Facebook Versus Gmail Web-based Chat

Facebook Versus Gmail Web-based Chat

Image A few weeks ago Facebook promised to start slowly rolling out chat, and it just hit my account today. (If it’s enabled for you, check it out in the lower right hand corner when you’re logged into Facebook.) It reminds me of Gmail’s built-in chat—it’s on by default, your contacts populate your chat buddy list, and you can use it without downloading a separate client. (You can also “pop-out” the chat window to save a tab.) Facebook is much more about social networking than Gmail, which makes it ripe for chatting, but in the short time it’s been in existence, Gmail chat’s earned lots of loyal followers. When it comes to web-based chat, which do you prefer?

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What do you think about the new Facebook Chat? Is it a great idea or a yawner? Let us know what you think in the comments.


  • I say I probably would use both, but what I would really love is that Facebook Chat and Google Talk work seamlessly. Now that AIM is integrated with Gmail, and every AIM chat history is saved in Chat folder just like Google Talk and Gmail Chat would, which I wish Facebook would have. That is same wish I have for Yahoo too. All chat history be saved just like Gmail chat have done. And since Gmail is what I use for email, so chatting online is my taboo. If only there is a way to integrate Facebook chat, Yahoo IM, and MSN all into Gmail Chat…THAT WOULD BE WONDERFUL!

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