InstaFetch Brings Instapaper To Android And Windows Phone 7

Android/Windows Phone 7: InstaFetch brings the simplicity and readability of Instapaper to Android and Windows Phone 7, finally providing a native Instapaper app for non-iOS mobile platforms.

Instapaper is Lifehacker's choice of read-it-later applications despite its lack of app support on several mobile platforms. Fortunately, if you're an Android or Windows Phone 7 user, you can now use InstaFetch to stay in sync with their Instapaper articles.

If you're like me and you've struggled bookmarking Instapaper's java applet to your Android browser, InstaFetch takes care of the process by adding an embedded widget to save articles from your Android browser to Instapaper and InstaFetch's application. Simply long press on a URL, click "Share Page", and InstaFetch is now one of the options to select.

Currently InstaFetch is free in the Android and Windows 7 Marketplace.

InstaFetch | via Quora


    I've always preferred ReadItLater. Addons or applications are available for pretty much every major platform or browser, including a nice little addon for Dolphin HD on Android.

    Yawn. Not appearing as free here (AU WP7 Marketplace).

    Not free any longer... it's 3.99 in the US marketplace now.

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