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Use The Rule Of Three To Identify Toxic People You Should Try To Avoid

It’s hard to tell the difference between someone who screws up once and someone who makes a habit of taking advantage of others. To get a better handle on who you can trust, follow the rule of three.

The Question You Should Ask Before Giving Someone Advice

When someone asks you for advice, it can be hard to tell if they actually want your help or if they just want someone to vent to. Before you offer your words of wisdom, ask them this question first.

How To Keep Your Friendships Strong When You Make More Money

When Misti Cain met a friend at a café recently, she told her that she was going to pick up the check as her treat. Instead of a simple thank you, the friend “joked that she would have chosen a more expensive restaurant had she known I was buying,” says Cain. “I have thick skin when it comes to success; therefore, amicable jokes don’t bother me,” she says. But as a successful business owner and founder of advice site Whyzze, Cain frequently finds herself confronting the income disparity she has with many in her longtime social circle.

Forgiveness Is Good, But Well-Timed Forgiveness May Be Even Better

As difficult as it may be, forgiving someone who has wronged you is beneficial for everyone involved. But according to a recent collection of studies, knowing when to forgive someone may be just as important, especially in romantic relationships.

Lovehacker: My Girlfriend Talks Too Dirty For Me

Dear Lovehacker, My girlfriend and I have been having pretty great sex for the two months we’ve officially been together. One thing I’ve noticed though is she’s really into talking trash — like, REALLY into it. I mean anyone with some experience knows how to talk dirty, but this is heading into some rough AF territory I’m not 100% comfortable with.

Stop Blaming Tinder For Your Failed Relationships

It seems the death of the monogamous long-term relationship, thanks to Tinder and other dating applications, has been greatly exaggerated, new research from the University of Sydney has found.

Contrary to reports online dating apps, such as Tinder, OKCupid and Grindr, are creating a “hook-up” culture of short-term relationships, the study instead found the apps were simply facilitating people’s search for long-term love.

What's The Biggest Mistake You Made On A First Date?

First dates are filled with wonder and excitement — until you do something wrong. Then they’re not so fun. What is the biggest mistake you’ve ever made on a first date?

Get Stress-Free Time With Friends By Hosting A 'Crappy Dinner Party'

Dinner parties are a great way to gather your friends for a little quality time, but planning dinner parties can be a real source of stress. To cut down on anxiety but still break bread with your besties, consider what The Kitchn calls a “crappy dinner party”.

What Do You Think Is Key To A Good Dating Profile?

There are a lot of online dating services to choose from, but they all have one thing in common: you need a good profile to find a match. What do you think makes a good profile?

Lovehacker: My Girlfriend Wants Us To Be Poly

Dear Lovehacker, My girlfriend of five months has asked how I’d feel about our relationship opening up (i.e. — becoming polyamorous) though she hasn’t fully specified what that means for us yet. I don’t think I could really define myself this way, and I’m really not sure how this will affect our relationship moving forward. What should I be bracing myself for, best and worst case, and is it fair or selfish of me to consider this a dealbreaker?

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