Ask LH: Should I Mention Dropping Out Of University On My Resume?

Hi Lifehacker, I plan on submitting my resume for a couple of new jobs soon. One thing I feel that I should put in it (but which I also feel ashamed of) is that I withdrew from university earlier in my life; even though I didn’t complete any courses within the degree or learned much from it. In fact, I left after the first week.

Ask LH: Can I Leave Job Titles Off My Resume?

Hey Lifehacker, I’ve been applying for jobs that will stretch me but encompass a range of skills and tasks that I have regularly performed through my career. However, I hit a stumbling block with my resume: my job titles are too similar and narrowly focused.

Ask LH: How Can I Get Noticed At Work?

Dear Lifehacker, How can I raise my profile in the workplace without being an obnoxious “look at me” person? I have always tried to let my actions do the talking in the office. Recently though, I’ve noticed that I probably need to start developing a profile for career progression.

Use Job Interviews As A Chance To Scope Out A Company's Culture

Finding a good company culture can be just as important to your job satisfaction as the work you do. The next time you have a job interview, check out the offices as you walk through to get an idea of what working there might be like.

Ask LH: Can I Negotiate Salary When Applying For A Government Job?

Hey LH, I’m applying for a government job in South Australia and was wondering about contract negotiations. I’m well aware that they have a pay grade system and pay levels outlined, however, I don’t know if these are open to negotiations or any kind of haggling. Can you haggle a better pay rate for a government job?

Ask LH: What Can I Do When My Employer Won't Pay My Bonus?

Hi Lifehacker, My employer offered me a bonus on completion of a project, but now that the project is nearly completed, they have reneged on the arrangement. The bonus is mentioned in numerous emails about the project, which has been running for almost two years. Are they obliged to honour the agreement?

Ask LH: How Can I Make My Office A Happier Place?

Hi Lifehacker, I have recently started working for an organisation that is still finding its feet. Over the years, there have been various mistakes in communication. Unfortunately, those mistakes have resulted in a lot of resentment between members of the organisation. No one party is entirely in the wrong, but none is entirely right either, it seems.

Ask LH: How Can I Remind Employers I'm Available For Freelancing?

Dear Lifehacker, Last November I quit my old job and finally gained the courage to chase my dream and I am now a freelance cameraman. I am fortunate enough to have a friend inside the industry who gave me contacts so I could get work, and I immediately shot off emails with my resume. Unfortunately, I couldn’t have done it at a worst time. November and December are when things wind down and I’m afraid with all the holidays they’ve already forgotten me. How do I remind people that I am available for hire without seeming like a pest?

Ask LH: How Should I Describe My Internship On My Resume?

Hi Lifehacker, I’m currently undertaking an internship within the accounting industry. Generally, these are named “vacation” programs in Australia. However, I wanted to know if it would make a difference to include my experience under the title vacationer, intern or summer analyst on my resume as I am considering applying for positions in other industries as well as overseas. Any thoughts?