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Firefox, Chrome Now Consider Kickass Torrents An Unsafe Website

Popular torrent aggregator Kickass Torrents appears to have fallen foul of Mozilla and Google, with the site now flagged as suspicious by both companies.

Choice Shonky Awards: The Worst Australian Products Of 2015

Today, consumer watchdog Choice named and shamed the worst products and companies of the year at the 10th annual Shonky Awards. From “flushable” wet wipes that caused sewerage blockages to spontaneously combusting washing machines, these are the dodgiest Australian products of 2015.

Five Magpie Myths Debunked

Magpie season is currently in full swing (or should that be swoop?) with dozens of parks and playgrounds descending into avian war zones. But just because something is scary doesn’t mean you should believe everything you hear. Here are five bogus magpie myths that the nation needs to debunk.

Hundreds Of Legitimate iOS App Store Apps Infected By Malware

Last night, Apple announced that hundreds of legitimate apps on its App Store had been infected by malware. The company has removed the infected versions. If you still have them installed, it’s a good idea to stop using them for now.

1Password For iOS Adds Multitasking And Spotlight Search Support

iOS: With iOS 9, all kinds of apps are getting updates, but one of the most useful so far comes from 1Password. Now, alongside multitasking on the iPad, you can now search for 1Password login info directly from Spotlight.

Super Logout Logs You Out Of Dozens Of Services At Once

Logging out of your account when you’re done using a computer other than your own is just good security. If you use multiple accounts and want to simplify the process, Super Logout can log you out of over 30 major services at once.

Hackers Can Gain Access To Android Devices Through Lockscreen Bypass

A security vulnerability that lets hackers gain full access to a Android devices through the lock screen has been found. The flaw, which was discovered by the University of Texas, affects devices running the Android Lollipop operating system.

Use Complex Patterns And Avoid Letters For More Secure Android Lock Patterns

Pattern locks on Android can be a simpler way of locking your phone. However, like a PIN or password, some patterns can be easier to guess than others. To stay secure, avoid using shapes that look like letters and stick to patterns that use five or more of the nine nodes.

Upcoming Chrome Update Will Suspend Flash Ads By Default

With the steady adoption of newer web technologies by browser vendors, Adobe Flash is inching ever closer to its electronic demise. Come 1 September, Google will be giving it a little push, when Chrome will start pausing Flash-based advertisements by default.

How To Skip The Line And Manually Update Your Nexus Device

Android updates take forever. While that’s OK most of the time, it can be a problem when a new, terrible security vulnerability is found. Whether you want to protect your phone, or just can’t wait for new updates, here’s how to skip the line and update your Nexus phone (and occasionally other devices) manually.

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