Cupcake Due On Optus HTC Dream This Month

There's plenty to like in the Android Cupcake update, but if you're one of the (relatively) few Aussies with an Android phone, how much longer will you have to wait to get it? The answer: possibly not as long as you think.

Over at Gizmodo, Nick reports how one enterprising reader, Daniel, hassled Optus via Twitter about when Cupcake could be expected on his HTC Dream, and eventually got told that updates would begin rolling out in late July. Nick's apparent cynicism about whether that will be immediately effective is justified — getting updates to actually appear on mobile phones often takes time, as Vodafone can attest on a quite different platform — but at least there's a plan in place.

Optus Rolling Out Cupcake To HTC Dream Owners ‘Late July’ [Gizmodo]


    Is there anyway to get the Australian cupcake release just by downloading? I bought my dream outright and run it on a vodafone sim, so i have no way of getting it over optus push. Hope there is I've been hanging for this!

    Huh. I finally got fed up with waiting and rooted my Optus Dream a couple weeks ago. Way to go, Optus!

    Have they rolled this out yet? I gave up waiting months ago and am very happily running community builds of Android.

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