Use A Raspberry Pi As A Tor/VPN Router For Anonymous Browsing

We’ve shown you how to use a Raspberry Pi as both a Tor proxy and a personal VPN, but Make shows off how to do both in one unit for truly anonymous browsing everywhere.

Memory-Friendly Ad Blocker uBlock Now Available For Firefox

Firefox: The last time we highlighted uBlock, a fast and lightweight alternative to AdBlock Plus, it was Chrome only. Now the add-on is available for Firefox as well, and it works well, even though it’s still in beta.

Most Cybercrime Still Relies On Our Laziness

We frequently complain that it’s too difficult to keep our computers secure — but as Arun Vishwanath explains, problems are often due to our own bad habits.

CookieSpy Allows You To View Cookies From All Your Browsers

Windows: Websites tend to store a lot of cookies on your computer. While there’s still a lot of misconceptions on what cookies do, it doesn’t hurt to be curious about them. CookieSpy allows you to see what cookies each browser has stored on your computer.

WiFi Map Is A Crowdsourced List Of Routers And Passwords

iOS/Android: If Maslow were to revise his hierarchy, Wi-Fi would be down there by the base, right between psychological and safety needs. For those of you thirstier for Wi-Fi than you are for water, WiFi Map is an app that shows over 2.1 million Wi-Fi hotspots around the world.

How To Keep Your Internet-Connected Home Safe And Secure

From smart thermostats to always-on security cameras, every year we add more appliances and gadgets that connect to the internet to our homes . Some offer great features like remote monitoring, others use data to help you optimise your home and save money. The problem? Anything connected to the internet is at risk of being hacked. Here’s how to keep all of that new gear safe.

Lastpass Is Now Available As A Dedicated Mac App

Mac: Today, Lastpass launched a new Mac app for its password manager. On top of the same features you would find in the browser extensions, you also get a new quick search to quickly find logins and some keyboard shortcuts to work with.

How To Safely Test Software Without Messing Up Your System

The internet is full of sweet apps, but it’s also packed with shady software. Before you install something awful, give yourself an infosec education. Here are the best tools to protect yourself when you’re experimenting with new programs.

Find The IMEI Of A Lost Android Phone In Your Google Dashboard

When you lose your phone, having your IMEI can be a huge help. You can potentially use it to track down your device, or simply identify a stolen one. If you lose an Android phone, you can find your IMEI online in your Google Dashboard.