Starbucks Offers Free Wi-Fi To iiNet Customers

iiNetStarbucks.jpgAt Lifehacker we're suckers for any kind of free Wi-Fi, so the news that iiNet customers can now get free Wi-Fi access in Starbucks stores was pretty much guaranteed to bring a smile to our faces. Of course, that's not as open an offer as McDonald's free Wi-Fi for everyone, or even as widespread an offer following last year's Starbucks store shrinkage. But given iiNet's market share, it's still going to offer some caffeine-fuelled on the go work convenience to a lot of people.


    I'm a Yank from the Philly (free Wi-Fi all over THAT place) living in Perth (free wifi almost no where, let alone plain wifi full stop) who pants for StarBucks coffee (NO Starbucks anywhere in Perth anywhere!!) :-( One thing I AM ... I'm an iiNet customer and happy to hear about the offer anyway.

    Does anyone know if this is available to Westnet customers since iinet owns Westnet now?

    Is purchase required? :-) I'm sure even Perth has better espresso. Sydney is certainly _packed_ with fantastic coffee houses.

    Great news! Now they just need to try and start making a half decent coffee and they might stop closing their stores!

    Starbucks' Green Tea Latte, bestest EVERRR!!

    I live in Perth and I am pretty sue i have never seen a Starbucks here pretty disappointing if you ask me considering iiNet is Perth Based. The West is left out again Sigh!

    Personally I'd prefer my free Internode wireless at every Cibo outlet.

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