Invert Your Phone’s Colours To Text In The Dark Without Annoying Others

Invert Your Phone’s Colours To Text In The Dark Without Annoying Others

Most people know using a phone in dark, public places like a movie theatre will earn you evil stares from everyone around you. But if you really must, Wired offers this simple trick to make it less annoying.

Photo by Alex Washburn/Wired.

All you have to do is invert the colours on the screen. To do this, look for the Accessibility section in your phone’s settings. On the iPhone, set the triple-click setting to “Invert Colours”. On Android, select “Inverted Rendering”.

Then you’ll be able to text or email in the dark without drawing everyone else’s attention. You might want to do this at night anyway to save your own eyeballs.

Send Texts in the Dark Without Infuriating Everyone Around You [Wired]


  • The only trick to make it less annoying, is if the offenders use the phone to gouge their eyes out in front of the audience who paid to see a movie/concert rather than their blithering stream of consciousness flashing around the venue.

  • A “black” screen still emits a fair amount of light if the brightness is set high. I make it a habit to turn my screen brightness all the way down before going into movies, so that if I do have to check my phone for whatever reason, it barely emits more light than the background light of the environment. Coupled with cupping my hands around the screen, it’s not going to be annoying anybody.

    • I second that! If you suspect in any way that you are likely to have an emergency, just stay home and stream your entertainment.

  • Only problem is this does not seem to be a standard Android feature. My HTC One X running 4.2.2 with Sense 5.0 does not have this feature anywhere.

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