Use Word Clouds To Identify Your 'Emphasis' Words On A Job Application

We’ve featured word cloud services like Wordle and TagCrowd before. When applying for a job, it could be useful to dump the entire job document or selection criteria into one of these tools, just to quickly identify which specific words they’re targeting.

Ask LH: How Can I Stop My Sycophantic Colleague From CC'ing The Boss On Every Email?

Dear Lifehacker, What should I do when a co-worker continually copies all their managers in all email communications? It comes off as though they are trying to make me seem bad in front of the bosses because they ignore what I have told them in person and ask question after question that I have already answered.

Mimic Your Boss's Body Language To Build Rapport And Get Ahead

To build a relationship with your superiors at work and have a better chance of moving up the ladder, try mirroring their mannerisms, says LearnVest. In other words: monkey see, monkey do.

Use The 'Three Whats' Technique To Structure Your Presentations

People retain structured information 40 per cent more reliably than random information. That’s an important point to consider when building your presentations.

Ask LH: Can I Call Myself A Doctor When I'm Not?

Hey Lifehacker, Are there any laws in Australia restricting the use of the title ‘Dr.’? Can anyone use the title even if they didn’t study medicine or earn a PhD?

Do You Search For New Jobs On Your Work PC?

According to a national poll conducted by job matching network OneShift, approximately half of Australian workers actively search for new jobs online during work hours. Of the 2659 people surveyed, one in 10 also admitted to getting caught in the act by a colleague or boss; to varying results. Do you think it’s acceptable to job hunt in the office or should it be a sacking offence? Discuss.

Ask LH: How Can I Find Referees When I Don't Have Experience?

Hi Lifehacker, I’m currently completing my university studies and I’ll want to apply for some graduate opportunities, either mid-year or next year. The thing is, I don’t actually have any work experience relevant to the roles I’m looking at — all of my prior jobs were just to “pay the bills”, so to speak. While I have plenty of extra-curricular activities to note on my resume, the main issue is with referees.

Do A Trial Run Of Your Video Interview To Make A Good Impression

Video calls allow us to work remotely or interview for jobs in far away locations. But you still need to make a good impression, and US News suggests a trial run before any important video calls to make sure everything — background, ambient noise, even your audio quality — are just right.

Making Introductions Is Your Best Networking Tool

Networking is perhaps one of the most valuable career-building skills a person can develop. When it comes to fleshing out your professional contacts, one of the best ways to improve your network is to introduce them to each other.

Ask LH: How Can I Make My Workspace More Inspiring?

Dear Lifehacker, I read somewhere recently that a creative workspace can lead to higher productivity and wanted to know if it’s true. See, I work in a boring office job (it pays the bills) but I’m a creative type at heart. My question is, how can I add creativity to my corner of a boring workplace to inspire myself (preferably without getting in trouble)?