Asus Ai Charger Quickly Charges Your iPhone Or iPad Over A USB Port

Windows: Asus’ Ai Charger is a free utility that lets you charge the iPad from your PC’s USB port, which otherwise doesn’t offer enough juice to charge the tablet. Ai Charger also promises to charge iPhones and iPods 50 per cent faster using standard USB ports.

How To Boot From A CD Or USB Drive On Any Computer

If you’re troubleshooting your PC or installing a new operating system, you’ll occasionally have to “boot it from a disc” or USB flash drive. Here’s what that means and how to do it.

USB Screen Lock Requires A Physical USB Drive To Unlock Your Mac

Mac: If you’re worried that someone might be snooping around on your Mac, USB Screen Lock is an app that adds a kind of two-factor authentication by requiring you to insert a USB drive to unlock the computer.

Turn An Old SNES Gamepad Into A USB Game Controller

The SNES controller is one of my favourite console controllers. Unfortunately, the proprietary connector makes it difficult to use with newer devices. Thanks to the Teensy USB dev board, you can get the best of both worlds: a great and sturdy game controller and USB connectivity so you can use it with modern consoles or with your PC.

Hide A Flash Drive Inside An Old USB Cable

Have some files you want to keep hidden away from prying eyes? Redditor phi303 shows us how to turn an old USB cable into a hidden USB drive for all your secret files and programs.

Tether Your Phone Over Bluetooth For Less Battery Drain

You have three choices when it comes to tethering your smartphone’s internet connection to your laptop: Wi-Fi, Bluetooth and USB. It turns out there’s a bigger difference between them than you might expect.

Create Your Own Seven-Port USB Travel Charger

Travelling with lots of gadgets doesn’t mean you have to take heaps of chargers and poorly organised cables — you only need one. Just take the right USB hub and a clever organisation sleeve, and you can have a seven-port travel charger that keeps everything organised, packs easily and charges any USB-based gadget quickly.

Wrap A Tiny USB Drive With A Paperclip To Make Removal Easy

Tiny USB drives (the ones that are barely any longer than the USB connector) are fantastic for laptops when you don’t want the drive sticking out too far, but they can be a pain to use with desktops. Redditor hidigidy42′s solution is to wrap the USB with a paperclip.

Get A Cheaper iPhone 5 Charger By Skipping The 30-Pin Adaptor

Apple’s new Lightning connector for the iPhone 5 is great, but it’s just so darn expensive. If you’re looking to save a few bucks, Bloomberg Businessweek discovered a cheaper cable hidden away on Apple’s website.

Hack A USB Port Into A Mouse

If your computer is low on open USB ports then you know the pain of disconnecting everything to free up space. Instructables user liquidhandwash shows off a way to add a USB port to your mouse for easy access.