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When It Makes Sense To Talk To A Financial Adviser

Many of us consider the services of a financial adviser a luxury reserved for only the wealthiest, for people with money that they need help managing, which is no one who knows that it all comes in and all goes back out with the bills. But there are times when even you or I should seek one out.

Hump Day Deals: Cheap Liquor, Half-Price Universal Remote,15% Off Surface Laptops

Hump day (AKA Wednesday) is arguably the most boring day of the week. So why not liven things up by grabbing one of these nifty online bargains? Deals that caught our eye this week include: Aldi’s super-cheap liquor sale, JB Hi-Fi giant games sale, get 15% off all Microsoft Surface products.

TravelMath Helps You Calculate The True Costs Of Driving Vs Flying

TravelMath can figure out all sorts of travel-related calculations, including your travel time so you get to the airport on time or don’t miss a connecting flight. Now they have updated to compare the cost of driving versus flying, which is perfect for planning a weekend getaway or holiday travel.

How To Pick A Bank Or Credit Union You Can Trust

You may have met someone who says they don’t trust banks and shoves their money under a mattress. You write them off and go on using your debit cards and checking accounts. Then some banking scandal happens and all of a sudden mattressing your money doesn’t seem like such a bad idea.

Despite our fears, banks serve us pretty well for the most part. Our money is there when we need to pay rent. We can transfer our cash whenever we want. The system works well for day-to-day transactions, but that doesn’t mean banks are entirely trustworthy. It’s never been easy to trust a bank, but these days it seems impossible. So how do you pick one that’s actually trustworthy? Here are a few options.

RideGuru Compares The Cost Of Every Ride Sharing Option

It’s easy enough to open your individual Uber app, get a fare estimate then compare your prices. RideGuru compares everything in one place, though, and it even breaks down the cost to tell you how much the driver earns from your ride.

The Shift In Mindset That Will Help You Get Out Of Debt

Getting out of debt isn’t easy, and while there’s plenty of practical advice to help, the psychological toll is a huge, often-overlooked obstacle. When you feel utterly powerless against debt, it only makes the process more difficult. While it takes money to get the job done, shifting your mindset to an empowered one will help you through the long slog to financial freedom.

Top 10 Ways To Save On Your Holiday

The temperature is rising and the Sun is coming out, and our minds drift to a fantastic getaway that let’s be honest — none of us have the time or money to take. Not all is lost though. You can get away, even a little, and even on a budget. Here are some tips to help you get started.

What You Do With The Money You Save Is As Important As How Much You Save

Saving money is always good, right? If you can reduce your expenses or find a coupon for something you’re already buying, you’re coming out ahead. Unless you don’t have a plan for the money you save.

This Calculator Shows You Whether It's Best To Buy A Phone Outright Or Lease It

Buying a phone outright using beats getting a “discount” with a contract. Of course, that might depend on the carrier and the phone plan. This calculator tells you how much cheaper it is, over time, to buy the phone outright or lease it.

How To Shop Safely And Save More Money At The Dollar Store

Dollar stores are cheap, but it’s easier to waste money there than you think. Without a keen eye, you’ll end up with damaged goods, nasty food and last dibs on the best merch. Every dollar store is different, but these strategies will save you money and keep you safe.

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