ABC iView Gets Design Update, Genre Search

iViewUpdatesThe ABC has just rolled out a design update for its iView catchup service. Apart from a general refresh, the big change is the ability to browse programs by genre.

Being able to see everything in categories like 'comedy' and 'documentaries' is a welcome enhancement, especially for those occasions where you're looking for something to watch rather than having a particular program in mind. As ever, users with one of the ISPs that offer iView unmetered (Adam, iiNet, Internode, Primus, Westnet, and universities using AARNet) can watch to their heart's content; others might need to exercise caution.

We eagerly await further developments, such as the PS3-friendly version. What other improvements would you like to see to iView? Let us know in the comments.


    I love iView. I can't see how it can get much better than this.

    I only wish that the commercial networks would follow suit with something that's as comprehensive and user-friendly as iView.

    I would LOVE for ABC to integrate with Windows Media Centre.

    iView is pure gold.

    The commercial networks don't have anything like it; and maybe I'd care about that if their programming wasn't complete garbage.

    I love iView so much. But, I wish they would have more than just the previous two eps of some shows. I know there is probably some kind of rights thing tied up in that, but sometimes I catch part of a show and think wow that was great, but then realise I've missed the last three or four eps. A lot of the show's seasons on ABC are only 6-8 eps long so it would be great to see a full season up there for me to catch up on (even though my ISP meters it and has no plan to change that.)

    The best thing iView could do is get the government to make it unmetered on all ISP's especially telstra.

    About integrating IView with MCE.
    maybe try MCEWebView from
    Which allows you to view web pages in MCE with a remote control

    I haven't used it myself, but I plan on trying it soon

    I am looking forward to them getting iView on the PS3 as well
    Anyone have any updates on this ?

      Scott, iView works on the PS3 much better now. Try it out.

    Ditto re: integrate with Windows Media Centre. I really can't be stuffed sitting in front of my computer to watch something when I *could* be watching it on the HTPC in the lounge. Yes, I'm aware I could always exit out of WMC and watch it in a browser, but really? And then there's the WAF....

    iView is now on the PS3.

    Update to firmware 3.10 and theres a new TV icon on the XMB next to video, which opens up iView. No frame rate issues at all- and its unmetered.

    Another request for a Media Centre plugin, that would be fantastic

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