The Pros And Cons Of Vodafone's New All-Time Prepaid Plans

Vodafone today launched new prepaid plans branded All-Time, which it says aim to offer similar features for prepaid customers as its Infinite range does for contract deals. As with those plans, there are good and bad features in the new offer. Here's what you need to know.All-Time comes in two flavours: $35 and $55. Both have a 30-day expiry, and offer unlimited Australian texts, unlimited calls to other 3/Vodafone users, and unlimited access to Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn and FourSquare.

The $35 plan offers free calls to any Australian landline and mobile number between 7pm and 7am on weekdays and all weekend, and includes 250MB of data. The $55 plan drops the time restrictions, offering unlimited calls to Australian numbers, and 1GB of data. Your monthly fee also acts as credit for other options: PXT, international texts and calls, 13 and 1800 numbers, and Australian daytime calls on the $35 plan.

The pros

Certainty of pricing. In practice, most customers are fairly unlikely to exceed the credit offered (Vodafone wouldn't offer the plans if it hadn't already calculated that). If you're a text-heavy user or have lots of friends and relatives on 3/Vodafone, it could be a good deal.

Solid data inclusions. 250MB of data isn't massive, but should be enough for many casual users — especially given the free social networking options.

You can quit whenever you want. True of any postpaid deal, but worth remembering.

The cons

It's on Vodafone. Vodafone has the worst reputation of any of the Australian networks right now; unlimited calls don't mean much if the signal is non-existent. Vodafone is working to improve its network, but many former customers are understandably reluctant to trust it.

The time limits could be annoying. Making the most of the free call period on the $35 plan will need discipline and organisation. If you have discipline and organisation, you might get better value on a different PAYG deal.

Voicemail isn't a free inclusion. If you're a heavy voicemail user, that could eat into your credit balance.

Postpaid offers better value. This is invariably the case, but worth pointing out: what you get on the existing postpaid plans is generally better value, especially if you get a handset thrown in. (Of course, if you're not deemed credit-worthy, that's a moot point.)

Excess data is expensive. 50 cents a megabyte isn't the worst deal on the market, but it isn't cheap either.

OK, that's our take. What's your thought on the new plans?



    Clutching at straws for your cons much?

    *Vodafone still has millions of happy customers that have not had issues or have ridden the storm to reap the benefit of an improved network forged in social media fire.

    *If time limits are annoying choose the $55 for the convenience and extras.

    *Ask any Vodafone rep how to make your voicemail retrieval free (it's called callback+)

    *Commitment is key and attracts better offers but not always... after all it is just a payment choice and prepaid customers are just as valuable as post because they don't get chased for bills and pay in advance!

    50c per meg is coming out of your $35 or $55 credit so no chance of bill shock. Plus there are packs coming to market that will let you access your favourite sites infinitely for a little bit of credit out of your included credit.

    *The infinite inclusions continue even if your main credit is 0 (until the end of the 30 days)

    **Awesome product with no hidden surprises!**

      And I quote Vodafone, March 23rd 2011.

      me: "are you telling me that you can't guarantee coverage in a capital city?"

      Vodafone: "yes Sir, that is exactly what I am telling you!"

      To which I bailed out of my contract and went to another provider.

      It doesn't matter how much free stuff Vodafone throws at the market, the fact of the matter is there network is worse than useless - and they know it!

      Bonus calls, more data, free months are all utterly worthless if you can't use them!!!

      Clutching at cons for your straws much voodoo?

    50c/MB is actually not that bad considering the $2/MB on some caps...

    The network is still terrible. I have several colleagues who recently switched to Vodafone tempted by the new unlimited plans. So far their unlimited plans haven't seen much use due to an inability to find, or keep a signal, and data speeds are very poor.

    I was in the Vodafone store at Logan Hyperdome Shopping Centre yesterday, and I could not get a signal!
    Again today I was speaking to a prospective customer when the line dropped out. I had no signal for the next 5 minutes, so she could not call me and I was unable to call her back.
    Anybody who signs onto Vodafail, or stays with them is an idiot!
    Me included!

      Holy crap, I work just down the road from that shopping centre. Small world.
      Totally agree with what you're saying though. The vodafone reception and service in general is shocking in logan. I bought one of their prepaid usb dongle's and I ended up throwing it at a wall in frustration. It was supposed to be a 3g stick, but all I ever got was 28k dialup modem speeds - when it even could find a connection.
      Not only that, but when I switched to windows 7, they didn't support the dongle with windows 7 drivers.

      As much as I hate to say it, I'm with telstra now. Sure, I pay more. But I rationalise it by telling myself I'm paying for reliability (I know, funny right?) and peace of mind.

    Why doesn't vodafone do what Optus did,...Introduce Dollar days.. I'm currently on the $3 a day plan and I love it.. Everything unlimited for $3 a day prepaid... See if VODAFONE can TOP that.. lmao LOL Maybe , just maybe they might raise clientell that way...

      $3 per day = $90 per month which is not cheap. I have everything unlimited on pre-paid with optus for $40 per month. Got sick of vodafones lack of signal and their unlimited which is not unlimited and all they try and do is sneak in charges such as $60 for 1 phone call to Centrelink cos they dont include 13 numbers in their unlimited but optus do. Much better with optus so Im staying with them.

    Whats the website for it?

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