The Gear In Corporate Networks Is Increasingly Obsolete [Infographic]

Network equipment is not like smartphones: we tend to leave it in place until it stops working. However, new data on utilisation suggests we might be taking this tendency too far: more than half the networking gear currently used is outdated.

P3 Is A WordPress Plug-In That Profiles The Speed Of Other Plug-Ins

We’ve seen examples of mistakes you can make that will cause your WordPress-powered site run worse… but how about some advice to make it run better? There are a number of simple tweaks you can make, sure, but there’s one thing that will often trump any other improvement — disabling slow plug-ins.

System Center 2012 R2 Is Essential For Windows 8.1 Tablet Deployments

If you’re running Windows 8.1 in your business, the chances are it’s sitting alongside Windows 7 systems as well. Forrester analyst JP Gownder points out that this approach is likely to be messy if you don’t also have an up-to-date System Center deployment.

Parallels Access 2.0 Brings Android Support And iOS File Browser

The updated version of Parallels Access brings the service to Android tablets for the first time, as well as a significant price chop for businesses and private users.

How To Green Up Your Data Centre By Thinking Outside The Box

So you’re a CIO or an IT manager in charge of your company’s data centre, and your new mission is to make an environmentally-efficient facility even “greener”. Here are six imaginative strategies to consider to improve your eco-credentials, direct from Microsoft’s cutting-edge test data centre.

Google Thinks Machine Learning Will Transform Data Centres

Data centres consume a lot of power and generate a lot of operational data. A canny engineer at Google found a way to use the data generated during data centre operations to get more bang for buck for Google.

The Data Center World Asia/Pacific Symposium Hits Melbourne In September

I attended the main Data Center World event in Las Vegas last month and learned a lot from it. So I’m definitely planning to head to the Asia/Pacific version, which takes place in Melbourne from 1-3 September this year. Combines Loads Of Internet Troubleshooting Tools Into One Web Page

Web: When you are trying to troubleshoot internet connection issues, knowledge is power. consolidates 21 different tests on one handy page.

How To Make Linux Run Better On Hyper-V

Hyper-V is built into Windows Server 2012, which means it’s very good at running Windows virtual machines — but the advantage of running Linux VMs is that you don’t have to pay for the licences. If you want to run Linux under Hyper-V, follow these tricks for better performance.

Why IP Reservation Matters For Cloud

Cloud deployments typically rely on abstracting away as many details as possible. So why would you want to assign something to a very specific IP address?