Your Spam Folder Will Be At Its Fullest On Thursdays

Advertising types call them "email marketing messages", but we generally tend to lump newsletters and special offers in with random Viagra promos as "spam". Whatever label you choose, it turns out that you get more of them on a Thursday than any other day.

Mumbrella reports on an analysis by Responsys of email marketing tactics in Australia. The company filtered through one billion email messages (which we'll assume were being sent in compliance with the Spam Act) and discovered that the most email marketing messages are actually sent on a Thursday. It also turns out that Thursday is the day when the most marketing emails actually get opened, with 22% of those sent actually being read. However, the day on which people actually click on links in the message the most often — which is usually the aim — is Tuesday, when 9% of messages opened result in a click-through.

Those numbers are a depressing reminder that email marketing relies on pretty low response rates. If only one-fifth of messages get opened and only 10 per cent get opened, that means 98 per cent are being ignored.

Got an email marketing campaign? Send it on a Thursday [Mumbrella]


    I was actually open thinking that is depressing 2% actually open such rubbish and then click through on the ads!

    Only one-fifth get opened and 10% get opened? Huh?

    Is it me... or are the spam messages advertising viagra starting to become a cliche?

      You don't see the the viagra spam email because of spam filters, but they are still being sent, they are still a pain for system admins and they still outnumber legit emails over 9-1.

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