Facebook Anniversary Reminders Keep You Out Of The Doghouse

Facebook Anniversary Reminders Keep You Out Of The Doghouse

If you’re on Facebook, now you have no excuses for forgetting your anniversary. The ubiquitous social media service is rolling out a new optional feature that includes the date of your anniversary along with your relationship status information.

Just hit the Edit link on the Basic Information section of your profile. If the option is available to you, you’ll see it right under your relationship status settings. Unlike with the birthday setting, Facebook won’t notify your friends of the looming date, but they will be able to see it.

Considering how many people rely on Facebook as a hub of their entire social lives, the anniversary reminders seem like a nice addition. Still, we’d sooner rely on dedicated calendars like Google Calendar or Yahoo Calender alerts for that. The date simply sits in your profile, staring you in the face every day. On the other hand, you might as well turn the feature on. Maybe your friends will buy you presents.

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