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Why 'Secure Empty Trash' Is Gone In El Capitan (and What To Do Instead)

Mac: If you’ve been using OS X El Capitan for a while, you might have noticed that the old option to “Secure Empty Trash” is gone from the trash can’s right-click menu. There’s a pretty good reason why, but it’s still possible to do it you don’t mind digging into the command line.

Dell Laptops Are Shipping With A Superfish-Like Certificate Vulnerability

Security researchers recently revealed that a certificate with security vulnerabilities has been shipping pre-installed on some Dell laptops. Here’s what you need to know about this Superfish-like vulnerability, and how you can check to see if your Dell laptop is affected.

Amazon Resets An Unknown Number Of Passwords Due To Leak

If you received an email from Amazon today saying your password has been reset, you’re not the only one. ZDNet is reporting that a number of people were notified by Amazon that their password has been reset due to unidentified reasons.

This DIY Wireless Keylogger Fits Anywhere, Looks Like A Wall Charger

The “KeySweeper” is a tiny, Arduino-powered wireless sniffer that captures data sent by your wireless keyboard to its receiver. That’s right — it’s a keylogger, and it doesn’t have to be plugged into your computer to work.

Most Hotel Safes Have A Hidden Lock That's Easy To Break Into

A hotel room safe is designed to keep valuables like your passport or cash locked away while you’re travelling. But as it turns out, most hotel room safes are relatively easy to break into, so you might want to think twice about where you stash your most valuable items.

Build A Device That Can Crack Master Combination Locks In Under 30 Seconds

We’ve shown you a calculator that can help you crack a master combination lock before, but this device will do all the work for you in under 30 seconds.

Create Hidden Administrative Accounts In OS X From The Terminal

Mac: If you share a computer, you might not want everyone who uses your computer to see your username in the login window or fast user switch menu. To hide your name, MacIssues points out you’ll just need a little bit of Terminal skills.

How To Create An Untraceable Messaging Device With An Old Phone

Secret, anonymous messages aren’t just for the dastardly. Luckily, a little privacy isn’t difficult to get. With some effort and a spare phone, you’ll be whistleblowing, protecting your privacy from harassers, and staying anonymous when selling on Gumtree or looking for dates on Match. Here’s how.

This DIY Sonic Tripwire Alarm Is A Loud, Perfect Early Warning System

Worried someone might intrude on your evil lair? This DIY sonic tripware alarm is easy to build, decently loud, and is perfect for simple hide-and-seek games or establishing a perimeter around whatever you’d like to keep safe.

Make A Tripwire Alarm With A Basic Mousetrap

Whether you’re trying to catch an intruder or give someone a good scare, you can build this simple tripwire alarm in only a few minutes.

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