McDonald’s Australia To Offer Free Wi-Fi

McDonald’s Australia To Offer Free Wi-Fi

McInternet.jpgA partnership with Telstra has long meant that the nearest McDonald’s outlet is a useful location for emergency Wi-Fi, but it’s also meant that you have to pay for the service. That will all change next March, when McDonald’s rolls out free Wi-Fi in its stores, reports Karen Dearne at AustralianIT. Unsurprisingly, the service will be filtered to screen out objectionable content, but if it’s free you haven’t got much reason to complain. Admittedly, Fast Food Nation and Super Size Me may have put you off Maccas altogether, but sometimes pragmatism beats food politics.


  • Fantastic, this could come in handy. Just the other day some construction workers cut the fibre optic link to my area of Perth and a friend of mine called me out of desperation. He had lost the local copy of his assignment but had a version of it stored online, the deadline was that day. Now if that happens to me I won’t be similarly caught out.

    You can’t get “the itis” from too much internet.

  • Although I join this conversation a year and a bit later, I totally agree that this is great for McDonald’s (or Maccas as us Aussies call it) brand equity.

    Free internet access means that almost anyone with a mobile phone or laptop can reap an extra benefit which McDonald’s will provide. This therefore, gives us more of an incentive to go to Maccas to check Facebook, update a blog, and possibly buy a coffee. An added bonus, and extra point of parity (speaking marketing terms now).

    Anyway, good long-term strategy thinking Maccas – thanks for joining the band-wagon.

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