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Where Do Australia's Political Parties Stand On Privacy And Encryption? [Infographic]

On 8 July the nation finally gets to cast its vote in the 2016 federal election. By now you probably have a pretty good idea where each party stands on key election issues — but one area you may have overlooked is privacy and encryption. If you work in IT, this could have serious ramifications for you industry. This infographic from lobby group Electronic Frontiers Australia (EFA) reveals where each major party stands on surveillance, encryption, copyright issues and censorship.

How To Make Sure Your VPN Is Honest About Its International Exit Servers

One of the best reasons to use a VPN is to get around pesky location restrictions on streaming movies and other content. But before you shell out money to a VPN that promises servers in dozens of countries, make sure they’re telling the truth about them. Trust, but verify.

Google Chrome Bug Lets You Pirate Netflix Content

Copyright holders have been fighting against content piracy for some time and one of the weapons they use is digital rights management (DRM). DRM technology generally restricts the access and reproduction of the protected content and Google Chrome uses one called Widevine for copyright media content that is streamed through its browsers including materials from Netflix. But security researchers have found a way to bypass this. Here’s what you need to know.

Five Digital Smart Locks You Can Buy Right Now

Security is a big issue, but it has taken a surprisingly long time for technology to help make it better. Fortunately, there are now a range of options available that make locks a whole lot smarter. And it’s not just for your home either – digital locks range from deadbolts, to padlocks and even USB drives.

Tips, Tricks And Apps For Total Android Security

Accounting for over one billion smartphone sales last year, Android is by far the most common operating system. It’s no surprise then that the OS is a prime target for malware and compromised security. While Google is very active in making Android safer, there are also a range of third party apps available. Read on to find out how to improve your security.

File Error: Your Nightmare Data Loss Stories

So much of our personal and professional lives are stored in digital format these days. Family photos, important documents, work presentations, emails – you name it. So when that data goes kaput, be it through hardware failure or human error, it can be devastating. We recently asked our readers to share their worst experiences from losing your precious data. Here are some of the best (worst) ones.

Everything You Need To Do To Secure Your Raspberry Pi Home Automation Projects

When you’re working with connected devices or home automation projects on the Raspberry Pi, it’s important to lock down your Raspberry Pi so it’s secure. Over on Hackster.io, they show you exactly how to that.

Why Complex Password Requirements Don't Necessarily Make You Safer

We already know that most users’ clever passwords aren’t protecting them from hackers. It turns out that the complex password requirements most sites ask you for aren’t doing as much to help either.

Is Crime In Australia Getting Worse?

“I’ve spoken to a lot of Australians who don’t believe they are safe on the streets anymore… We’ve had bombs and stabbings, it is happening. You see murders every night on our TV. The situation is growing worse and I know in Sydney and Melbourne the police won’t go into certain suburbs.”

These are the words of former federal MP Pauline Hanson, who is back on the campaign trail for a Senate seat in Queensland. So is crime in Australia really getting worse? We take a look at the facts.

How To Delete Computer Files Forever [Infographic]

Deleting sensitive files from your computer is easier said than done. Even if you remember to regularly empty your recycling bin, remnants of the offending files will still be lurking on your hard drive. This infographic breaks down all the ways to ensure absolutely nothing can be recovered.

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