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Ask LH: How Can I Make My Office A Happier Place?

Hi Lifehacker, I have recently started working for an organisation that is still finding its feet. Over the years, there have been various mistakes in communication. Unfortunately, those mistakes have resulted in a lot of resentment between members of the organisation. No one party is entirely in the wrong, but none is entirely right either, it seems.

Questions To Ask Your Mentor Or Other Professionals In Your Industry

Making the most of your mentor’s guidance includes being prepared with questions that tap into your mentor’s experience. The same applies to conferences, or other opportunities you have to ask experienced people in your field how they work. Here are some questions to consider.

When Is It Time To Quit Your Job? [Infographic]

Should you stay or should you go? It’s rarely a simple decision to make, but if you think through your options you can make it more confidently. This flowchart can help.

Lifehacker Is Hiring! Commercial Editor Across Technology And Business

The Commercial Editor will be responsible for commercial content campaigns ensuring they are delivered on time, on brand, to the satisfaction of readers, publishers and clients. The role will offer the opportunity to work with various departments across the business in order to brainstorm, write and deliver great sponsored content.

Focus On Your Growth Areas, Not Strengths, To Prime Yourself For A Promotion

What makes you qualified to get a promotion? You might expect to get promoted based on seniority, or by working the most hours. One reliable way to get noticed for a new position, however, is to hone in on the areas where you can grow.

Is It Legal For Your Employer To Give You A Pay Cut?

With the Brexit and other world events shaking up the global economy, organisations may be bracing themselves for hard times ahead. While we often hear about staff cuts as a way businesses reduce cost in a dour economy, some companies may opt to reduce the money they pay to workers instead. Is that even legal? Aren’t there laws around protecting your wage? Let’s find out.

Why It May Be Better To Meet, Rather Than Exceed Your Client's Expectations

If you could deliver even better work than you promised a client, wouldn’t it make sense to do so? While it’s tempting to deliver even better than you agreed on to impress someone, there can be a downside to going above and beyond.

Embrace The Advantage Of Being A Novice To Overcome Imposter Syndrome

Imposter syndrome is complicated. Sure, it’s not always a bad thing, but it can get in the way and keep you from doing stuff, which is annoying. Here’s something to think about next time you feel like an imposter: you have the advantage of a fresh perspective.

How 13 Tech CEOs Dealt With Being Introverted [Infographic]

If you want to find success in the tech space, you need to get noticed first. This is easier said than done when you happen to be an introvert. Networking, marketing and cementing business relationships all involve a great deal of social interaction, usually in unfamiliar environments filled with noise and strangers. Fortunately, there are various tactics you can employ to make your path to success somewhat smoother. This infographic lists 13 famously introverted tech leaders and the strategies they employed to get ahead.

From The VFX Studio That Brought You Lord Of The Rings: Why Putting In 110 Per Cent Pays Off

Weta Digital. You may have heard of this visual effects company based in Wellington, New Zealand. It’s co-owned by Peter Jackson and most famous for doing the digital special effects work for the Lord of the Rings trilogy, Avatar and many more films. It is by far one of the most successful businesses to have come out of New Zealand and one of the factors that contribute to its success is it’s willingness to go the extra mile for its clients. Sounds cliché but one Weta executive explains why it’s worth doing so.

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