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Napkin Talks You Through Recipes So You Can Focus On Cooking

iOS: There are plenty of useful recipe apps out there, the only problem is, it can be mildly annoying to cook and check your phone after each step. Napkin eliminates this annoyance with voice-guided recipes.

To Get The Tastiest Parmesan Cheese, Buy Close To The Rind

You may think that as long as you’re buying real Parmigiano-Reggiano, your getting the best parm your money can buy, but it turns out that cheese closest to the rind is the tastiest.

Bake Better Chicken Breasts With The Dry-Poaching Technique

Boneless, skinless chicken breasts don’t have a lot of fat in them, so they’re a challenge to cook (unless you like dry or tasteless chicken). With a piece of parchment paper, however, this problem is solved.

DIY Bread Cones: A Perfect Edible Container For Your Favourite Fillings

Why eat out of a bowl when you can eat out of an edible, fluffy bread cone? Great for on the go or for game day gatherings, bread cones can be filled with anything you want.

Store Leftover Tomato Halves Cut-Side Down In The Fridge

Whole tomatoes can be stored in the fridge or at room temperature, depending on how ripe they are. But if you’ve already sliced into one, the fridge is always the best place for them to be. Here’s how to do it right and maximise their freshness.

Skewer And Grill Chicken Wings For Most Delicious, Crispy Skin

Unless you are a liar who likes lying to yourself and others, you know that the best part of the chicken wing is the delicious, flavorful, crispy skin, and your goal should be to maximise it. To do so, you will need some metal skewers.

Make In-and-Out's Animal Style Burgers At Home

We’re still patiently waiting for In-and-Out to permanently make its way Down Under instead of teasing us with intermittent pop-up stores. You may not be familiar with the cult love around the chain and their “animal” sauce, but if you’ve ever had one, it’s easy to bring that flavour home to enjoy.

Boost Boring Office Microwave Porridge With Banana On The Bottom

Some offices that have snacks around have packets of microwave oats. They’re easy snacks and breakfasts, and you just need a bowl and some water, but they’re a little boring. The fix is easy: Grab a banana. Bring one from home, or maybe there’s one in that same pantry.

Three Ways To Make Fish Smell Less 'Fishy' With Science

You buy some fish at the store, toss it in the fridge and forget about it for a few days — until a very distinct smell reminds you that it’s there. Don’t toss it out just yet. It’s still edible and there’s a few ways to make it smell and taste more appealing.

Make Ice Cream That's Super Easy To Scoop By Ageing The Base In The Fridge

Making ice cream at home lets you create your own flavours and it’s a lot of fun, but nobody likes rock-hard ice cream you can’t scoop. Here’s a trick to make your homemade ice cream super soft.

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