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Grill'd Mac: I Put Big Mac Sauce On A Grill'd Burger And Created Something Magical

As part of its “Mac It Special” campaign, we were sent a bottle of Big Mac sauce. Rather than preserve it or flog it, I decided to take up the challenge of putting it on just about everything.

Put Together Baking Mixes For Cheap, Instant Meals

We all get busy, and preparing food takes time. Put together some key baking mixes so you can cook a quick meal (or dessert) with minimal time and effort.

Save A Dish That's Too Spicy By Adding Some Acid

Sometimes we go a little overboard when we’re cooking. If your spicy dish is bringing too much heat, a little acid can help cut through it.

Learn About Every Pasta Type There Is With This Massive Infographic

There are a a lot of different types of pasta. With this comprehensive visual encyclopedia, you can learn about every different pasta type, size, best preparation methods, and the right types of sauces to go along with it.

Ferment Your Own Tabasco-Style Hot Sauce Using Greek Yoghurt

If you’re a fan of spicy foods then you know how awesome a good hot sauce can be. You can make your own at home using the whey from Greek-style yoghurt to kick the fermenting process into high gear.

Make Chocolate Bowls With Balloons

Chocolate bowls: The perfect edible containers for ice cream and other desserts.

Make Homemade 'Mozzarella Sticks' With A Waffle Iron

Mozzarella sticks are one of the most popular appetisers out there. It’s hard to beat fried cheese and you can make them pretty easily at home with a waffle iron.

Top 10 Food Staples You Can Make Better And Cheaper At Home

Many simple foods are not only easy to make at home, the results are cheaper, healthier and much tastier than the store-bought varieties. From cheese to peanut butter, here are 10 delicious DIY food projects.

Make Pizza In A Slow Cooker For A Crispier Crust

Pizza comes out great whether you’re using a baking sheet, cast iron pan or the grill. However, if those aren’t an option, you may be surprised to learn that a slow cooker makes remarkably crispy pizza too.

Why Eggs Are Such A Hackable Food (But Difficult To Get Right)

Eggs are wonderful. They can be prepared in dozens of ways and used in hundreds of dishes. But they’re deceptively simple to prepare, they’re surprisingly difficult to get right. We sat down with a few chefs to find out what makes eggs so versatile but so difficult, and how you can up your egg game at home.