Develop And Improve Your Relationships By Honouring People's Dreams

When you boil things down, your relationships with others are a support structure. If you wonder from time to time how you can be a better partner, or be a better friend, it’s incredibly simple: support their dreams.

Improve Your Relationship With A Simple Adjustment To Your Expectations

Good relationships are a balance of give and take. By adjusting your expectations even just a small amount, you can strengthen your relationships tremendously.

The World's First Vibrator For Guys Isn't Just A Marketing Gimmick [NSFW]

The Hot Octopuss Pulse II is billed as the world’s first “guybrator”, and it claims to be fun to use flaccid or erect. I have to admit that I was exceedingly sceptical when I first heard about this product, but my trusted male reviewer helped me realise that this could be a very fun purchase for some guys.

Beware 'Basement Thinking' When Talking To A Spouse About Money

Even in a perfectly healthy relationship, a discussion about money can quickly turn into a fight about money. In fact, money is the top cause of most relationship arguments. To keep your financial conversations calm and collected, avoid “basement thinking”.

How Do You Get Feedback From Your Partners? [NSFW]

In the comments section to our recent guide to cunnlingus, many of you talked about the fact that different women like different things when it comes to oral. Of course, what works for one person won’t necessarily work for another, so it’s important to get feedback from your partner about what they like. Today we want to talk about how you go about getting that input.

How To Become A Cunnilingus Master [NSFW]

Cunnilingus has an undeserved reputation of being one of the trickiest sexual acts to perform well. I think this characterisation is grounded in cultural judgements of women’s genitals as being “complicated” and “mysterious”. Let’s lay this unfair reputation to rest with some straightforward advice on performing some awesome cunnilingus.

Keep Yourself From Rambling With The 'Traffic Light Rule'

Nobody likes a rambler. Sure, it feels good to talk about yourself, but other people won’t find it nearly as interesting as you think. You can avoid ruining a good conversation by keeping a simple rule in mind.

The Adult's Guide To Losing Your Virginity [NSFW]

Not all of us lose our virginities at age 16 in the back of an old Camry. If you’re still a virgin later in life, it can feel like you’re the last person on earth who hasn’t had sex, but you aren’t alone. Whether you’re waiting for your wedding or just haven’t found the right person, here’s what you should know about losing your virginity as an adult.

What Relationship Advice Do You Wish You Could Give Your Younger Self?

Heartbreaks. Lust. Love. It takes years, if not decades, to gain wisdom about relationships. Come share with us what you’ve learned.

How To Have A Sex Life When You're Dealing With Injuries And Illnesses [NSFW]

At some point in your life, you or one of your partners will almost inevitably have to deal with a major injury or illness. If it’s only a temporary setback rather than a permanent disability, you’re extremely fortunate — but any sort of malady can really throw a wrench into all aspects of your life, including sex. Here’s how to make space for intimacy even when you’re grappling with your health.