B1 File Manager Accesses Multiple Dropbox Accounts On Android

Android: The default Dropbox app on Android forces you to use only one account at a time. If you have multiple Dropbox accounts and need access, B1 File Manager is a good solution — although it doesn’t offer local sync.

Carousel Auto-Organises And Shares Photos With Friends And Family

Carousel is a new app by the folks at Dropbox that make photo organisation and sharing really easy. When you upload your photos to the app and share with your friends, they get your photos and you get theirs.

Dropbox Adds Collaborative Editing For Microsoft Office

Today, Dropbox announced that it will allow for collaborative editing in Microsoft Office. While not as seamless as editing a Google doc, it will help users avoid overwriting each others changes and sync those changes more quickly.

How I Ditched My Laptop For An iPad

If you have been thinking about using your iPad as your primary computing device, you’re not alone. Tablet computers have become so powerful and practical that you can almost ditch your desktop and go iPad-only for day-to-day tasks, and with a few useful apps and accessories, you probably won’t miss lugging that computer around. Here’s how I made my tablet into a productivity workhorse.

Ask LH: How Can I Back Up Online When My Connection Sucks?

Hey Lifehacker, I live in Adelaide and don’t have access to ADSL in my area, but I want to back up my data online. What’s the best way to upload 50 or 60GB of data to Google Drive or Dropbox?

Ask LH: Should I Ever Care When One Tech Company Buys Another?

Dear Lifehacker, It seems like every day I hear about some tech company buying another. Should I ever care when this happens? Can it possibly have an effect on me?

Seven Downloads And Extensions To Make Dropbox Even More Awesome

Dropbox is easily the internet’s favourite cloud storage provider. There are plenty of clever things you can do with it right out of the box. However, there’s also no shortage of apps and extensions you can get to make using Dropbox itself even easier.

Dropbox Transparency Report Doesn't Tell Us Much About Australian Snooping

Like other technology companies, Dropbox issues regular “transparency reports” detailing the number of requests from law enforcement agencies for user data. Its 2013 report offers more detail on requests from US agencies, but remains fairly opaque when it comes to activity elsewhere in the world, including Australia.

Convertii Turns Dropbox PDFs Into Word Docs

Web: You can automate your Dropbox with Wappwolf, including converting PDF files to TXT, but if you need your PDFs as Doc files to open in MS Word or other word processors, Convertii is the way to go.

Octonius Searches And Groups Files From Evernote, Dropbox, Google Drive

iOS: You probably don’t store all your files in one cloud service. For example, you may have links and notes in Evernote, documents in Google Drive, and images in Dropbox. Octonious not only browses and searches through all of these services, but also lets users create “collections” to share with others.