Control Mood Lights Over Wi-Fi With This Hack

RGB LED lights are a great way to accent your home, but colour control usually has to be done from the light itself. If you want to control those colours over Wi-Fi, OpenPicus has put together a guide using its Flyport Wi-Fi microcontroller.

Beautify Your Bookcases With Custom Colour-Changing Lights

This IKEA bookcase performs a neat trick: it glows with 10 different colour sets and six animation modes that you can change with the tap of your foot.

Artificial Light Might Trigger Depression

We’ve pointed out numerous times that staring at bright screens such as tablets or laptops in bed has a bad effect on your sleep patterns and your overall health. Now one study hints at an possible link between regular exposure to artificial light and levels of depression.

Build Your Own CFL Strip Light

An important part of taking great photos or shooting great video is paying attention to your lighting. It can be frustrating when you’re shooting indoors and there just isn’t enough light for the job. Instead of struggling with desk lamps, this DIY strip light uses a heavy-duty power strip, a bunch of compact fluorescents (CFLs) and an umbrella stand to create a portable strip light that packs enough lux for photography, shooting video, or just some task lighting in the garage.

Virtual Lighting Studio Teaches You Through Experimentation

Becoming a good photographer requires several things, and one of the hardest to learn is lighting. Virtual Lighting Studio is a free web app that lets you light a (pretty awkward) subject with up to six lights so you can see how each setup affects the image. Because lighting is one of those things that you learn best by practice, this is possibly the easiest way to understand what different arrangements can do for your image.

Accent Your Stairs With Cheap LED Strips And An Arduino

If you’re looking for a way to spice up your boring staircase, DIYer Geert shows off a simple way to safely light up your stairwell with programmable, colour-changing LED strips mounted directly to the stairs.

Make An Ambient Lamp Out Of A Milk Bottle

This portable lamp is just a milk bottle filled with water, with a headlamp pointing into it. It’s a clever repurposing trick that creates a great soft light perfect for reading, writing or illuminating the outdoors.

Make A Motion-Sensitive Light For The Bathroom

Getting up in the middle of the night and flicking on a bright overhead light in the bathroom so you can use it isn’t the best way to wake up. To solve that problem, 43oh forum member Fred decided to make a simple motion-sensitive light for his bathroom.

Two DIY Lamps Made From Glass Bottles

Nearly everyone uses glass bottles and needs lamps, so why not make a lamp out of a used bottle? Here are two ways you can get this project done, either with a traditional tungsten filament or a more modern LED.

Add Rope Lighting Under Your Bathroom Cabinets

We’ve previously looked at some great ways to achieve ambient lighting with and without rope lighting. If you have some to spare, consider running them underneath your kitchen or bathroom cabinets or island to make sure you never stub your toe in the middle of the night again.