DEXTR Is A 3m Twitter Display For Across The Room

DEXTR Is A 3m Twitter Display For Across The Room

Turning your computer monitor into a 3m display is a handy way to see information in an easy-to-read format wherever you are in your office. DEXTR blows your Twitter feed up for one-at-a-time tweet reading from across the room.

Visit DEXTR, login with your Twitter credentials to grant it read-only access, and then set your browser to full screen. DEXTR displays the contents of your Twitter feed, one entry at a time, in a huge font on your monitor. Currently there are no customisation options for colours or filtering your feed. It’s simple but effective, I had no problem glancing at my monitor from all the way outside my office and easily reading the updates.

For more 3m display tricks makes ure to check out previously reviewed GlowDart (a news ticker), (a 3m display RSS reader), and Kylo (a big-screen optimised web browser).

DEXTR [via One Thing Well]

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