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How Video Games Changed The Way I Saw My Father

He towered over me, an imposing figure that I was all too familiar with. He wielded no weapons and he did not utter a single word but his stare was enough to turn me into stone. I was terrified. No, he was not Slender Man and I wasn’t trapped in some eerie survival horror game. He was my father.

This is a tale of how video games changed the way I saw my old man.

Three Things You And Your Partner Should Agree On Before Moving In Together

Before you and a partner decide to move in together, you may have already decided how to split costs and chores, but these three important social topics you may have overlooked.

Five Surprising First Date Deal Breakers

All kinds of things can go wrong on a first date, but not every pitfall is as obvious as you think. According to one survey of over 1300 singles, you should try to avoid these lesser-known deal breakers as well.

Who Was Your Mentor And How Did You Find Him Or Her?

Finding a mentor can help you get ahead in your career. If you’ve been lucky enough to have a mentor, tell us, how did you find that person?

Stop Using The 'Sandwich Method' To Give Feedback

The “sandwich” method of feedback, where you squish criticism between compliments to smooth it over, is played out and everyone knows it. Most of us cringe when we hear someone suggest it, and even when it works, it’s obvious. Adam Grant, author and professor, says it’s time to just give it up, and we agree.

Avoid 'Why' Questions When Comforting Someone Who's Upset

When someone close to you is distraught or crying, it’s natural to try and dig for answers. You wonder why they’re crying, or why they think a certain way. But “why” questions can come off the wrong way, even if you’re trying to help.

Three Money Management Tricks That Make Splitting Finances As A Couple Easier

Fighting with your significant other about money is a time honoured tradition amongst couples. NPR spoke with a financial adviser to come up with a simple set of rules that help keep those problems to a minimum.

Focus On The Quality Of Your Relationships While Networking, Not Quantity

To some, “networking” means handing out as many business cards as possible. That can come off pretty sleazy and miss the point. Instead, focus on building quality relationships to grow your career.

Don't Give Thoughtful Gifts, Give Your Friends What They Actually Want

Thoughtful gifts are the best gifts, right? Not so fast. Choosing a “thoughtful” gift might be more selfish than letting your gift recipient choose their own gift.

Look For These 'Green Flags' When Dating Someone New

It is easy to get caught up looking for red flags when you start dating someone, but keeping a few “green flags” in mind helps you decide just as much if someone is worth your time.

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