Gmail Removes "On Behalf Of" From Your Consolidated Inbox

We've shown you how Gmail can consolidate multiple email addresses so you can use Gmail as a universal inbox, and it's a great feature, but it's always had one frustrating flaw: The emails sent from the non-default email addresses used to be sent with a message that looked something like: "From [email protected] on behalf of [email protected]" The good news? It appears that Google has dropped this rather annoying feature, meaning you can now much more legitimately use Gmail as your multiple email control centre without broadcasting that fact to the world. Thanks Rob!


    Is this rolled out in stages?
    It's not working on my account...

      Practically everything at Google is rolled out in stages, so that would be the likely explanation.

      It isn't working for me either. The person I send email to still sees both my domain name and my gmail email address. Very annoying.

    Yeah no love for me here either :(

    This is the one thing that stops me from using gmail!

    It's not happening for me yet but I'm looking forward to it being rolled out for my account.

    +1 for me too. Not working for me yet either, but I will keep checking. It's the only thing stopping me from using Gmail regularly!

    Not a new feature, it's a bug that could be affecting your spam ratings:

    Hi, I'm not entirely sure this is a Gmail problem.

    I've only just started with these services on my iPhone, so don't take my word for it, but sending to a PC running Outlook shows the "on behalf of" whereas receiving the exact same mail on my iMac at home, no such thing...

    Anybody out there experiencing something similar?

      What you're seeing is the way Outlook and Mac Mail handle the issue discussed in this article. It's as much a gmail issue as an outlook issue.

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