How Much Do You Watch The ABC?

How Much Do You Watch The ABC?

We love the ABC around here: its iView service got the Editor’s Choice in our Best Web App award, and it is constantly planning for future developments while the commercial networks twiddle their thumbs. But just how much do you actually use those services?

I realised the other day that while Lifehacker readers are pretty vocal about the ABC technologies they like, it’s not always so evident just how often we take advantage of them. So I figured it was worth asking: how do you consume the ABC’s programs?

Offer up your thoughts on what makes ABC programming great, and what could make it better, in the comments.


  • There really should be a “I watch ABC but do not use iView often/at all” option, you know for those of us still stuck in the past.

    ABC’s channels (ABC, ABC2 and ABC News 24) are pretty much the only free to air channels I watch regularly for anything other than live sports. I don’t use iView, even though it is a brilliant service and has performed well when I have used it, I just don’t need it.

    When it comes to watching ABC, there are regular shows I keep track of and watch when they’re broadcast (Scrapheap, Daily Show, Colbert Report in particular and Gruen when that’s airing) but I’ll also just watch whatever is on one of the ABC channels because it happens to be one.

  • I use iView fairly regularly, mainly for the docos, and because I think — like SBS — the ABC hasn’t been drowned in ten tons of pulp mill crap like the commercial stations. Granted, a lot of the shows don’t interest me, but at least they’re no version #2887564 of crap american/pommy sit-com/”reality” TV/”Talk show”.

    • That is exactly it, not all ABC content appeals to everyone, but the beauty of iView is your ability to pick and choose as you please.

      I’d say I watch iView for an hour a day on average, mainly watching doco’s, regular comedy programming, occasionally news, and music specials.

      Funnily enough, I would easily spend more time watching iView than regular TV in general, just a testament to the quality of the service!

  • I chose the first option but I have to say that if my ISP offered iView unmetered I’d probably use it more often. Unfortunately, they have no plans to do so. 🙁

  • The ABC is great but most of the content I like comes from the BBC, so once the BBC international iPlayer comes out it’ll make the ABC less relevant… except for spicks and specks which is probably worth $1.13 Billion alone 😉

    However, I want the ABC to exist for one reason: one night some brain-dead moron will be watching America’s Greatest Car Crash Explosions and will channel hop, accidentally switching to Steven Fry on QI asking the panel which drink is most famously associated with Bundaberg. Alan will say ginger beer (because that’s the only Bundaberg product I knew of in the UK) and the claxon will go off and he’ll lose 10 points. At the same time, the BDM will be hollering that it’s rum and after cursing about b*oo*y pom**e w**k**s he’ll keep watching. His whole life has lead him to learn that you only change channels when the ads come on and so he’ll be physically incapable of switching until the end of the show. He’ll learn some relatively useless facts but a light will go on and the next time he’s watching Australia’s Pets have got Talent he’ll think that there’s something missing and crave the tingle he got when he learned something new. He’ll watch QI and the show that comes on after it and will begin to enjoy quality telly.

    So long as the ABC continues to bring Myf Warhurst and Justine Clarke, as well as making just one oxygen-thief better him (or her) self, then it’s justified its existence for me.

  • Funnily enough I watch ABC2 more than ABC1 – ABC2 seems to have shows I watch more often and at more convenient times – Good Game is ABC2 only, and Spicks and Specks is on at 8 on Thursday rather than 8.30 Wednesday.

    I live in rural WA: we have four networks. ABC, SBS, GWN (which is a regional 7) and WIN (a mix of 9 and 10). The last two are analogue only. SBS is generally fairly uninteresting to me (apart from the international cinema) so I suppose ABC is my most watched mostly cause everything else sucks 😛

    Plus ABC is good as well.

    And then we’re with Internode, so we watch a craptonne of iview cause we have a PS3, iPad, PC and it’s unmetered.

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