Alternative Flash Auto-Updater Updates Flash In The Background

Alternative Flash Auto-Updater Updates Flash In The Background

Windows: Like many programs, Flash updates itself fairly often with new security patches, but updating is kind of a pain. Alternative Flash Player Auto-Updater does it all in the background, without your involvement, so Flash actually stays up to date and secure.

Flash only checks for updates every seven days and prompts you to download the update every time. Seven days is a long time to wait for a security patch, and we all know how annoying it is to stop what you’re doing and update your software. Furthermore, every time it updates, you have to download the Adobe Download Manager and then download the update—hardly an efficient system.

Alternative Flash Player Auto-Updater is a small application that checks for Flash updates after every reboot (or every two hours, your choice), and downloads them in the background when they become available. You can even allow the updater to try patching Flash without even asking you. It’s a handy little program that fixes a few common annoyances with Flash on Windows, and it does it without eating up a lot of memory or CPU in the process. Hit the link to check it out.

Alternative Flash Player Auto-Updater is a free download for Windows only.

Alternative Flash Player Auto-Updater [via AddictiveTips]


  • Every 2 hours????? To check for an update to a program that views a pdf document (to which the standard has not changed since 2008.) A PDF viewer should not need to check for patches every 7 days!

    Any program that needs checking for an update every 2 hours because of security issues should not be allowed on your machine. There are plenty of free alternatives out there.

    I can’t remember the last time Apple updated ‘Preview’ (which can read multiple formats, files and pictures)

    ANOTHER application that has access to fully update and patch in the background just opens up even MORE security holes that will need fixing.


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