Target Has A Pair Of $20 iTunes Cards For $30

If you were thinking of giving iTunes cards as a Valentine's Day gift, don't. But stocking up on discounted cards is always sensible, and Target has the familiar $30 for two $20 cards deal from today until February 2. [Lasoo via OzBargain]


    Hands up if any lifehacker readers are actually interested in the semi continuous stream of itunes card deals? Take it as a given that somewhere these things are on special and just keep your eyes open.

      Based on the traffic figures, people are definitely reading them. (And on average, there's no more than one a week.)

        K if others find it useful then no problem. It just seemed to be getting very repetitive to me.

      I read the iTunes Cards deals with interest. Knowing where they are is a great thing, and it's not like the story torments you. Stop trolling.

    I rely on LifeHacker for my iTunes card deals! ... And all the other stuff, too. ;)

    Keep those articles coming, Lifehacker! I just forwarded it to my partner, as we love to grab good iTunes card deals. So yes, my hand is definitely up there, Chris.

    Click the link through to OzBargain and they have a link to to show all the current iTunes sales.

    Also has a calendar you can switch on/off through Google Calendar...check it out.

    Absolutely very useful. I prefer looki g for these bargains and giving cards to the kids for buying their iPod apps rather than using the store's month by month allowance concept. Please keep it up!

    @ Chris - what a dick you are. It's Dec 2012 and I came here looking for an itunes card deal. Although a little late - great work Angus :0)

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