How To Reinstate Skype’s Double-Click To Call Function

How To Reinstate Skype’s Double-Click To Call Function

One of the minor annoyances in Skype 4.0 (which will soon be the default release) is that its determination to promote new features like video calls means that it makes some everyday tasks harder. For instance, where double-clicking on a contact name used to automatically start a voice call, now it brings up the contact card and you have to separately click on “Call phone” to make a call. Frankly, it’s an idiotic design, because single-clicking also brings up the contact card. Fortunately, there is a setting to make Skype behave more sensibly. Choose Tools, Options and then select “When I double-click on a contact start a call”.


While it would make far more sense to make this as the default behaviour, at least there’s still a choice.


  • Thanks for your feedback – I suspect this behaviour has been switched because users found that they were accidentally starting calls.

    As you say, you can turn double-click-to-call back on from the Options window, but I’ll add your vote to the please-have-this-by-default camp 🙂

  • I was looking for this function, already had the wright settings in skype, but it didn’t work because my mouse-settings (contol panel) where to fast, I changed it to a lower speed.

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