Detect A Good Liar By Knowing Their Most Effective Tactics

Detect A Good Liar By Knowing Their Most Effective Tactics

Detecting someone’s poker face has less to do with pop music, and more to do with knowing what makes some liars so effective. Pyschology Today breaks down the most effective strategies of good liars.

According to the article, the most effective liars are often people who tell some version of the truth (a half-truth, if you will), and enjoy the game at deceiving others. But if you’re getting suspicious and they suspect, there a couple of ways to tell if the jig is up:

[Good liars often]raise the emotional stakes. “The best liars are natural manipulators,” says Sgt. Yarbrough. He cites as a perfect example the scene in Basic Instinct where Sharon Stone is brought to the cop station for questioning and winds up flashing everyone a glimpse of her Lesser Antilles. “She was turning them on,” Yarbrough explains, “and that’s a form of manipulation—using sexual or emotional arousal to distract the interviewer.”

You might not be able to run them through a lie detector, but check out the Psychology Today article for a few other ways to spot good liars and the tactics they commonly employ.

Top 10 Secrets of Effective Liars [Psychology Today]


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