk wishing you could put your feet in the sand and listen to the roar of the ocean, this unconventional home office is for you.

Justin Kemp, an artist’s assistant from Massachusetts, was inspired by the Beach Boys to set up a sandbox for his workspace. He boxed off a space with simple lumber, lined with with plastic sheeting, and filled with with sand. In went his desk, chair, computer, and his feet into the sand.

It’s unconventional, there’s a high chance of finding sand all over your house, and people will probably look at your office rather oddly; none the less Justin decided to go with an idea that most people would just talk about and the results are pretty neat. Check out the link below to read more about his setup at Setups and Spaces.


The Home Office Sandbox [Setups and Spaces]


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