Lifehacker's 2014 Google Easter Egg Guide

Just in time for the super-long weekend, here’s an indulgence that won’t rot your teeth or expand your waistline: a complete list of Google easter eggs.

Briefly: Mother's Day Bargains, New X-Men Trailer, Aussie Gaming Bugbears

Brief news items of note for Lifehacker readers, including: watch the final trailer to X-Men: Days Of Future Past, get your Mother’s Day shopping sorted with 300 discounted products from Catch of the Day, the worst things about playing video games in Australia.

See Which Folders Are Taking Up Space In Windows 8.1 Settings

Among the other new features in Windows 8.1′s latest update, Microsoft has also added a small rundown of what’s taking up space in your home folder and Recycle Bin. It’s not nearly as detailed as some other tools, but it’s useful for taking a quick peek at your home folder.

Slow Feeds Organises Your RSS Feeds, Highlights Top Stories

iOS: If you subscribe to a lot of RSS feeds, you know it can be tough to keep up with them. Good sites that don’t update often may get lost in the crowd, and even fast-moving sites can move so fast that good articles get buried. Slow Feeds automatically organises your feeds to bring that good stuff up front.

The Coolest Things You Can Automatically Add To Google Calendar

Google Calendar is a wonderful tool. While many people may know that you can import pre-made calendars with lists of various holidays in them, there’s a lot more cool stuff you can do with the service.

Briefly: Supanova Cosplay Highlights, Free DeLonghi Coffee Machine, Sustainable Eating Guide

Brief news items of note for Lifehacker readers including: Supanova Brisbane’s best cosplayers, sustainable eating guide, get $75 cashback on a $69 coffee machine from Target.

App Eater Quickly Locks, Batch Uninstalls Apps

Android: There are many ways to uninstall apps on Android, App Eater may be the way to go if you want to remove many apps in one go. It can also lock certain apps so they’re hidden from your home screen or launcher.

Morning, The Fantastic iPad Dashboard, Comes To The iPhone

iOS: Morning is one of the better dashboard apps for the iPad, working rather like a Google Now in that it shows the weather, your to-dos and other useful information from a single screen. Now, it’s available on the iPhone.

Make A To-Do List Before Getting High Or Drunk

Alcohol and drugs affect everyone differently. While they’re generally viewed as leisure activities, some people get extra motivated when under the influence. Take advantage of this phenomenon by creating a to-do list before you imbibe.

Briefly: Samsung Galaxy S5 Review, Cheap Men's Clothing, Did Greedo Shoot First?

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