iView Now Working On PS3

It's been in the works for some time, but numerous Twitter users over the weekend reported that the ABC's well-regarded and recently redesigned iView service is now working on the PS3. (Sony has a launch event for its PlayTV scheduled this week which will likely promote the iView integration as well.) If you've given it a try, tell us how it rolls in the comments.


    How do you access it? Via the PS3 browser or is there an app?

    Discovered this yesterday and it seems very smooth. Sits under the TV same as my PlayTV icon (even though it's really just a browser shortcut)

    I tried to use it on the w/e but found the quality of the video's very poor on my 1080p setup...

    THe couple of shows i tried where super pixelated.

      I agree with Boris - very blocky on the big screen. Recognising the bandwidth issues of pumping out a hd service, I was wondering if there's a way to use the ps3's upscaling capabilities to make it look a little smoother....

    I don't have a TV icon - do you need PlayTV before this appears?

      Andy , you will have to update your PS3 firmware and you should be able to see the TV icon after this.

        Thanks Shravan

    Great - I have been waiting for this
    No more lugging the laptop to the TV

    what firmware? I have 3.10 and have no TV icon.
    where's the TV icon?

      Get playTV, with that comes the TV icon. But once you have playTV just record everything you want from the ABC anyway which is much better quality, less bandwith usage.

    So this article is in fact incorrect, you need PlayTV to get the icon.?

    No, you don't need Play TV. You just need to update to the latest firmware and then log into PSN. The icon should then appear when you exit PSN or reboot.

    what no-one seems to be mentioning here is its probably region specific... just thought i'd add that in, but i may be wrong ;D

    I updated my PS3 on Monday but didn't notice the new TV icon 'till I read this article. The ABC iView app works great. There was a little bit of a problem initially, with the browser arrow not matching up with the links, but a reload of the page fixed it and the interface is now fine.
    The ABC is great at reaching audiences using new technologies early.

    why doesn't it work anymore? I've used iveiw for months without a problem now when I select a program i get the ratings advice and then a black screen??? nothing...

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