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Big W Is Offering Nikon's D3100 DSLR With An Extra Lens For $300

If you’re in the market for a digital shooter, but don’t have a massive budget, Big W is currently selling Nikon’s D3100 for $300, down from its usual price of $754. This includes a 55-200mm lens as well as the stock 18-55mm.

Reupholster Used Furniture Yourself For Great-Looking Pieces On A Budget

You may not have room in your budget for new furniture, but that doesn’t mean you have to settle for subpar interior decoration. You could buy a used chair and re-upholster it for a great looking piece that fits a lean budget.

Examine Your Spending Habits Instead Of Creating Categorised Budgets

Budgets are useful when figuring out how much money you can spend, but categorising every expense isn’t simple. Instead of trying to predict categories of your spending, examine your daily spending habits to cut frivolous spending off at the source.

Which Australian Stores Offer The Most Bargains?

OzBargain — one of our favourite sources of deals — has just published its summary of which companies had the most deals featured in the site in 2014. The biggest source of bargains? Dick Smith.

Prices For Uber In Australia Are Getting Cheaper

Uber’s low-cost car hiring service UberX is one of cheapest ways to get around the country’s major CBDs — but how much do you actually save compared to a regular taxi? Personal finances tracker Pocketbook has released a new, in-depth study that provides some interesting answers. According to its figures, the average spend per Uber journey has dropped significantly since 2014 and continues to fall over time. Taxi fares, meanwhile, remain unchanged. No wonder they want to ban the service.

Get Around Paywalls With Incognito Mode

Paywalls can be irritating, especially if you want to read just one article. If you’ve ever wanted to get around a publication’s paywall, you can usually do so by loading the page through a private browsing or Incognito window.

How Much More Do Australians Pay For Luxury Cars?

The Australian Automotive Association (AAA) recently stepped up its campaign against Australia’s Luxury Car Tax, arguing it means Australians are paying more than their Japanese or UK counterparts for the same cars.

Find Common Ground To Initiate A Difficult Money Conversation

Whether it’s getting on the same page as a spouse or supporting a friend’s money goals, sometimes a financial discussion is necessary. To start the conversation on a positive note, find some common ground.

Ask LH: Can I Be Charged For Using EFTPOS?

Hi Lifehacker, I was recently charged a $2 fee to use my EFTPOS card to pay for something. This merchant charges a $2 fee for all cards — even if using your savings account. Is this legal? I have payed fees for credit cards in the past but never for EFTPOS purchases.

Briefly: Silk Road Shopping, Cold War 2.0, Total War: WARHAMMER

Brief news items of note for Lifehacker readers, including: meet China’s new luxury shoppers, the Cold War 2.0., Total War: WARHAMMER leaked.