iPhone 4 Finally On Apple Store Site, But You’ll Wait 3 Weeks

iPhone 4 Finally On Apple Store Site, But You’ll Wait 3 Weeks

Having noted earlier that Apple still wasn’t selling the iPhone 4 on its site as launch day began, we’ll duly report that it is now being offered online at the expected price ($859 for 16GB, $999 for 32GB). While Apple is the obvious option for a carrier-free purchase, its delivery window — 3 weeks — ties in with reported supply shortages at most physical locations. [Apple Store]


  • Done, ordered mine already, best option if you aren’t near an apple store, least I can stop wasting time tracking one down now and get to more constructive things. 3 weeks is a pain but time flys and i expect apple stores to run out any moment now so I would guess the wait will be just as long but don’t have to think about it now, peace of mind and no drive or queue to stuff around with and the frustration missing out midway in the line.

    • order mine from singapore just now(30/07/2010)….but 3 weeks a bit long wait ships by 23rd and delivers by 25th….are you guys getting the same thing..

    • Thats only for the first bill to arrive dude, the phone is expected to come in at-least 4 weeks, i upgraded mine today as-well from Optus Online, cant wait!

      Btw @ Ben, im curious why you chose to buy it outright when you can get it for free on most high end plans, or at-least pay a small monthly cost on low end plans. wont you have to get a plan for it anyway or put it on prepaid so thus spend more money that just getting it for free on a plan. just wondering if you found a better way to save money in the long run or whatnot?

      • @blade, i’ll give you an example of why i did. i’m half way through a 24 month contract with vodafone, i got a 3GS last year. i got it free on a $69 plan. i just recently sold it on ebay for $590, and i’m using that money to buy the iPhone 4. iPhone’s really hold their value, so i’m taking advantage of that! in 12 months time, i’ll sell my iPhone4 for cash and go on a plan to buy the next iPhone. good system to follow if you want to keep up with latest iPhones

  • Apple delivery estimates are normally worse case scenarios.

    After the debacle I had with vodafone today, 3 weeks is little to ask for a phone that I can change the plan on as my life changes.

    Got me an ipad at the same time 😉

  • The 32GB iPad with 3G is $928 yet the 32GB iphone 4 is $999. I think ill resist whacking off over the apple logo like the rest of the world seems to like doing.

  • @ Blade, as Dalvin said! I have had the 2g for 3 years now had it shipped from the US probably one of the first 1k to own one here, and I am selling it for $350 I even recently installed a new battery in it myself which was quite a task for first time attempts but worked out, so I am only paying $650 for the 32gig and I’ve always used prepaid, it is cheaper in the end, plans are made to trickle your money slowly so u don’t notice it especially if you go over the monthly limits, it’s a general rule for everything if u pay outright u save, and I use virgin mobile prepaid, I get full bars signal and free text to those I text cause they all see the benefits of it, I pay $15 over 6 months for credit, and I can use that for phone calls alone in the rare event I need it when I’m about, and 98% of the other time I have wifi access at most houses and hotspots with skype installed with a tiny monthly charge to ring any landlines. I don’t need to ring mobiles very often, I got plenty alternative to make contact. Telcos and plans just force u into a trend of spending and restrict cheaper alternatives because you will feel obligated to use the credit they force upon you each month, and let’s face it if you’re under or over your monthly limit, either way u lose out, whether u make a load of pointless calls to use it up or whether u actually need it and go over spending more, not many use it up perfectly and that’s how telcos make good profit at both ends of your usage.
    Besides I like the option to change at anytime even if I most likely won’t.
    If I went on a plan the money I got selling my 2g would go to the plan I’d be on plus some, everyone realises that but it’s an age old flaw for people to get suckered into loans and plans, that’s how banks got rich and u might say not everyone can afford it outright, I say then u shouldn’t get it till u can buy outright, but we’ve all been trained to buy now and pay later and can’t help ourselves 🙂 right?

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