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Here's How To Get A Healthy Work Life Balance (And Actually Stick With It)

Everyone talks about getting a better work life balance, but have you noticed that it’s rarely in a good context? We all complain about needing a better work life balance. We envy those who seem to have the whole work life and wellbeing balance nailed. And we find it darkly funny that the concept of a work life balance even exists when we have 34578486 things to do before 5pm and no bandwidth to even begin them.

How To Tell A Cohesive Career Story When You've Done A Little Bit Of Everything

A decade ago, if you looked at my resume, it would just look like I’d thrown random job titles on a page. I’d done so many different things that it read more “can’t commit to a career” than “seasoned professional.”

Ask LH: Can I Use Copyrighted Art On My Free Album Cover?

Dear Lifehacker, I’m a music artist that’s planning on releasing some music. I was wondering if I could edit this picture and use it for a single/album cover? I found it online and don’t know who made it. My album will likely be put out for free/non-profit use.

How To Get Through The Workday When It Feels Like The World Is A Mess

I don’t need to remind you of everything tumultuous that’s happening in the world. When the weight of what you’ve seen and heard threatens to tear your heart in two, how can you possibly muster the enthusiasm for your 10am meeting or be expected to wrap your head around finishing that report by the end of the day? Here are three thoughts to help you cope.

Why 'Follow Your Passion' Isn't Always The Best Advice

You’ve heard it a thousand times from motivational speakers: the key to success is to follow your passion. It’s an appealing notion, but as Mike Rowe points out, just because you’re passionate about something doesn’t necessarily mean you’re good at it or that it’s a viable path towards creating a career.

Overtime Work Is On The Rise In Australian Organisations

Australian organisations have experienced an increase in business activity in the last 12 months and many are expecting existing staff to put in extra hours. For some employees, this overtime work is unpaid. That’s according to new research by recruitment firm Hays.

Strengthen Your Network Connections With Monthly People Checklists

There’s more to networking than meeting a bunch of people. You need to stay in touch with your connections and make yourself someone of value to them. A monthly checklist will keep you on top of things.

What Evidence Is There That Internships Secure Employment?

In today’s hyper competitive job market, internships are becoming a must-have on almost every job applicant’s CV. But when should a worker be paid for an internship, and is the rise of unpaid internships simply broadening the gap between those who can afford to work for free and those who can’t? We explore these and other issues in this article

As A Freelancer, Set Your Prices By How Much Value Your Client Receives

When you’re setting priced as a freelancer, you might think about it in terms of how much time it takes you or what your costs are. You should also consider a less common factor: how much value does your client receive from the work you do?

Ask LH: When Should I Use My Current Boss As A Reference

Dear Lifehacker, I’ve been having a back and forth with a prospective employer about moving over for a new role. Two interviews later and things have stalled at the reference checking stage because they want a reference from my direct manager at my current role. This is before they have told me in concrete details about the salary/package. I can provide many reporting managers from previous jobs and colleagues from my current one. But I really don’t feel comfortable giving the details of my current manager before knowing the exact offer. Are they allowed to demand I give a reference from my current manager? Will it hurt me if I say no to that request?

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