Use A Mesh Laundry Bag As A Sand-Free Beach Tote

Use A Mesh Laundry Bag As A Sand-Free Beach Tote

Cleaning sand out of your kids’ toys after playing at the beach is a pain, but if you keep them in a mesh laundry bag, a few shakes is all it takes to keep that sand from following you home.

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If you’ve got bigger toys, like buckets or a sand castle mould, you can use a collapsible mesh laundry bag like this one from Bunnings. Even if you’ve only got a mesh bag for washing delicates in (like this set of three for $3.99), you can still use it for trucks, small shovels, and other beach toys. The zipper on the delicates bag will help keep the toys inside, even when you’re shaking them to get the sand off. You can also use this same mesh bag to carry toys to and from your local sandbox or throw it in your suitcase for tropical vacations.

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  • This is so stupid. Mesh bag will help get most of the sand off initially, but it’ll be spewing out sand constantly after that.

  • Totally agree. Sand gets caught in amongst the toys, especially any damp sand. As it dries and gets physically agitated further more and more will dislodge and end up everywhere.

    Yes I have a kid. Yes I take her to the beach. Yes we take her beach toys!

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