Friend Or Foe: What The Shape Of Your Face Says About You

When it comes to forming relationships, first impressions are important. Unfortunately, science suggests that the shape and width of your face can have a significant impact on what people think of you — and that’s before you’ve even opened your mouth.

Introduce Yourself Solo When Starting A New Job For Better Name Retention

If you’ve ever been the new person in an office, chances are you’ve done the dreaded introductory lap where your manager drags you from cubicle to cubicle to meet a sea of strangers. In these circumstances, you rarely remember their names or what they actually do, making for awkward conversations in the office kitchen. Here’s a way to make the whole process a little less painful.

Get Others To Pay More Attention To You With A Little 'Soft Conflict'

Conflict and tension aren’t necessarily bad for your personal and professional relationships. They can actually help foster stronger connections and get others to truly listen to you.

Lifehacker 101: Why People Look Sexier When You're Drunk

Anyone who has been in a crowded bar around closing time would agree that the higher your alcohol consumption, the more attractive you seem to find whoever you happen to be flirting with at last call. Just what makes this person suddenly so beguiling?

How To Identify A Narcissist (Before They Burn You)

A constant need for validation. A willingness to control people. A ruthlessness in getting their needs met. These are just some of the psychological traits that point towards a narcissistic personality disorder. Disturbingly, they are also common among people who succeed in business — and it usually isn’t a coincidence. Here are 15 signs of narcissism combed from psychology literature that you really don’t want to encounter in a boss or co-worker.

Make Meaningful Introductions By Focusing On Common Interests

Often we introduce friends to one another based on what they do or how we know them. That works, but you can give them a chance to cut out small talk and launch right into a meaningful conversation by introducing them with what they have in common with each other.

How To Deal With People Who Undermine Everything You Do

Years ago, a friend introduced me to someone who asked what I did for a living. “I work on an online video series,” I said. It was hard work, it required lots of planning, researching and interviewing, and it was how I paid the bills. My friend chimed in, “She’s a vlogger,” then giggled. I didn’t quite understand what she meant, but I felt diminished.

How I Taught Myself Not To Be An Insufferable Know-It-All

Random tidbits, factoids and conversation points pulled from the latest broadcast of NPR have always been my conversation fuel. But this stuff can turn you into an insufferable intellectual know-it-all if you’re not careful, and that makes people not want to talk you. Here’s how I’ve learned to rein that in.

How Female Masturbation Can Aid Your Sex Life

Masturbation isn’t only enjoyable by yourself: you can also utilise what you learn in your “alone time” to help you have more fun (and more orgasms) with a partner. Let’s talk about that.

Small Talk Isn't About Substance, It's About Making Connections

Most people don’t really enjoy small talk, because it’s tedious, feels draining and can give you a case of acute onset imposter syndrome. That may just be because we don’t realise small talk’s true function: it’s not about substance. It’s about making a connection.