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How To Answer One Of The Most Common Job Interview Questions

“Where do you see yourself in five years?” When it comes to job interviews, there are few questions more annoying than this. It’s cliched and frankly none of their business. Nevertheless, your answer will be carefully assessed and could adversely affect your chances of being hired. This video from The Muse explains how not to answer the question, along with a few tips on how to ace it.

Lifehacker Is Hiring! Digital Designer Wanted

Are you a tech savvy creative? We’re looking for an ideas driven and commercially focused digital designer to join our rapidly growing team at Allure Media.

Career Spotlight: What I Do As A Paramedic

It’s taken for granted far too easily that emergency workers are available to rush to your side with just a phone call. Paramedics, emergency medical technicians, and other critical care specialists are ready and waiting to assist, and it’s rarely easy work.

Real Talk Offers In-Depth Career Advice From People In Interesting Fields

Android/iOS: If you’ve ever wanted to hear what it’s like to be a veterinary tech, industrial designer, urban planner, or even hair stylist to a superstar, Real Talk puts those experiences — and more — right in the palm of your hand. Hear from people actually doing the job, see their backgrounds, and read how much they make.

Career Spotlight: What I Do As A Teleprompter Operator

It’s hard work to appear effortless. High production values can often be measured by what you don’t see in a show, whether its a live performance or on television, and one diligent, necessary worker behind the scenes is the teleprompter operator.

If You Didn't Choose Your First Career, Don't Be Afraid To Change It

When you’re growing up, you’re encouraged to pick a career. When real life hits, you might find that you have to start working in a field you don’t care much for. That may be a good sign that a career change is OK.

Career Spotlight: What I Do As A Funeral Director

Making arrangements after the death of a loved one is an inevitable part of life, and for some people it is also a job. Funeral directors help grieving families navigate the daunting, and perhaps unexpected, bureaucracy of death.

Is It Legal For Your Work To Demand A Medical Assessment After You Call In Sick?

Considering 81 per cent of Australian full-time workers have admitted to taking a sick day when they’re not ill, it’s no wonder bosses are wary of employees who “chuck a sickie”. But how far can they go to make you prove that you’re really too sick to work? Is it legal for your employer to order you to get a medical assessment?

Don't Just Wait For An Offer, Research The Other Side Before Negotiating

You might have heard that it’s best to let the other side make the first offer when negotiating. However, if you only find out what they want at the table, you may be at a disadvantage. Instead, research first.

What Does It take to Be An Innovator?

Author Malcolm Gladwell spoke at the recent Intel Focus 2015 event about the need to attack problems in new ways. Although his talk was given at an infosec conference, the lessons he imparted apply to all of us.

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