Ask LH: Can An Employer Require Me To Have A Driver's Licence?

Dear Lifehacker, I am short-sighted and cannot obtain a driver’s licence. Many ICT-based jobs I am applying for state in their requirements: “must have own vehicle and licence”. Is this discrimination? Can I do anything about it?

Odd Jobs: How To Become A Plus-Size Model

Laura Wells and Jesse McNeilly are an engaged Australian couple who have forged a successful career in the “plus size” modelling industry. If you’re similarly big ‘n’ beautiful, their advice could prove indispensable in landing your first modelling contract. Read on to discover what you need to get started.

Six Essential Life Lessons From The Making Of Star Wars

Today is Intergalactic Star Wars Day, an annual holiday for practicing Jedis, Sith Lords and hardcore fans of George Lucas’ phenomenally successful space opera. To celebrate, we’ve assembled six life lessons from the making of Star Wars that can help steer any business career in the right direction (including Lucas-esque blunders to avoid). May the fourth be with you!

Ask LH: How Should I Dress When Applying For Work At A Takeaway Joint?

Hey Lifehacker, Should I wear my formal clothes when applying for a job, even if it’s at a fast food restaurant? Or will that create a negative reaction because I’m “over-dressed”?

Killer Interview Question: How Would You Unload A 747 Full Of Jellybeans?

Another addition to the killer interview questions collection: how would you unload a 747 full of jellybeans?

Killer Interview Question: Which Public Figure Embodies Your Personal Values?

Another addition to the killer interview questions collection: which public figure embodies your personal values?

Which Type Of Entrepreneur Are You?

Are you a world changer, or a serial entrepreneur? Here’s how to find out.

Ask LH: Should I Mention Dropping Out Of University On My Resume?

Hi Lifehacker, I plan on submitting my resume for a couple of new jobs soon. One thing I feel that I should put in it (but which I also feel ashamed of) is that I withdrew from university earlier in my life; even though I didn’t complete any courses within the degree or learned much from it. In fact, I left after the first week.

Ask LH: Can I Leave Job Titles Off My Resume?

Hey Lifehacker, I’ve been applying for jobs that will stretch me but encompass a range of skills and tasks that I have regularly performed through my career. However, I hit a stumbling block with my resume: my job titles are too similar and narrowly focused.