Ask LH: How Can You Trust A VPN Provider?

Hey Lifehacker, It seems that VPNs are about to become a lot more attractive to Australian downloaders. Some claim not to keep any logs of any traffic or meta-data, but how can one trust that this is actually the case? It would be a perfect honeypot for a government agency or media organisation to set up and catch people specifically trying to hide their traffic. Would there be any recourse if that happened?

Type 'Find My Phone' Into Google To Locate Your Android Device

The Android Device Manager has been a useful security feature for a while, but hunting down the right bookmark when you can’t find your phone is a mild hassle. Now, instead, you can simply type “find my phone” into Google from any desktop you’re logged in on.

D-Link’s Router Security May Be Horribly Flawed

Keeping your router secure is a fairly basic bit of networking sense, but it doesn’t help if the firmware updates on your router apparently don’t fix the very bugs they’re meant to squash.

iOS 8.3 Blocks File Explorers

Apple really doesn’t want you to access the files on your iOS devices, but it has been relatively painless up until now to get around that. iOS 8.3 apparently ups the ante, breaking file access for most third-party explorer apps.

Google Starts Rolling Out 'Trusted Voice' Smart Lock Option

Google has several options for intelligently locking your home screen already, including trusted places or devices. Now, it’s adding a new option: trusted voice. If you say “OK, Google”, your phone can unlock, but someone else’s voice won’t unlock it.

Phone Scammers Are Now Issuing Fake Arrest Warrants

The ACCC’s getting a number of complaints of a scam that targets people via the phone, claiming that there’s an arrest warrant in their name.

Edward Snowden Explains Why You Should Use Passphrases, Not Passwords

We’ve talked a lot about password security, and how you should be using longer, complex passphrases, rather than short passwords. In this video, Edward Snowden explains why you should use passphrases in a way all your friends and family can understand.

LastPass For Android Gets Design Refresh, Simplifies Adding New Items

Android: LastPass is a Lifehacker favourite, but it hasn’t always been the prettiest app. Today, that changes. On Android, at least.

How The Dallas Buyers Club Decision Infringes On Our Privacy

Our online privacy is constantly under threat. Our activities on the internet are monitored for a variety of reasons and our human right of privacy is often pitted against other human rights like freedom of expression.

Dashlane Inbox Scan Finds All The Passwords You've Shared Over Email

Your inbox is full of confirmation emails and other messages containing one of your passwords — which is bad news if someone gets access to your email. Inbox Scan, a new tool from the makers of Dashlane, searches your email for messages containing passwords and other sensitive info so you can delete them.