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Make Mini Apple Pie Bites In About 15 Minutes

Love apple pie, but don’t have the time to bake it from scratch? These mini apple “pie” rolls are an easy alternative, great for lunch packing, snacking, and party hosting.

Briefly: White Australia, Fallout 4 Tips, Click Frenzy

Brief news items of note for Lifehacker readers, including: Fallout 4 playing tips, Australia’s secret history, Click Frenzy returns.

Make A Savoury, Vegan-Friendly Risotto With Miso Paste Instead Of Parmesan

Risotto is a tough dish to perfect, but if you’re vegan or cooking for someone who is, things get even more complicated. Fortunately, you can whip up some delicious, savoury risotto by substituting miso paste for Parmesan cheese.

Save Time By Feeding All Of Your Guests From One Giant Steak

Steaks are a great choice for casual, outdoor gatherings, but can be a little tricky for seated dinner parties. Instead of attempting to cook a bunch of smaller steaks, struggling to time it all just right, and smoking up your kitchen, the people at ChefSteps suggest focusing on one large steak to absolute perfection.

Cover Up Icing Mistakes (and Add A Tasty Topping) With Cereal

A good-looking, great-tasting cake can be tough to make, but when it all goes wrong, reach for the closest box of cereal. A light layer on top adds a delicious, crunchy accent to the cake and also conveniently covers up your icing mistakes.

Dehydrate Fruit In Your Microwave With The Defrost Setting

If you don’t have an appliance dedicated to dehydrating your favourite healthy snack, the defrost setting on your microwave can work in a pinch.

Bake A Magic Cake, A Cake That Bakes Into Three Layers On Its Own

A “magic cake” has three layers, each with its own texture and flavour (a dense and moist base, a middle cream layer, and a light sponge top). It’s called magic because the cake divides into these layers during the baking.

Whole-Grain Flour Has A Short Shelf Life, So Freeze It

If you don’t know your way around a kitchen very well (guilty), it may never have occurred to you to freeze flour. But it’s possible, and not only is it possible, if you’re dealing with whole-grain flour, you should freeze it.

Make Porridge Overnight In A Rockmelon And Wake Up To An Easy Breakfast 

In this breakfast upgrade, porridge cooks itself overnight and a hallowed-out rockmelon serves as the bowl.

Find Your Pans' Hot And Cold Spots With A Simple Boiling Test

Like ovens and grills, all pans have hot and cold spots — areas that either get extremely hot or never get hot enough. You’ll be able to cook better if you know your pan’s hot and cold spots.

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