The Most Annoying Places To Talk On A Mobile Phone

The Most Annoying Places To Talk On A Mobile Phone

Intel commissioned a survey of 2,000 people on when and where mobile phone talking, texting or browsing is annoying, and, boy, do people have answers. 90 percent of them are “frustrated” with how people generally use phones. Nearly 75 percent are most annoyed by texting while driving, more than half loathe hearing conversations in restaurants, and just as many hate seeing phones in movie theatres. The results are worth noting for a quick reminder on how to be less annoying, or as proof that technology sometimes advances far faster than human politeness. [CNN Money, photo]


  • It’s not unusual where I work for the customers to make calls or answer their mobiles while we’re at the counter. They’re tradesmen and sometimes questions have to be asked. But one guy took it too far when he took the call and then turned the shop counter into his desk, spreading paperwork all over it. The first time he did it I gave him dirty looks but said nothing; ten minutes later he did the same thing. This time I wandered out into the warehouse, and stayed there until the manager came looking for me. The customer has been in since, but he hasn’t tried that stunt again.

  • I attended a business luncheon at the other day where a man anwsered his bluetooth and started talking and an older man sitting opposite told himto stop talking and leave the restaurant.A tussel then insued and they were both made to leave.
    This topic does stir up some passion .


  • People talking/texting whilst driving not only annoy me greatly, but scare me a huge amount – one of the driving magazines did a quick test with two of their staff to see what their reaction times were like in various situations. They measured stopping distances at two different speeds (about 30mph, and 70mph I think), in four ‘states’ – normal driving; texting; talking on the cell; drunk. The longest stopping distance was for texting, followed by talking, followed by drunk.

    So, if you’re like me, and agree that driving whilst drunk is phenomenally stupid and asking for trouble, please don’t use your cell phone at all whilst driving either!!!

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