Learn Non-Attachment By Getting Rid Of One Small Thing Each Day

Many of us get stressed and can’t let go of our problems. Buddhism teaches the concept of “non-attachment” to allow us to move on from what’s bothering us. Giving up a few material possessions with intention might jump-start the process.

Save Space In The OS X Mail App By Disabling Attachment Downloads

The OS X Mail app can take up a lot of space on your computer because it downloads every email. If you’re running low on space, How-To Geek suggests turning off the “Automatically download all attachments” option.

Dropbox Users Can Grab 100GB Of OneDrive Storage For Free

In a clear play to get Dropbox users over into their own cloud storage camp, Microsoft is offering an extra 100GB of OneDrive storage for free for a year. All you need to do is sign into OneDrive (or create an account) and let OneDrive send a file to your Dropbox account to verify you are a Dropbox user. Then you should have an additional 100GB of space for 12 months.

Add A Few Seconds Of Silence To Your Ringtone To Prevent Disruptions

When your phone starts ringing at an inappropriate time, the scramble to shut it off is embarrassing. Give yourself a buffer by adding a few seconds of silence to the beginning of your ringtones so you only feel the vibrations at first.

Video Briefly: Train Dance Party, DIY Arc Furnace, Selfie Stick Proposal

Brief video items of note for Lifehacker readers, including: How to make an arc furnace capable of melting metal in your backyard, hilarious impromptu dance party on Perth train, the history of the M16 rifle.

Tally 2 Is A Simple, Eyes-Free Counter For iOS

iOS: It’s a rare occurrence for most of us, but sometimes you need to keep track of something and tally up a total. Tally 2 is a simple little app that does just that, and it’s free for the basic version.

Use The Principle Of Automatic Savings To Build Better Habits

In budgeting, we often recommend making savings or paying your bills automatic. You can use the same strategy with your time to build better habits and avoid losing so much of your time.

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Briefly: 10K Video, Toy Fair 2015 Highlights, Cloud Porn

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Briefly: Jetstar Bali Sale, Kick-Arse Heroines, Kotaku Versus Game Length

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