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Deals: Learn How To Become An Amazing And Accredited Photographer

If photography was as simple as point and shoot, everyone would be making six-figure salaries off their DSLRs. The truth is you need training to make a profit from your photography, and the Hollywood Art Institute Photography Course & Certification can help get there.

For only $26.53 AUD [$19.99 USD], this course will teach you the techniques the pros use to take amazing photos.

Why You Should Learn From People Who Failed Just As Much As Successful People

Who can give you better advice on how to succeed than successful people? Well, if you’re smart, you’d also listen to people who failed so you know what pitfalls to avoid. And maybe back it up with some unbiased data.

22 Action Words That Will Give Your Resume Added Punch [Infographic]

There’s no shortage of resume tips on the internet, but word selection is one area that’s often overlooked. Believe it or not, your verb choices can have a serious impact on how your resume is received by prospective hirers — even if the listed skills and achievements remain otherwise unchanged. This infographic from Eapplicants lists 22 action verbs that have been proven to strengthen resumes, along with a multitude of extra tips.

Don't Limit Yourself To One Mentor, Get Multiple Perspectives

Mentors are a valuable source of guidance that help you move your career forward, but one isn’t enough. Don’t limit yourself to one person’s perspective or experience. Having multiple mentors, or at least people to talk shop with, takes the pressure off and broadens your horizons.

Three Writing Tips From Pulitzer Prize-Winning Author Jennifer Egan

Writing is something everyone should do on some level. No matter what makes you put pen to paper, these three tips from Jennifer Egan will help as you continue your own writer’s journey.

Deals: Master The Art Of Photography For 90% Off With These 5 Courses

Photography is more than just pointing and shooting. With the Complete Guide to Photography Bundle, you can learn the skills and techniques that go into producing gorgeous photographs, and it’s on sale for only $63.70 AUD [$49 USD].

Deals: Want A Job In Tech? Grab the Complete Web Developer Course

The tech world prizes skill over fancy degrees. This means that everyone has a shot of making, especially with the right resources. Enter the Complete Web Developer Course.

You can launch a career building sites and apps with this premium training, which covers WordPress, HTML, CSS and more. It’s currently on sale for only $19.48 AUD [$14.99 USD].

Deals: Launch A Data Analytics Career For 85% Off With This Bundle

No matter what industry you’re in, knowing how to handle loads of data is essential for any business. That’s why data scientists are needed everywhere, and businesses are willing to pay a pretty penny for their expertise. With the Business Intelligence & Data Science Bundle, you can master and apply the fundamentals of data science — all for only $50.70 AUD [$39 USD].

Deals: Become A Microsoft Suite Pro With This Training Bundle

Everyone’s been exposed to the Microsoft Suite at some point, but few take those skills to the next level to become pros. With the Microsoft Suite Pro User Bundle, you’ll get advanced training in Excel, Access, and more — that’s sure to impress employers. For a limited time, this course bundle is on sale for only $58.50 AUD [$45 USD].

Deals: The Essential Guide to Launching Your Own Bitcoin Business

The web has revolutionised many things, but who would have expected it to change the very nature of money? Introducing Bitcoin. This cryptocurrency is quickly being adopted by many online businesses, thanks to its speed and reliability. With the Bitcoin for Beginners: Master Bitcoin Course, you can learn all about Bitcoin and its perks, and even how to start your own Bitcoin-powered business. For a limited time, this course is on sale for only $50.70 AUD [$39 USD].

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