Mobile Foxtel Now Available On iPhone

MobileFoxteliPhoneFoxtel's on a platform-expanding roll at the moment. Having rolled out a download service earlier this month, it's now offering its mobile TV service to Telstra iPhone users via a dedicated client.

The mobile service has previously been available on other devices, but the shift to the iPhone (with its larger screen) is likely to make it more appealing. Telstra also claims that the iPhone version will include enhanced video streaming. That said, it's not cheap; a day pack is $4, and a monthly subscription is $18, and—inevitably—it's limited to Telstra customers. If you test it out, tell us how it goes in the comments.


    Foxtel continues to fail for me, shouldn't a customer be anyone prepared to part with their money...


    Where is the iphone tv guide app for IQ users that allows us to set shows to record from our phone?

      I work at Telstra and I asked the product manager how to record programs from your phone - he said:

      You can access the iPhone TV guide for FOXTEL home by scrolling to bottom of home page and selecting "TV Guide at home".
      You can then provide your IQ ID and password to program your IQ box.

      Hope this helps

        Thanks Mick, unfortunately it does not help because there is no such link on the home page. There is a link to TV Guide for other mobile phone but not the iPhone.

        Sorry.. given flash does not work on the iPhone, I think it would be nice to have an iPhone app and not a web app. I would gladly pay $5 for one and I wouldn't be surprised if others would also.

    Annoyingly, this isn't actually an app. It plays in Safari via the BigPond mobile website.

    There's so much more to do with an iPhone than watch Foxtel repeats!!

    Now the abilty to remotely set your IQ to record would be useful though.....listening Telstra?

    The lack of decent inbuilt themes.

    Its nice to have a brand and everything, but the reality is they want you to live in their world. Now I may not speak for the majority, but the Google colour scheme is a bit tacky even at the best of times.

    You can change colours with userscripts, but that breaks when updates are made etc. The ability to turn ALL my Google products dark for a while might be a nice change once in a while.

    It's shitty. I loved it at first; that was until I found out that every channel (except all the NEWS channels) are NOT live and are just maybe 4 hours of TV on a loop. Watch something one day, next day its on again (exact same episode) and the next day and the next day.

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