How To Share Gadgets Seamlessly In A Multi-Person Household

Not everyone can afford a separate computer or tablet for each member of the family, so you have to learn to share. It’s not that difficult, as long as you set things up right and are willing to cooperate.

Top 10 Relationship Challenges You Can Overcome

It doesn’t matter whether you’re going on your first date your getting married, living together or long distance: we could all use a little relationship advice. Here are 10 tough relationship situations we’ve covered over the years, and how to tackle them.

The Real Benefits Of Regular Family Meals (Beyond Good Food)

Family dinners aren’t just for the holidays. They actually have benefits far outside of sharing that ham or lamb feast among people you care about.

The Importance Of Saying Thank You, And Why You Should Say It Often

“Thank you” can be an incredibly powerful pair of words, especially if the person you’re thanking really needs to hear them, or isn’t expecting them. In this short TED talk, Dr Laura Trice muses over the power of saying thank you, and reminds us why we should say it — and ask to hear it — more often.

The Secret To A Happy Marriage: Eat More Sugar

Dieting may be good for your waistline, but it could also spell disaster for your marriage if a new scientific study is to be believed. Researchers from Ohio State University analysed daily blood glucose in married couples over a period of 21 days. They discovered a clear correlation between decreased blood glucose levels and increased aggressive behavior toward participants’ spouses. In other words, a sweet marriage literally requires sugar.

Use Interesting, Active Photos Instead Of Head Shots For Online Dating

If you find yourself at Inbox Zero more often than you’d like on your dating site of choice, there are certain types of profile pictures that are more likely to get attention. Namely, use something active that shows off your hobbies and personality.

The Three Personal Habits That Make Or Break A Relationship

Relationships are tough no matter how similar you are to your partner, but author Charles Murray points out that personal habits you find objectionable are often the biggest deal breakers. These habits tend to fall into three main categories.

The Unified Creepiness Theory Helps You Avoid Being That Sketchy Guy

There’s a fine line between being a little awkward with the opposite sex and being creepy. As explained by reddit user saigonsquare, that line can be expressed using the following formula: Creepiness = (Awkwardness x Forwardness / Attractiveness) ^ Persistence.

What Research Tells Us About The Most Successful Relationships

There’s no single “formula” to a perfect relationship. However, we’ve studied an awful lot about what successful couples do. Everyone’s relationships are a bit different, but we can take away a lot from what we know works.

How I Taught Myself To Listen Despite Having ADHD

Those of you with attention deficit disorder might not make it to the end of this sentence. I had that problem as a kid, but I found ways to trick my brain into paying attention and listening properly. I’ll never be a great listener, but I get by without medication because of three simple things I taught myself how to do.