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Always Dry Your Mushrooms Before Cooking

Sauteed mushrooms are delicious in all sorts of dishes, whether you’re eating them right out of the pan or adding them as an ingredient, but unless you want your mushrooms to become a wet, spongy mess when you cook them, make sure they’re as dry as possible before tossing them in your pan.

Avoid Bitter Cucumbers By Cutting Off Their Ends Before You Peel

Cucumbers can be bitter, and that’s because of cucurbitacin: A compound found in a number of other plants, like squash and pumpkins. In cucumbers, cucurbitacin concentrations are high at the ends of the cucumber, so chopping off those ends will curb a lot of the bitterness. You can take this one step further by peeling the cucumber first.

Quickly Pickle A Batch Of Onions With A Red Wine Vinegar Bath

Pickled onions are a great condiment for sandwiches, salads and anything else that needs a tangy, flavorful topper. Here’s an incredibly easy way to whip up a batch in only 15 minutes.

An Easy Way To Make Oats In The Microwave Without It Exploding

I like to microwave oats for a quick meal, but I used to get so frustrated when my microwave made my oats overflow like a Year 3 science experiment. Then I discovered a life-changing way to prevent a mushy mess in the microwave: All I had to do was switch the power setting.

The Easiest Way To Make Your Own Ricotta Cheese At Home

The creamy texture of ricotta cheese makes it perfect for lasagna, flavorful toast, and even dips. Here’s a super simple way to make it at home with ingredients you probably already have in the kitchen.

Revive Leftover French Fries By Turning Them Into A Potato Waffle

Fries just aren’t as good when you reheat them, but that doesn’t mean you should trash the leftovers. Grab your waffle maker and transform them into a crispy base for all kinds of tasty toppings, like cheese, meat, or even a fried egg.

Add A Shot Of Syrup For Incredible Milkshakes (And Other Food Tips From Diner Cooks)

Diner food isn’t exactly Michelin Star cuisine, but that doesn’t make it not delicious, or we can’t learn great at-home cooking tips from diner cooks. The Kitchn runs down a bunch, but one stood out to us: Add a shot of chocolate or vanilla syrup to your homemade milkshakes to take them to a new level.

Dislodge A Fish Bone Caught In Your Throat With A Milkshake

The best way to avoid swallowing fish bones is to pick them out before cooking, but sometimes you’ll miss one. If it gets stuck in your throat, this sweet trick will help it move along.

Pick A Good Eggplant By Looking At Its Skin And Stem

If you’re shopping around for some fresh eggplant, these simple rules of thumb will help you avoid the ones that have gone bad. Sheela Prakash at The Kitchn suggests you look at two things when choosing an eggplant.

Calm A Lobster Before Boiling By Standing It On Its Head

Whole lobster makes for an amazing meal, but live lobsters can be hard to handle. This clever trick will help you keep from getting pinched.

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