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Dealhacker: Get Unlimited 2-For-1 Chicken Schnitzel Rolls From McDonald's

McDonald’s is currently offering a two-for-one Facebook deal on its premium M-Selections Chicken Schnitzel Rolls which normally cost over $8.00. Handily, the deal doesn’t require you to ‘like’ McDonald’s on Facebook — and you can order as many vouchers as you like.

Ratehacker: April's Best Credit Card, Bank And Home Loan Deals

In our monthly Ratehacker round-up, Jeremy Cabral from finance comparison site highlights recent credit card offer changes, plus the best savings accounts and home loans.

Filing For Bankruptcy In Australia Now Costs $120

OK, this is odd. Under a change which was only announced last Friday night but which has already taken effect, it will cost you $120 to file for bankruptcy in Australia. Even stranger: you can charge that to your credit card, even though that card might well end up as one of your unpaid debts as a bankrupt.

Go On A Financial Fast To Break Bad Spending Habits

Getting your spending habits under control is never easy. Neither is quitting a bad habit cold turkey. Finance blog Money Crashers suggests a middle ground: go on a three week financial fast to help kick some bad habits and learn your budgetary problem areas.

Dealhacker: Get Carmageddon For Free On iOS

Heads up splatter fans: the infamous roadkill-generator Carmageddon is currently available for free on iOS devices. Read on to find out why it’s one of the most notorious games in existence.

Set A Post-It Note Dollar Limit Before Shopping Online

Because shopping online is just a matter of a few clicks, there is the chance that you pay more than you should or don’t get the real value of an item. You can curb your bad habits with a Post-It note.

Scoring A Great Deal Isn't Just About Luck

Some people seem to have all the luck when it comes to scoring great deals on their purchases. But there’s likely more than luck at play behind the scenes. You can make your own luck with a little effort.

How Qantas Is Slashing The Frequent Flyer Points You Can Earn

Ugh. From 1 July, Qantas is changing the way customers earn frequent flyer points. In simple terms? If you buy a discounted and non-flexible fare, you’ll earn fewer points than before, especially on longer flights.

Revive Faded Old Jeans With A Dye Job

Own a favourite pair of jeans that have seen better days? You don’t have to ditch them or turn those worn-out jeans into ones you only use for painting. A simple dye job can bring them back from the dead.

Ask LH: Can I Catch Diseases From Stuff Sent In The Mail?

Hi Lifehacker, I often buy goods from companies that ship from Hong Kong or China. I saw an article recently that said there is new strain of deadly flu in those countries. My question is: am I risking importing a potentially deadly disease by mail order direct to my home? Medical websites seem to vary on whether such a disease could be transmitted in the mail.