What’s The “Best” Spam Email You’ve Received?

What’s The “Best” Spam Email You’ve Received?

Whether it’s the surreal stylings of Nigerian scammers or confusing subject lines of pill pitches, spam email can be oddly amusing. We’d like to hear which missives from your spam folder have made you crack a smile.

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PC World rounded up some of their own best/worst spam messages and published them for your amusement. Included in the “straight to the spam folder” notes was a “business” opportunity that read, “This opportunity may be a bit more hands-on than I’d like.” Other amusing messages? “No, no! Into the store, into the store!”, “This one looks promising. I know I can’t afford very republican prices,” and “Is that anything like the vapours?”

Now that you’ve heard some of theirs, we’d like to hear about yours. Hit up your spam folder or search your memory for the most amusing message in the bunch, then tell us about it in the comments.

Straight to the Spam Folder: Astonishing E-Mail Messages You’ll Never Open [PC World]


      • I have the following:
        – MS Outlook Mail Client
        – Altn MDaemon Mail Server
        – ESet NOD32 Antivirus

        And actively add emails to the block list so your filter learns.

        If you are still getting phishing emails, viagra emails and Nigerian scams then something is wrong on your end.

  • Pitty im not at work, which is where i have all my best email spams. My absolute favorite ones are the Russian meet up ones, my favorite one had lines that went something like “You are disturbed by meeting agency” and the lady “Visited the fitness center regularly to support the figure and feel vigorously”

    What a girl 🙂

  • I think I have you all beat this has to be the worst spam email ever.
    I think some kind of retardation going on here.


    From: Human Resource Department [REDACTED]
    Sent: Monday, February 15, 2010 11:06 AM
    To: Chris [REDACTED]
    Subject: Job for Chris [REDACTED]

    Dear Chris [REDACTED]

    Your CV was found on the CareerBuilder. That’s why we are glad to propound you a position of an “Executive Manager”. Your resume was learnt accurately by our HR department and they were satisfied. Therefore you fit this job absolutely.

    Your work will include following tasks:-well-timed filling of accounts on done work- record keeping of customers in the USA- inform customers about all they’d like to know- Fulfillment of financial deals within the USA. All the following information you will get during an colloquium over the phone.

    Staff requirements:

    Nationality: US
    From 25 years old
    3-5 free hours daily to hold your dutiesobligations

    Your salary will be up to 5000USD monthly. Money will be transferred to your bank account every month.

    Many applicants wishing to have this vacancy, that’s why we’d ask you not to take your time and decide as soon as possible about this vacancy.

    All the information about our company you may find website When you make your positive vote about this job, you should follow these tips. Make a registration at our here .Then find a count of “Executive Manager”. There you should fill in all the fields carefully. All data will de controlled by our security.After that will held an interview over the phone. Then a contract with our firm should be signed.

    We are very grateful to you and hope for a long and mutually relationships.

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