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Keep A Plastic Sandwich Bag On Your Hand While Cutting Chillies

If you cook with hot chillies often, you know that plastic gloves help keep your fingers from burning for hours afterwards. If you don’t have gloves, a plastic bag will do the trick instead.

Get Super Crispy Chicken Skin With Baking Powder

Nothing beats a juicy, oven-roasted chicken with crispy skin. With a little prep time, you can achieve perfect crispiness using salt and another common kitchen staple.

Use Up Leftover Soup By Turning It Into A Sauce

If you’re tired of eating that huge batch of soup you made, or you’re just not sure what to do with the last dredges, grab your blender. You can turn it into a sauce that you can use with a bunch of other meals.

Save Money At Restaurants By Having Kids Split A Grown-Up Meal

Generally, kids meals are much cheaper than adult meals. But if you’re dining out with multiple kids, here’s another option: have your kids split an grown-up meal.

If You Don't Have Time To Meal Prep, Just Prep The Marinade

Meal planning should be simple, but it’s not always easy. Ideally, you make a big batch of meals on Sunday that last you the entire week. Maybe you have things to do on Sunday. Maybe you just don’t feel like making five to seven days’ worth of meals at once. Here’s an easier option: Prep marinade instead.

This DIY Machine Can Make Ice Cream Almost Instantly

Video: The worst part about making your own ice cream is waiting for it to freeze. This clever DIY machine makes your homemade ice cream ready to eat in a matter of minutes.

Save Some Food Prep Time By Brining And Thawing Meat Simultaneously

Brining is a great way to get tasty, moist meat, but when you add on defrosting, the amount of prep time needed can be a little long. Instead of doing them both separately, just brine and defrost at the same time.

Keep Leafy Greens Fresh Longer By Storing Them Right In The Salad Spinner

Salad greens can start to go bad within a day if you don’t store them properly. This salad spinner trick makes sure they get washed, and stay fresh for up to a month.

Coconut Milk Gives Instant Noodles A Creamy, Hearty Upgrade

Instant noodles is one of the easiest foods to upgrade into something tastier and more filling, even by adding just one ingredient. In this case, that ingredient is coconut milk, especially the full fat kind. Just a little turns the soup into a creamy, rich, velvety broth.

Make Instant Aged Balsamic Vinegar With Sugar And Port

Aged balsamic vinegar is a tasty elixir that goes great with cheese, vegetables and even fruit, but it can also be very expensive. Here’s how you can transform cheap supermarket balsamic into tasting like the stuff that’s been aged for decades.

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