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Add A Tiny Wi-Fi Board To A Raspberry Pi Zero

Video: The Raspberry Pi Zero is all about being small, so it makes sense that if you wanted to add Wi-Fi capabilities, you’d shrink it down as much as possible. Over on Node, they show you how to do just that.

Choose The Right Electronics Board With The Maker's Guide

When it comes to picking an electronics board for your DIY project, you have a ton of choices. You can use a Raspberry Pi, the C.H.I.P., an Arduino, a BeagleBone or countless others. The Maker has put together a search tool that helps you find what you need.

Buy Laptops With At Least 50% More Battery Life Than You Think You'll Need

You probably already know that the battery life rating for laptops, tablets and phones don’t often match reality. Laptop Magazine explains why and offers a sound rule of thumb for buying your next laptop.

The Basics Of Desoldering Explained In Video Form

Video: We’ve covered all kinds of different ways to learn how to solder, but desoldering is a totally different beast. Adafruit explains how to do it.

IBM Adds Hybrid Cloud Capabilities To LinuxOne Mainframe Offering

IBM has ramped up efforts to make mainframes sexy again by adding hybrid cloud capabilities, along with other goodies, to its LinuxOne offering. The Linux-based mainframe was released last year with ability to scale out to 8000 virtual servers. Here’s what you need to know.

Power A Raspberry Pi Zero Over Ethernet

The Raspberry Pi Zero doesn’t have an ethernet port, but with a little hacking, Node shows off a way to power the Pi with a single dual-purpose cable that will get you online and powered up.

Add A USB Hub With A Case To A Raspberry Pi Zero

The Raspberry Pi Zero has only one USB port, but you can always add more with a powered USB hub. Over on Circuitbeard, they show off how to do so in a fashionable way.

The Kano Screen Kit Is A Fun To Build, Compact Display For The Raspberry Pi

We’re all surrounded by screens, but few of us know how they really work. If you’re looking to teach your kids how displays work (or learn for yourself!) and you need a display for a Raspberry Pi, the Kano Screen Kit is a reasonably priced, portable, dedicated display that you build yourself.

Turn A Raspberry Pi Zero Into Just About Any USB Device You Can Imagine

The Raspberry Pi Zero is a pretty low key little device, but the folks over at Adafruit figured out that it’s possible to turn the Zero into a USB device, which means it can be used to make a number of electronics, ranging from an ethernet device to a camera.

Build A Cheap, Powerful PC With Old Server Parts

You can build a pretty decent computer with a small budget. But if you really want to cut costs, the folks at Linus Tech Tips scrounged together a used server motherboard, two tandem quad-core CPUs, and 16GB of RAM for under $US150 ($209).

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