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Build A Directional Wi-Fi Antenna From Kitchen Gear And A Baby Bottle

Living with weak Wi-Fi is no way to live. If you’re not in a place where you can just add a bridge or repeater, a quick trip to the kitchen may be in order. You’ll need a baby bottle, a mesh strainer and a USB Wi-Fi dongle. Here’s how the whole thing works.

These Phone Companies Still Don't Offer Free Calls To 1800 Numbers

Calls to 1800 numbers are supposed to now be free no matter what kind of mobile plan you are on. While most of the major Australian carriers have got on board and made calls free across all their plans, there are some laggards.

PCPartPicker Gets A New Look, Price Filters And Build Guides

When you build your own PC, PCPartPicker is one of the best tools to organise your build and save you money. It just got a major update, overhauling the look and feel of the site and adding new features to make your build easier.

Plan Faster Meals, Not Just Cheap Ones, To Save Money While Cooking

Cooking at home can save you plenty of money over eating out. If you’re trying to break the fast food habit, plan the meals that don’t take much time, or you’ll be right back in the drive-thru.

Briefly: Jetstar Bali Sale, Kick-Arse Heroines, Kotaku Versus Game Length

Brief news items of note for Lifehacker readers, including: Watch an amazing montage of heroines kicking arse in action movies, Jetstar return airfares to Bali from $149, get the full unrestricted version of Microsoft OneNote 2013 for free.

The Most Important Personal Finance Rules Never Change

We talk a lot about personal finance. And while there are always new ways of thinking about your budget, you can always quickly identify the rules that matter most: they’re the ones that don’t change.

How Being Too Open About Money Can Backfire

When something is considered taboo, it’s hard to learn much about it. Money is a good example of this, and discussing it more openly is a good thing. But like most good things, too much of it can backfire. LearnVest explains how being too candid about money can be problematic.

The Factors To Consider When Setting An Allowance For Your Child 

An allowance is a classic method for teaching kids about money. Parents have different ways of implementing them, including the amount they decide to “pay”. Consider these factors when setting an allowance for your child.

Reframe Your Budget In A Positive Light To Actually Stick To It

Creating and following a budget can be an emotionally challenging task. You can feel restricted by the limits of your spending and what you can’t afford. Inspire yourself to stick to your budget by thinking about what you can do rather than what you can’t.

Tough Money Questions Kids Ask, And How To Reply

Kids can ask some awkward questions about money. To teach them healthy financial habits, you want to give them the best answers, but those answers aren’t always obvious. Here are some common money questions kids ask, and how you can best reply to them.