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Make Mac And Cheese Muffins For Easy Kid Lunches Or Adult Snacks

Foods made in muffin pans make great bake-once-eat-all-week treats, from mini omelets to bacon cups. Add to your muffin pan repertoire: Macaroni and cheese lunch muffins.

Make The Ultimate Pizza At Home With A DIY Brick Oven

Pizza stones (or unglazed ceramic tiles) give pizzas, breads and other baked items a marvellous crust. Use two layers of pizza stones or tiles and you can turn your stove into a brick oven of sorts.

Freeze Bacon Fat In Ice Cube Trays To Flavour Future Dishes

It’s no secret that cooking with bacon fat makes many dishes that much more tasty. But did you know that you can freeze it and keep it indefinitely?

Turn A Cheap Supermarket Cake Into A Moreish Malteser Dessert

Baking a delicious, fancy cake is beyond the skills of most mortals. It’s also incredibly time consuming. Here’s a simple method for creating a delectable looking dessert in under ten minutes.

Crack Into A Coconut With Household Items You Already Own

Fresh coconut is a completely different, more delicious animal than the pre-shredded stuff you buy in a bag. Getting to the tasty flesh inside a whole coconut can feel a little bit like breaking into Fort Knox though. Luckily, Saveur is here to show us an easy way to get crackin’ with nothing more than a hammer and a screw driver.

Make A Quicker And Easier Version Of Bearnaise Sauce With Mayonnaise

Béarnaise, a classic sauce that’s a variation of hollandaise and typically served over steak, can be difficult to make. With this cooking hack, however, you can make a pseudo-béarnaise sauce that is easier to whip up and stores in the fridge for longer.

Use Kitchen Shears To Slice Homemade Pizza

Sometimes a pizza cutter requires multiple passes to go all the way through your pizza dough, and using a knife to saw through your pizza will just make a mess out of the gooey cheese. If you want to avoid that, a pair of nice kitchen shears makes cutting your pizza quick and clean.

Create A Base Sauce Today For Quick Weekday Meals

One way to free up time in the evenings is to make your weeknight meals quicker and easier to prepare. Instead of resorting to takeaway, try preparing one flavour-packed base sauce on Sunday to tweak for meals throughout the week.

Tip Tester: The Best Ways To Keep Fruit From Browning

Fresh fruit and veggie slices are a delicious and healthy snack, but some of them really bum me out by turning brown and mushy. This struggle is nothing new, and the internet is full of ways to prevent it, but it’s hard to know which method is worth your precious time, which is why you’re lucky I’m around.

How To Make Ramen Noodle Burgers At Home

Ramen noodles and burgers are a match made in heaven — especially when you turn ramen into buns. Here’s how to roll your own.

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