HTC Magic Gets Updated To Froyo

HTC Magic Gets Updated To Froyo

We spend quite a bit of time around here grumbling over the slowness of Android updates, so it’s always good to learn that a phone has made the jump. And in this case it’s a venerable veteran: the HTC Magic, which Vodafone started selling back in June 2009.

Reader James in wrote in to tell us that he’d gotten a welcome Christmas update on his Magic:

Not sure if any of you are using the seemingly forgotten HTC Magic, but I bought it (through Vodafone) about a year ago under the illusion that system updates would be rolled out soon after being released (this was not the case). On Christmas Eve however, i received a very exciting prompt on my phone for a system update, a few hours later and TADA i went from 1.6 to 2.2.1. The changes are many and very very welcome

See, carriers? It can be done! Thanks James!


  • I downloaded the update and installed it on my HTC magic.
    My seat of the pants impression is that battery life is not quite as good as it was using version 1.6. This is hard to prove considering that my usage of the phone is not consistent. Also, I live in a black spot behind a mountain in Brisbane, so the phone is searching for signal a lot of the time.
    However, I am happy to say that all the benefits of Froyo far outweigh any shortcomings!

  • I’ve noticed the Magic is running much faster. A shame I’ve had to endure 1.6 for so long. I got the update the day after I told Vodafail to shove their contract. Insult to injury. I too have had poor service from them in Brisbane. On the bright side, I’m now with a better carrier, I have coverage, and I’ve now got a Samsung Galaxy S running 2.2. Heaven.

  • Woohoo! At last … just started the upgrade.

    Am still green for a Desire HD, but will get the latest and greatest post contract.

    Would have jumped on the mid contract upgrade offer as well from Voda if it offered a decent phone or two …

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