HP Moonshot And The Future Of Servers

HP’s Technology at Work day-long event is filled with interesting insights, and it’s definitely worth heading along to the Sydney event next week if you have the chance (quite aside from the potential to win an HP ProLiant MicroServer Gen8 if you head along). Of the various ideas presented in the opening keynote at Melbourne, the one that has kept me musing all day is HP’s Moonshot web server line.

Google Upgrades Webmaster Tools Interface

Google has revamped its interface for Webmaster Tools, dividing the tools into four main areas (crawl, index, traffic and appearance) and making it easier to access administrative tools from the Settings menu.

iiNet Hosted Exchange: Can It Fight 365?

ISP iiNet has launched a hosted version of Microsoft Exchange aimed at small business users. That puts it in direct competition with the Telstra-delivered Office 365 service, but despite similar pricing there are some differences between the two products.

Convert Images To WebP With A URL Hack

Google heavily promotes the WebP image format as a means of shrinking online image sizes, but not all graphics programs can easily create it. If you need a WebP image, you can easily create one online using a Google URL hack.

Ask LH: How Should I Host Business Email?

Dear Lifehacker, I have been running a family member’s small business web site for the past couple of years. They finally want to get on the personalised email bandwagon (and move away from their address), which means I need to set up some email hosting for them.

Planhacker: Australian Minecraft Server Hosting

Hosting a Minecraft server is a great way to get your block on. But if you don’t want to run it on your own machine, what are your hosting options? We’ve rounded up every Australian Minecraft hosting offer we could find so you can compare.

Is Cloud Hosting In Australia A Legal Necessity?

A common argument used against cloud computing by large companies and government organisations is that they are legally required to keep all data in Australia, or that they risk being subjected to US law if they use an offshore provider. But is that always the case?

Host Web Pages For Free Within Dropbox With DropPages Or

Looking for a free and simple way to get a basic site up? Here are two webapps that can help. Both and use a shared Dropbox folder to host your web pages, making creating and editing your pages very quick.

Six Things Your Online Store Can Learn From Harvey Norman

Gerry Harvey’s name is in danger of becoming synonymous with anti-internet ravings, but Harvey Norman does have an online retail presence in the form of its Harvey Norman Big Buys daily deal and general retail site. That operation provides some useful lessons for anyone thinking of moving into online selling.

Include How Far You'll Travel On Your Business Web Site

Making sure you include contact details on a business site is a basic lesson everyone should know. But there’s another important detail service professionals should include but often don’t — how far they are willing to travel to do work.