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Why The Masters Hardware Business Failed

This week, Woolworths sold off its Masters home improvement division, and now 7700 jobs are on the line. The Masters business has been losing about $200 million a year, unlike main competitor Bunnings which is a major contributor to profits at its owner Wesfarmers. Here’s what went wrong according to Winning Appliances CEO John Winning.

We're Hiring: Want To Sell Advertising For Lifehacker In Sydney?

If you have a keen interest in technology, regularly read Lifehacker, Gizmodo or Kotaku and want to be part of a business at the cutting edge of digital publishing, this could be the perfect role for you. We are hiring for the position of Account Manager to represent Allure Media’s brands to some of the largest agency partners and brand advertisers in Australia.

Top 20 Most Complained About Businesses In NSW

NSW Fair Trading has just launched its Complaints Register to document which businesses in the state have received the most complaints each month. It has released its first lot of results for the month of July. Some notable companies on the register include Apple, Foxtel and Harvey Norman. Find out which companies topped the list.

Avoid Charging Less Than You're Worth To Make Your Product More Appealing

You deserve to charge employers and clients what you’re worth. If your self-image makes it hard to accept that sentence, then consider an alternative: If you charge less than what you’re worth, people might think that the services you offer aren’t that good.

What Other Retailers Can Learn From JB Hi-Fi's Meteoric Rise

Retail is a tough industry, especially when you operate in the consumer electronics space. Technology is exciting but a lot of it can be considered disposable, with low profit margins to boot. Dick Smith became the latest victim of the competitive retail business when it went bust a few months ago. But JB Hi-Fi stands firm and continues to go from strength to strength. How has the company changed over the years to survive the online retail onslaught on bricks-and-mortar businesses? Let’s take a closer look.

Why It's Important To Be Comfortable Being A Rookie

Video: In an increasingly public world, it’s terrifying to try some new skill and be viewed as a rookie. However, if you can’t get comfortable feeling new, you’re going to have a hard time improving.

Deals: 6 Courses To Increase Your Web Traffic And Sales

In the world of the web, though, building something isn’t enough. To maximise traffic and sales, you need to know how draw users in and keep their interest, which is exactly what you’ll learn with the Growth Hacker Mastery Bundle, offered at more than 90% off the retail price for Lifehacker readers.

Five Tactful Ways To Dodge Questions About Your Salary History

When you’re interviewing for a new job, there’s a very good chance hiring managers will try to get you to talk about your past compensation. Here are a few ways to keep that information to yourself without sounding too defensive.

Craft The Perfect Resume With This Cheat Sheet

A good resume should be able to fit your work history, education and contact details onto one or two pages max. Despite the brevity, there’s still a lot that can go wrong. This infographic from job seeker site Eapplicants looks at some common pitfalls to avoid along with suggested action verbs to help your resume stand out from the crowd.

A Four Step Plan For Dealing With An Angry Coworker

It’s Tuesday morning, the alarm on your phone goes off and you can’t help but look at the first email in your inbox. You read the first few words and begin to worry: Is your boss mad? You keep reading, and it’s true — she’s really steamed.

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