Enable DomainKeys To Decrease Odds Of Your Email Being Marked As Spam

Enable DomainKeys To Decrease Odds Of Your Email Being Marked As Spam

Google just added a nice new feature to Google Apps accounts, allowing users to authenticate emails by signing them with DomainKeys Identified Mail (DKIM). Big words, but basically it means your email’s considerably less likely to be marked as spam.

Straight from the Google Enterprise blog:

Today, we mark another notch in the spam-fighting belt: we’re making it possible for all Google Apps customers to sign their outgoing messages with DKIM, so their sent mail is less likely to get caught up in recipients’ spam filters. Google Apps is the first major email platform – including on-premises providers – to offer simple DKIM signing at no extra cost. Once again, the power of the cloud has made it possible for us to bring this feature to millions of customers quickly and affordably.


Enabling it is pretty simple. Log into your Google Apps account (normally you can just point your browser to http://google.com/a/yourdomain.com), then click the Advanced tools tab and click the Set up email authentication (DKIM) link at the bottom of the page. Then generate a new DNS record.

From here it’s a little trickier to detail, since creating new DNS records varies depending on your domain host. Essentially you need to create a new DNS TXT record with google._domainkey as the TXT name and a long string that’s essentially your DKIM key as the TXT record value. You then save the new DNS record, and click the Start authentication button at Google Apps. It can take some time for your DNS records to propagate, but once they do, your Gmail account should start signing your messages.

Note: My personal domain is hosted by Dreamhost, which doesn’t seem to like the underscore in google._domainkey and is preventing me from creating the new TXT record. Other Dreamhost users having similar problems? Got a solution? I’m all ears.

Spam takes another hit: email authentication now available to millions of Google Apps customers [Google Enterprise Blog]


  • Adam..

    I also use GoogleApps and DreamHost for my LakeandWells.com domain. Everything seemed to work fine, and Google Apps gave a green check mark indicating everything is ok.

    Unfortunately, it seems like a number of my email recipients are getting my emails sent to their Spam Folders (for the first time) or not receiving anything at all! I’m not sure if this is from the DKIM or not .. but I’m worried I did something wrong or that something with DreamHost is not compatable. Let me know if you find this to be the case as well.

  • Word of advice for anyone who has problems with their TXT records – move to a decent DNS hosting provider.

    I use EditDNS.net. They’re a bit up in the air at the moment as they’re being bought out by DynDNS but they are still presently the best out there in my opinion. Free service available at free.editdns.net and paid service at editdns.net (paid service has lots of extra innovative features such as a website availability check which will change your www. IP to provide automatic ‘failover’ etc. etc.). Well worth it.

    If you’re running a business you can also use aliases for their nameservers so your whois record will show ns1.yourdomain.com, ns2.youdomain.com which is a nice professional touch.

    And no, I don’t work for them – just a very happy customer!

  • Adam,

    In your first screenshot I see you have a ‘signed-by’ header but no ‘mailed-by’. You don’t mean to tell me that you’ve not bothered setting your SPF record do you?!??! Tut, tut.

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