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Play The 'Want Versus Need' Game To Teach Kids Money Management

As adults, we struggle with what we want and what we need. Our bank accounts suffer due to this lack of self-control. Learning money management skills lessons early in life can help prevent those problem. Here’s a simple game to teach kids this lesson in a fun way.

Woolworths Has Made Its Home Brand Prices More Competitive Again

When we rounded up all the store brand goods you could buy in a supermarket for less than a dollar earlier this week, I noted that Woolworths was charging more than Coles or ALDI for quite a few staple items and didn’t seem as committed to price-matching as it once was. It seems Woolworths has also belatedly noticed this trend — some of those items have now dropped back to the same price as its rivals.

Wait 3 Months Before Buying A New Car

Driving a new car can be a great experience, but paying for it is a lousy one. To balance the need for a new car against your financial resources, consider a three-month waiting period before buying a new car.

The Ice Cream Rule Helps You Save Without Feeling Deprived

Putting away money for the future can be difficult. MoneyCrush suggests thinking of saving like sharing a bowl of ice cream with a friend.

Briefly: Booth Bath Babes, 20% Off At Supercheap Auto, Free Cooking App

Brief news items for Lifehacker readers, including: Victoria’s Secret fashion show highlights, get 20 per cent off store wide at Supercheap Auto this Saturday, Taiwan game expo weirdness.

Hamburger Negative Comments With Positive Ones To Avoid Money Arguments

There are some discussions that are difficult to have, and it’s easy to them to descend into an argument. If you need to say things that could be viewed as negative, preceding them and following them up with a more positive statement makes things easier.

Dealhacker: Mid-Year Toy Sale Guide

The mid-year toy sales frenzy is kicking off for another year, with Australia’s major shopping retailers all offering big discounts on various kiddie products. If you’re a parent (or have friends who are parents), this is the ideal time to do your Christmas shopping. This guide covers all of the bargain-hunting essentials; including online catalogues, sale duration, layby conditions and some general shopping tips to maximise your savings.

Determine Your Risk Tolerance Level Before Investing

When it comes to investing your money, there’s always a risk. Risk is minimal in some cases, while other investments might be incredibly risky. Determine how much you’re willing to risk before you invest.

Why You Shouldn't Just Pocket Your Cloud Savings

Switching to a cloud infrastructure can result in substantial savings. However, if you want the transition to be successful, you should invest those savings in ensuring your workers are happy, rather than just trying to enhance the immediate bottom line.

How To Stop Gas Price Rises Ruining Your Budget

Gas prices are on the rise, starting from 1 July with a 17.8% increase this year in New South Wales, with other parts of eastern Australia expected to follow in coming years. That means it’s a crucial time for Australian homes and industry to ask how they could be cutting their gas costs, especially by finding ways to use energy more efficiently.