Partner Rejecting Your Sexual Advances? An 'Excuses Spreadsheet' Is Unlikely To Help

Here’s a life hack for the suicidally brave. A husband fed up with his wife’s diminished libido recently decided to keep a spreadsheet of all of the excuses she gave for not having sex. He then emailed her the damning litany to highlight just how often she had knocked back his sexual advances. If your partner never seems to be in the mood lately, maybe you should follow his example.

Marriage Advice From The World's Longest-Married Couple

Zelmyra and Herbert Fisher were married for almost 87 years, so it’s safe to say they know a thing or two about marriage. The Fisher’s participated in a Q&A on Twitter and shared some advice on love and commitment.

Follow These Five Steps To Make Up After An Argument

Getting into an argument with a significant is always tough. If you don’t pay attention, it’s easy for the whole thing to escalate and spiral out of control. To keep that from happening, The Wall Street Journal spoke with Dr Hal Shorey to provide a five step guide.

Lead With The Bad News To Make Difficult Conversations Easier

When it comes to difficult conversations, lead with whatever you dread saying, says leadership coach Peter Bregman. Done right, being direct and upfront is more considerate than softening the blow.

Use Meetup To Start A Networking Group, Even If You're Unemployed

Just because you don’t have a job, or don’t have a job in your field of interest, doesn’t mean you can’t network with people who do. We’ve talked about how trade shows can get you in with people, but if you want something smaller, consider starting a networking group on for professionals in your area.

Set Aside An 'Honesty Hour' For Better Family Communication

In relationships, sometimes we’re afraid to say how we feel. Try instituting an “Honesty Hour” with your significant other so you can say what you feel without fear of reprisal.

How Much Personal Data Do You Share With Your Partner?

Being in a relationship necessarily means that you’re going to share some of your digital life with your partner. How much is too much? Do you prefer no boundaries at all, or do you keep your partner at arm’s length?

Appreciate The Intent Of Actions To Avoid Unnecessary Conflict

Nobody likes to find themselves in the middle of a fight with a significant other, but sometimes it feels inevitable. However, as The Atlantic points out, those conflicts are often the result of a minor misunderstanding, and an easy way to avoid those conflicts is to appreciate the original intent.

'You Teach People How To Treat You'

If you aren’t happy with the way others treat you, it may have something to do with you. Motivational speaker Tony Gaskins says “you teach people how to treat you by what you allow, what you stop, and what you reinforce.”

Have Financial 'Date Nights' To Improve Your Relationship With Money

Few people enjoy talking about money, and it’s one of the most common arguments between couples. Financial planner Kelley C. Long suggests that a regular financial “date night” could improve your relationship with money and your partner.