Last Week’s 10 Biggest Posts

You wanted all the news about Google’s new Pixel smartphones, the winners (which is to say, losers) from the 2016 Shonky Awards and an overview of the big banks’ excuses for sucking. Kick off your Monday by checking out the ten most popular posts from Lifehacker Australia last week:

  1. Google Pixel And Pixel XL: Australian Pricing, Specs And Release Date
    Google has officially released the Google Pixel, its newest smartphone range. What makes it special? Pixel is the first phone to have Google Assistant built-in, taking advantage of advancements Google has made in the machine learning and artificial intelligence (AI) space. The idea is to bring a personalised Google experience to every user. The Pixel also has the best smartphone camera ever made and is built for mobile virtual reality. Read on to find out more.
  2. Google Pixel And Pixel XL: Here’s How Much The Phones Will Cost On Telstra Plans
    Google unveiled its Pixel smartphone range this week and the company has struck up an exclusive telco arrangement with Telstra to sell the handsets on mobile plans. Let’s face it: making a phone carrier exclusive is going to rub a lot of people the wrong way and the phone is pricey to buy outright. If you’re still interested in getting the Google Pixel or the Pixel XL with Telstra, here’s a breakdown of all the plans the phones will be available on.
  3. Shonky Awards 2016: The Worst Products Of The Year Revealed
    The Shonky Awards have just wrapped up. There were winners and those winners were losers. All-in-all it was a good day for publically shaming some of Australia’s top brands for misleading consumers and misrepresenting their products.
  4. Everything You Need To Know About The New Foxtel Play: Channels, Content And Pricing
    Just as it was revealed that Foxtel will shutdown Presto, the pay TV provider has revealed its revamped plans for its streaming service Foxtel Play. The service is being sold as a cheaper alternative to standard Foxtel TV content and is set to compete with Netflix and Stan. Here’s a breakdown of all the Foxtel Play plans that will be available in December.
  5. Why Google’s Pixel Is The Anti-iPhone
    This week we got our first (official) look at Google’s new Pixel smartphones, and predictably much of the discussion has been around how they stack up to or “challenge” Apple’s iPhones, and whether they’re really Google’s “first ever” phones or just Nexus devices by another name. While the Pixel has some obvious physical similarities to the iPhone, and while there were some playful jokes at Apple’s expense during Google’s presentation (free online storage, headphone jack etc), it’s not necessarily accurate to say the big G is “taking the fight” to Apple by attempting to make an iPhone of its own. The devices are similar in that their hardware and software are created by one company, but if anything Google is trying to make the anti-iPhone.
  6. Pixel Hands On: Is Google’s First-Party Smartphone Worth The Money?
    Google has a new phone. Two new phones, actually — a 5-inch Pixel and a 5.5-inch Pixel XL — that are packed to the brim with brand new software from the tech giant, including a new Google Assistant that takes the fight to Apple’s Siri, a camera that is apparently the best ever on a smartphone, and all of Google’s massive trove of search engine and artificial intelligence machine learning know-how packed inside.
  7. Everything Announced At ‘Made By Google’ That You Can Get In Australia
    Google announced a swathe of products at its big ‘Made By Google‘ event this morning. Some of them are coming to Australia and some of them are not. We give you a quick rundown of the new Google products you can get your hands-on in Australia along with their pricing and where you can get them.
  8. RIP Presto: Foxtel To Absorb The Subscription Video Streaming Service
    Presto, Australia’s third most popular subscription video streaming service, will be shutdown by January 2017 after Foxtel bought out the remaining stake in the company from its joint-venture partner Seven West Media. Here’s what you need to know.
  9. Australia’s New Drone Laws Explained
    Last week, it became legally easier to fly drones in Australia, with the relaxation of Civil Aviation Safety Authority rules about “remotely piloted aircraft”, or RPAs. Here’s what you need to know — including what it means for your privacy.
  10. Here Are The Big Four Banks’ Excuses For Their Dodgy Practices
    This week, Australia’s four major banks were forced to explain why they are raking in billions of dollars in profit at the expense of consumers to a parliament hearing. They were also grilled about a string of banking scandals in recent years. Here’s a summary of what the Commonwealth Bank, ANZ Bank, NAB and Westpac had to say for themselves.

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