Doctor Who Will Be Fast-Tracked To The ABC In 2011

We praised the ABC for actually showing the Doctor Who Christmas special at Christmas, and the network is planning a similarly fast turnaround when the sci-fi favourite returns to our screens later this year.

In a refreshingly honest comment to TV Tonight, ABC1 programmer Brendan Dahill recognised that viewers would inevitably download the show if it wasn't broadcast speedily:

I can’t tell you the date yet because the BBC haven’t told me what date they’re transmitting yet but we’re going close to UK TX [transmission]again. Australians are great downloaders and they don’t want to wait until Easter to see a Christmas episode, so if we can get it out straight away we will.

The UK normally shows Doctor Who on a Saturday night, which would tie in nicely with showing the same episode the next day in Australia in the traditional Sunday evening slot. Good stuff, continuing a tradition of early access for Who viewers. Given how much Lifehacker readers love the ABC, the full post is well worth checking out for news on the rest of the network's plans.

ABC1 on track for Entertainment [TV Tonight]


    It'd certainly stop me downloading it.

    Same here. But this would also mean I now have to be home on a Sunday night......might be time to buy a HD recorder :D

    Will still have to download it if you want the HD version.

      there's a reason they dumped ABCHD - noone watches HD.

    Well done ABC! Last Year was the FIRST year that I didn't have to download Doctor Who. Not only did I save bandwidth but you made me do the "right" thing.

    Now if only you could do something about those downloadable Doctor Who games on the BBC site...

    It will be nice to not be able to give in and spoil the show by reading wikipedia after a cliff hanger episode.

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