Set Up Netflix To Work With Your Apple TV In Australia

Set Up Netflix To Work With Your Apple TV In Australia

Netflix integration is one of the big selling points for the Apple TV in the US, but it isn’t an option for Australian buyers. However, you can access the streaming rentals service with a little clever hacking.

MacTalk forum poster Steeley walks through the process he used to set up his new Apple TV to act as if it is in the US. The process isn’t especially fiddly, requiring you to set up a US iTunes account and then use a special DNS service to fool your system into thinking your machine is based in the US. The method described uses a paid-for proxy; while there are free solutions that perform similar tasks, those often can become problematic.

It’s not a solution everyone is going to want, but if you don’t like the content restrictions on local streaming media services, it’s worth considering. Hit the post for full details of the setup, and check out how to jailbreak your Apple TV for more customisation options.

How I set up my Apple TV with Netflix [MacTalk]


    • The site seems very variable today (which isn’t something under Lifehacker’s control, I might point out) — I just found the link to be not working and then working within a 30-second time frame. You can access a cached version from Google if it doesn’t come up for you.

  • I am an American living in Sydney and I rarely venture to the Australian version of LifeHacker, but tonight I thought I’d come take a look.

    Overcoming the US content restrictions isn’t overly difficult anymore. While proxies and VPN tunnels are a more complicated option, it is easiest to simply use a DNS service that forwards restricted sites through US proxy servers. Essentially you simply have to change one setting on your router and you’re ready to go (The DNS IP).

    The best and most reliable service of this kind I’ve found to date is**. (Its easier than most VPN sevices but if you’re looking for something along those lines you’ll want to go with With US video you simply add two Australian DNS IP addresses in your router settings and within a minute services like Netflix, Hulu, ABC player, NBC player, etc. think you are in the US. It also spoofs British services like BBC’s iPlayer and the ITV player into thinking you are in the UK. – Again no switching required.

    Local traffic still works so it is more efficient than switching proxies or setting up a VPN tunnel of your own.

    The post on MacTalk far overcomplicates things by instructing you to get a US itunes account. This is not actually required if you do a manual reset of your Apple TV using iTunes (LOGGED OUT OF YOUR AUSTRALIAN iTUNES ACCOUNT) over a USB cable.

    Once back up and running, in the Apple TV you simply go to Settings and set the region to USA – Netflix will appear in the “Internet” menu.

    I have worked quite hard to convert my apartment into an island of sanity. Comcast tunnel, voip lines, power converters, xbox live, netflix, Hulu+, and a few other minor services. More recently I’ve spread to my phone running US bound traffic through a VPN in the US (same server I used before I switched to using the… that did require a jailbreak to get working.

    **I’ve made a video for a friend wanting to set up his apple TV for Netflix in Australia – Maybe I’ll upload it tomorrow and post a link).

    • Hi SamTheDentist, would you be able to send me the video you made your friend on how to setup Netflix please. Have just recently bought the iTV from San Fran and would love to get it up and running… Thanks 🙂

  • Also, while the MacTalk forum is having trouble, here is a link to a cached copy of the post:

    A tip of the day!
    If a site you’re looking for has disappeared or has been taken down, simply google the URL and if it shows up click the “cached” link at the end of the Google entry and you’ll see Google’s last index of the page.

  • Hey SamTheDentist, I setup the trial with and its great! So simple, and I had netflix streaming from my AppleTV in minutes – thanks for the link.

  • Just as an update. I originally had setup through my router but realised that this posed security issues. Essentially all my internet was being directed by their DNS servers, so if an unscrupelous employee spoofed a bank site and setup the server tables to send my Citibank banking (for example) to this spoofed site, I could end up giving up all my banking details. With this in mind, I have setup the DNS only through AppleTVs setttings, which has removed this risk.

    • Justin, even though it is possible to redirect your banking to spoofed site, HTTPS protocol should protect your banking information and if someone tries to redirect you to the wrong site, you should get error page from the web browser about invalid certificate.
      However, if you’re using unprotected HTTP connection to get to your banking site, make sure you always have correct URL displayed in the browser, because if you first open and then click “sign on to online banking”, browser may be redirected to some and data will go through wrong server even though you don’t get security warning (this is why I always keep correct https://…/ links in bookmarks).
      Such attacks can be completed even if there are no “special” DNS servers configured in users’ systems. Don’t expect much better privacy or security with providers’ defaults. “There is always man in the middle” 😉

      • i understand your concern, but as long as you do not configure the setting into the modem (as they recommended).
        Only setup your apple TV with the new DNS setting and leave your pcs with the original DNS (provided by your ISP) then all your local traffics aren’t going through their DNS server =)

  • Hello to all fellow ATV2/Netflix users here. I have 2 ATV2’s working with USVIDEO.Ca but this evening both units reported that I was outside the US and failed to show netflix shows that were working earlier today. I can still access netflix on my ipad and PC all going through the same router.

    Has anyone else had the same problem ?

    • It’s only equally illegal as the way Australia is price fixing identical goods and services. If you are American then you are only accessing what you have a right to. If you have a netflix account then you are paying legitimate fees to watch the movie or show and you are attempting to legally view media; if you can’t view it legally though the sight then they imply “piracy” is acceptable because the industry is illegally price fixing and steeling profit from the copyright owners. So if you go to the store or pirate then the originator is loosing money if you cannot access the legit web sites you are paying to access their content legitimately.

  • @SamTheDentist – Sounds like you have a nice setup:)

    I am currently weighing up getting the Boxee box or perhaps Apple TV but have reservations on both ie Boxee Box sounds buggee and the Apple Tv as no browser or access to boxee box. I wan to hardwire from office to living area. Main use would be access to Netflix (now available online) access to other content online….

    Can anyone suggest the better route and also how best to setup the hardwire ie just an ethernet to router?



  • Anyone able to register with Hulu+ or Netflix with an Aussie credit card? Or suggest alternatives? With Paypal they detected my Paypal is Australian payee so it’s blocked too. I’ve had problems registering with both services and I’ve used a US friend’s home address.

    • yes mate just give a US address (doesn’t really matter what it is, as long as it is valid) and then ring your bank and tell them that the transaction is real (not fraud). Bank wont care, and hulu/netflix/whoever wont either.

  • Hi Jules, I had no trouble setting up the accounts and have been using netflix fine for the last few months until the last few days. Netflix is saying that the had problem processing the payment. I even tried setting up a paypal account and it did not work either. I’m asking netflix to sort the issue. Lets see how it goes.

    • Shaqatech, any updates. I’ve got the same problem, a card that used to work has expired and the new card with the same number but new expiry no longer works…

      • This is because credit cards as geocoded as well, so getting around the ip block is one thing, you then need to get around the payment block. I’ve got this problem with Steam at the moment.
        You can’t just get a paypal account either because they are geolocated as well. Getting a US paypal account is easy enough, but you can’t make payments from it until you validate the palpal account with a US financial institution, and those are even harder to spoof.

  • As much as I enjoy finding clever ways to trick, fool and generally subvert restrictions…can anybody tell me why these restrictions are in place to begin with? I’m struggling to understand why for some reason we (Australians) are being treated like some third world country instead of the 51’s state of america. BTW if you could also explain why we pay 1.19 for the average iPhone app but the Americans pay 99 c…i would be great full.

    • I believe Australia is Socialist or a Police State. They can’t be Communist because they’ve just about banned guns. They aren’t a Democracy/Republic, Federalist, or Capitalist because there’s no free trade or else you could get netflix and movies and the lower price they are available in the USA and Europe. I still can’t get the Netflix service to stream to me here but I can get the blu-ray/dvds here.

      • I do feel compelled to point out that Netflix not operating in Australia isn’t because Australian law bans it — it’s because the deal Netflix has with the studios doesn’t allow them to distribute internationally. So your anger is a little misplaced.

  • Am I missing something but if I get an Apple TV and set up a “trick” IP address so NetFlix thinks I am in the USA how do you bypass the fact they want my credit card with a US address? Am I missing something? Apart from that I am considering Netgear Push TV as an option any thoughts from anyone?

  • Use a vpn service that allows you to switch locations eg hidemyass vpn choose canada as your location. This bypasses the us zipcode check in netflix payment options. I am in South Africa and used this method

    • H Batman, would it be possible to get information on how to connect the equipment to stream netflix into Australia? I have the Canada account, the VPN service, and a roku box but something is not working. I think that I require a dd-wrt wireless router but no one seems to know whether I do or how to connect it up.

  • anyone advise an Australian credit card i can use for either Netflix or Entropay, my ANZ visa is not accepted by either. was going to aply for a Virgin CC anyone have any luck with theirs?

  • Dee, Am confused what you mean by “issues”. Could you be a little clearer? (I have an ANZ a/c and will be doing just what you did!)

    January 17, 2012 at 11:41 PM

    got it working, had to call ANZ to sort out some issues 🙂

  • So whats the current state of play with Netflix? Is it all working trouble free with the above mentioned hacks?

    To diuble check, as I understand it I need to:
    – get a VPN service that allows me to have an off shore DNS for ATV
    – use a US address for the credit card

    Is that it? Anything I’m missing?

    • thts it. use ..yah its free!

      and use ur normal credit card to pay US$ 8/ moth. Just use USA address in Netflix account details and billing info.

  • I have set up a HMA account and can access NetFlix ok on my Mac – now trying to view through tv using Apple TV – I have changed the settings in the Itune store to USA – can’t see anywhere else that I can change it – when I go to view NetFlix says not supported in my region – nearly there and would love some suggestions to view in my lounge room – I am fairly basic in my knowledge so don’t want to muck around too much with changing routers? settings etc. Any help would be appreciated.

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