Four Ways To Use Your Dark Side For Good (And Fight Evil In Others)

Everyone has a dark side, but that’s not a bad thing — you just need to know how to use it for good. Think of it this way: Batman has more anger issues than any therapist can cure, but he channels those to make the world a better place. There’s no reason you can’t do that too… you know, minus the billions of dollars and the cave.

'Apologising Does Not Always Mean That You Are Wrong'

Apologising doesn’t have to be an admittance of guilt or regret. If you’ve done something that hurt someone you care about, you can apologise just to let them know you care.

'Invite' Your Partner To Discuss Emotions Instead Of Expecting It

It can be frustrating trying to communicate with a partner who bottles up their emotions. Instead of bugging them to say what’s on their minds, consider “inviting” them to express what they are feeling and you might get better results.

Scientists Discover The Ideal Dance Moves For Men

Before heading out for a night on the town, guys might want to make sure they have their dance moves down. A recent study showed women rated these particular dance moves higher than others.

Three Types Of Traditions Every Family Should Have

Your family probably has big traditions for big holidays, but daily and weekly traditions can be just as useful for keeping your family tight. Meg Cox, author of The Book of New Family Traditions, recommends three types of traditions every family should have.

The History Of Sadness, And How We Can Deal With It

Everyone gets sad sometimes. It’s part of being human, but dealing with it is still difficult. This TED-Ed video dives into how we’ve perceived sadness through history, and how we benefit from and deal with it in our own lives.

Give Better Feedback By Using 'And' Instead Of 'But'

When you’re trying to give good feedback, you can often negate your efforts by adding a “but” after a positive statement. By using “and” instead, you can avoid someone getting defensive or vulnerable.

Determine Your Relationship Chemistry With This Dating Infographic

In today’s dating world, it can be notoriously difficult to work out where you stand in a new relationship. Is it serious or casual? Open or exclusive? Fleeting or ever-lasting? Even if you work out what your own feelings are, there’s no guarantee your new partner will feel the same way. The simple solution is to just ask them — or you could use this “relationship status” infographic to avoid sounding clingy.

Use The Value Of Your Experience To Assert Yourself At Work

Conflict in the workplace is inevitable. Next time you’re faced with the choice of speaking up or shrinking back from the issue, Harvard Business Review suggests you draw confidence from your experience and choose to be assertive about your views.

Set Expectations With Your Partner Before Travelling For A Smooth Trip

Travelling with a partner can take a lot of planning and compromise. Oneika Raymond at Huffington Post recommends you set expectations for activities and the pace of the trip before departure.