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If You Want To Bond With Someone, Swear With Them

Our modern culture has some strange taboos. While many of us are comfortable watching exceedingly adult shows like Game of Thrones or Breaking Bad, swearing at the dinner table is right out. However, if you want to bond with someone, dropping a few profanities might be a good idea.

Plan To Admit That You're Wrong At Least Once In Every Argument

Nobody likes someone who refuses to admit they’re wrong. It makes you look childish, stubborn and unwilling to see other perspectives. You can make yourself a lot less hardheaded during a debate if you plan to say you’re wrong at least once.

When Is The Best Time To Level With Your Partner About Your Finances?

Before you get into a serious, long-term commitment with any partner, especially one where you’ll both be financially responsible for things like rent, loans, a mortgage, or retirement savings, it’s important to get “financially naked” with them. But when is the best time to do so?

Watching TV With Your Significant Other Might Improve Your Relationship

Binge-watching a TV show with your sweetheart might not sound like the most exciting or romantic activity, but if your social circles don’t overlap very much, it could be the secret to a long-lasting relationship.

'Hear The Biography, Not The Ideology' To Listen Better When You Disagree

When someone expresses a view you disagree with, it’s hard to keep your cool and hear them out. To better practice those listening skills and build bridges, focus on the person behind the belief, rather than the belief itself.

The Case For Pessimism In A New Relationship

In our optimism about a new relationship, we often find ourselves disappointed when the other person is human, flawed and doesn’t live up to our ideal. For this reason, it may help to bring a little pessimism into the picture.

Make Sure You And Your Partner Agree On What's Splurge-Worthy Before Combining Finances

Everyone has different ideas on what it’s okay to splurge on, so before you combine finances with your partner or spouse, or even split shared expenses, get on the same page about what’s okay to spend more on, and what’s frivolous.

Defuse Arguments With Your Partner Through Mindfulness

Practising mindfulness can mean many different things and has many different benefits, but it isn’t limited to your own improvement. You can also use mindfulness to defuse emotionally charged moments between you and your partner. Here’s what we mean.

Watch How People Treat Strangers To Weed Out The Jerks In Your Life

The problem with jerks is that they don’t always reveal themselves until you’re already working with them too closely to cut ties. To avoid getting into a sticky situation, watch how the people you meet treat strangers.

What Are Your Biggest Red Flags When You Start Dating Someone?

Some first dates lead to more dates and an exciting, loving relationship. The rest of them stop love dead in its tracks because certain red flags set off the alarm bells in your head. So tell us, what are your biggest red flags when you start to date someone?

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