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This Is What It's Like To Do a CELTA Certification

If you dream of travelling to far flung places to teach English, then becoming qualified is the first step. Globally, CELTA is the highest regarded qualification for teaching English as a foreign language. Because it’s internationally respected, it’s a very intensive course and is a steep learning curve. I’ll admit it was exhausting at times and I became a coffee addict while training for my certificate. I loved it prior to starting the course, but it soon became more than love, it became a necessity.

This Chart Explains Why You Didn't Get That Raise

If you can’t remember the last time you received a pay rise, it might mean you suck at your job. Alternatively, you can blame Australian wage growth, which has fallen to the lowest level on record. The latest wage price index from the Australian Bureau of Statistics shows just how bleak things have become.

The Three Strategies We Use To Deal With A Job That Requires 24/7 Attention

In an ideal world, you shouldn’t have to hear from your boss once you clock out. For some jobs, especially salaried positions, that may be a pipe dream. When a job demands attention at all hours, we tend to have three ways of dealing with it.

Top 10 Mistakes You Might Be Making With Your Job Search

When you’re looking for a new job, there’s a lot that can go wrong, from formatting your resume improperly to being tripped up by questions during the job interview. Watch out for these 10 common mistakes job applicants often make.

Getting To Your Dream Job Is Probably Gonna Suck For A While

In the movies, when someone quits their terrible job to do the thing they love, the burden is immediately lifted. In reality, getting to the job you love is a long, arduous process and you’ll probably hate it for a while.

How To Spin University Side Jobs Into Work Experience On Your Resume

Throughout my four-year college education, I held a number of jobs, both during the school year and in the summers when I returned home to where I’d grown up. My roles ranged from restaurant server to writing-center staffer. When it came time to cobble together my first professional resume, I was initially nervous about my lack of real-world experience.

Four Red Flags To Watch Out For In Job Interviews

The day has come: You’re finally interviewing at your dream company, for your dream job! It’s in the perfect industry and the role is a near perfect match for your skills and background. Plus it will keep you on track for your five-year plan. All good, right? Maybe not.

The Research-Backed Key To Practical Hope: Focus On Your Own Effort

“Hope” sounds like it doesn’t exist outside of movies. It’s impractical to just cross your fingers and hope things get better. If you tie your hope to your own effort, though, it gets a lot more effective.

What You Need To Know For Election 2016

With the election underway it’s time to try to make sense of the policies. To help you navigate the thickets of coverage, The Conversation’s editors have produced this guide to key policy areas. Drawing on analysis from our academic authors, it explains what we know so far — and what we need to find out.

Killer Interview Question: Why Are You Where You Are In Your Life Right Now?

This week’s KIQ is a present-day twist on the “where do you want to be?” question. It forces the applicant to assess their lot in life and reflect on the paths that led to this moment. Deep.

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