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The 9 Weirdest Data Storage Devices Ever Created

Storage devices have taken many strange forms over history. We’ve seen everything from an old 19th-century loom to massive data centres that power companies like Facebook and Google. But along the way, some truly weird devices tried to change how we save our precious data bits. These technologies were either wonderfully weird, woefully misguided, or just behind the times, but regardless, they each have their own idiosyncrasies worth remembering. Here are 10 of the weirdest storage devices ever created.

How To (Potentially) Fix Pokemon Go Server Issues

It appears that a large number of Pokemon Go players in Australia are unable to access the game this morning due to server issues. The problem seems to be affecting other regions around the world as well. If you’re a Pokemon Go player currently suffering from withdrawal, don’t worry. There is a trick you can use to try and reconnect to the Pokemon Go servers.

Why We've Stopped Buying Brand-Name Servers

In an era where cloud computing is the new normal, (storm-driven outages aside), it’s no surprise that sales of traditional server hardware are declining. But it’s still slightly shocking to see how tough it is to turn a dollar in the server market these days.

Make Every Friday The 13th Verify Your Backups Day

Your backups are only good if you can restore your data from them, but all too often we don’t test our backups to make sure they actually work. One way to remember: Set aside dates during the year to do the verification. Let’s say Friday the 13th.

Deals: Enjoy Reliable Web Hosting And Save At Least 86%

What good is having a great website if your web host is unreliable? Kick your sketchy web host to the curb and transfer your site to the Face Extra Hosting Plan. Right now Lifehacker Australia readers can purchase a 5 year subscription for just $104 AUD [$79 USD] or a 2 year subscription for only $46 AUD [$35 USD], a savings of at least 86% off the RRP.

Seagate Begins Volume Shipments Of Helium-Filled 10TB Hard Drives

You may remember some talk of helium-filled hard drives a few years back, but like a lot of new technologies, it’s taken time to get the manufacturing processes into line to ship the hardware in bulk.

Patch Your Cisco Nexus Switches: Critical Security Flaw Found On Switch Software

A vulnerability has been found on the software that runs on Cisco Nexus 3000 series switches and Cisco Nexus 3500 platform switches. The flaw could give remote attackers root access to the affected switches. Here’s what you need to know.

How To Make A 118 Gigabyte Floppy Drive

Before you call fake, know that both you and this custom built computer are being tricked in two very clever ways.

Microsoft Wants To Know What You Want In New Windows Server Essentials

Microsoft is still working on the next version of Windows Server 2016, dubbed vNext, and is conducting a survey that will shape the development of the Essentials version of the product. Here’s how you can participate.

Stack Overflow: The Tech Behind The Web's Programmer Haven

Any programmer worth his or her salt has heard of Stack Overflow. Heck, you can’t really call yourself a coder unless you’ve browsed a code snippet or piece of advice on the Jeff Atwood/Joel Spolsky creation. So, what does it take to keep such a heavily trafficked site like Stack Overflow afloat? Here are all the numbers (and photos) you could possibly want.

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