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Make Fluffier Scrambled Eggs With A Little Soda Water

If you like your scrambled eggs as fluffy as possible, try using soda water instead of cream or milk.

Use Egg Wrappers Instead Of Regular Wraps For Protein-Packed Sandwiches

Pinwheel sandwiches are beautiful and easy to make. If you’re avoiding wheat or just want to vary your sandwich wrapper, try using eggs.

Make A Simple Duck Sauce With Jam And Vinegar

Duck sauce is great for cooking with or as a delicious dipping sauce. And you can make a passing batch with two pantry staples.

Make Chicken Broth In 30 Minutes Using A Pressure Cooker

A pressure cooker is an amazing appliance with many uses, but making hearty soup and savoury broth in minutes is one we hadn’t initially anticipated. Thankfully, this video from Bon Appetit shows you exactly how to do it, and in less than a half-hour to boot.

Make Crispier, Fluffier Waffles With Perfectly Whipped Egg Whites

Some people think you can just toss some pancake batter into a waffle maker and call it good. Not so. If you really want a great waffle, the secret is some carefully whipped egg whites.

Find Your Microwave's Wattage By Using It To Boil Water

Your microwave can be just as good at cooking as your stove, but it takes getting familiar with your power settings. You have to adjust it according to what you’re cooking, and that means knowing your wattage. If you’re not sure what your microwave’s wattage is, boil a cup of water to find out.

The Complete Guide To Asian Stir-Fry [Infographic]

Once you know the basics of stir-frying, an endless variety of quick and healthy dishes will await you. These infographics from Cook Smarts tell you everything you need to know.

Make Crispy Hash Browns In Just Three Minutes

Video: Hash browns are awesome, but they can take a terribly long time to cook. Follow these instructions, however, and you won’t have to wait long at all for perfectly crispy hash browns.

Store Leftover Frying Oil In The Freezer

Fatty foods freeze really well. The cold and darkness help prevent the fatty foods from getting rancid, which is why freezing bacon — and even bacon fat — is a great idea. The same holds try for leftover frying oil.

Roast Dry Pasta Before Cooking It To Give It Some Extra Flavour

If plain ol’ pasta isn’t cutting it for you any more, roasting your dried pasta before you cook them will add an extra dimension of flavour.

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