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Make A Stylish LED Lamp For About $3

Generally speaking, ultra-cheap DIY projects don’t look great. Somehow instructables user maybolicious figured out how to circumvent that unfortunate downside and create a stylish LED lamp for only $US3.25.

The Cree Warm White Is A Great LED Bulb, Feels Like An Incandescent

With many countries phasing out incandescent light bulbs, you’re probably on the lookout for replacements. Our friends at the Wirecutter think the Cree Warm White bulb is the best one around. Here’s why.

Make A Surprisingly Stylish Lamp Out Of Three Sticks And A Lightbulb

The best DIY projects are useful, simple, and inexpensive. On rare occasions they’re also beautiful. Such is the case with the Tres Lamp, a small source of lighting created out of three sticks and a lightbulb by Instructables user Tim Wikander.

Add Automatic LED Lights To Desk Drawers

If your desk drawers or kitchen cupboards have a dark interior that makes it hard to find items, consider adding strips of LED lighting controlled by a magnetic alarm switch.

Make Your Own Energy-Efficient Lamp

Lamps aren’t terribly expensive — even some of the cooler ones — so you’re not going to save a lot of money by making your own. That said, if you’ve ever wanted a great project to teach you about basic electronics, MAKE’s got a simple set of instructions for creating your own energy-efficient lighting.

Make Your Own Automated Light System Based On Head Count

If you live by yourself, it’s really easy to set up a sensor to turn a light on and off when you leave a room. But it’s a problem if there you have a guest still sitting in the room. Instructables user RPisces came up with a solution that does a simple head count.

Control Mood Lights Over Wi-Fi With This Hack

RGB LED lights are a great way to accent your home, but colour control usually has to be done from the light itself. If you want to control those colours over Wi-Fi, OpenPicus has put together a guide using its Flyport Wi-Fi microcontroller.

Beautify Your Bookcases With Custom Colour-Changing Lights

This IKEA bookcase performs a neat trick: it glows with 10 different colour sets and six animation modes that you can change with the tap of your foot.

Artificial Light Might Trigger Depression

We’ve pointed out numerous times that staring at bright screens such as tablets or laptops in bed has a bad effect on your sleep patterns and your overall health. Now one study hints at an possible link between regular exposure to artificial light and levels of depression.

Build Your Own CFL Strip Light

An important part of taking great photos or shooting great video is paying attention to your lighting. It can be frustrating when you’re shooting indoors and there just isn’t enough light for the job. Instead of struggling with desk lamps, this DIY strip light uses a heavy-duty power strip, a bunch of compact fluorescents (CFLs) and an umbrella stand to create a portable strip light that packs enough lux for photography, shooting video, or just some task lighting in the garage.

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