Conroy’s Official Site Wants To Hide Filtering Discussion

Conroy’s Official Site Wants To Hide Filtering Discussion

Senator Stephen Conroy seems to be in two minds about his much-reviled mandatory Internet filter. Despite spearheading the proposal, Conroy’s web site is using a script to deliberately make sure that no reference to filtering appears in the tag cloud on the main page.

Andrew Ramadge at reports on the astonishing tactic, which means that one of Conroy’s main policies is effectively ignored on his own site, and which was first uncovered by a reader at the Whirlpool broadband forum. The tactic raises the obvious question: if there’s nothing amiss in the filtering plan, why go out of the way to conceal references to it? While that could be seen as just an early example of censorship in action, it looks ridiculous either way.

Conroy’s website removes references to filter


  • And this highlight the problem with filtering. It also inhibits free speak and its ability to analyze any argument. When this filter is in place it will be used against the Aus people and this is just the beginning. I might try and apply for refugee status in the US stating I have a tyrannical govt which persecutes it people.
    As Ric Mayal from the young ones would say -Facists.

  • It seems obvious that he is aware that the filter is a joke, and is trying to avoid references to it.

    On an unrelated note, an ad just literally concealed every bit of content on your site. You might want to look at stopping that. The advertising here has been intrusive at best for a while, but thats ridiculous

    • The ad also appears to be causing issues with links. When the add is closed, the top half of the page’s links and text are unselectable. Even when you scroll down, those stay the same but the area the ad covers still does not work.

  • I think this is a *perfect* example of why the filter is a horrible idea. Conroy is literally trying to stifle discussion on something the government wants to implement because it benefits them (But not anyone else).

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