Windows Server 2003 Is Still A Massive Target For Hackers

Windows Server 2003 reaches the end of its useful life on July 14 this year, with no more patches after that date. If you assumed that such a (relatively) ancient operating system doesn’t require much updating, think again.

How HTTP/2 Will Make The Web Faster

Hypertext Transfer Protocol, HTTP, is a key component of the world wide web. It is the communications layer through which web browsers request web pages from web servers and with which web servers respond with the contents of the page. Like much of the internet it’s been around for decades, but a recent announcement reveals that HTTP/2, the first major update in 15 years, is about to arrive.

How Microsoft Is Slowing Windows Server Updates

We know Windows 10 will arrive on the desktop later this year, but server-side updates aren’t coming quite as quickly. The next version of Windows Server isn’t going to appear until 2016.

Has Oracle Put VirtualBox Into Maintenance Mode?

I’ve jumped between various virtual machines over the years — Virtual PC was my go-to choice until Microsoft stopped supporting it and my needs grew beyond Windows emulation. These days VirtualBox and VMWare Player do the job, but a lack of major updates to the former could see the Oracle-owned VM left on the sidelines.

Xbox Live Users Are Finally Getting Local Servers

Happy Christmas, gamers! Microsoft has announced it will be bringing locally-hosted multiplayer Xbox Live services to Australians, starting today. The dedicated Xbox Live servers will provide increased reliability and stability to a range of Xbox One video games, including Forza Motorsport 5, Sunset Overdrive and Halo: The Master Chief Collection.

Win A Synology DiskStation DS215j Home NAS Server

Over at our sibling site Gizmodo, there’s a nifty competition where you can win a Synology DiskStation DS215j Home NAS Server valued at $259 — and score the chance to review it as well. Don’t miss out, enter now! [Gizmodo]

What Happens When 5 SSDs Are Hit With 2PB Of Writes Over A Year?

The last time we read anything about SSD longevity, it was courtesy of the Tech Report’s ambitious project to punish a variety of SSDs over the course of many months. That was at 500TB of constant writes, where all the drives were still in the race. At two petabytes however… some losers have appeared.

How To Boot From A USB Drive In VirtualBox

VirtualBox is a lifesaver for anyone who wants to tinker and experiment with different operating systems. Using a CD or disc image is easy in VirtualBox, but it’s handy to know how to boot from USB in VirtualBox on Windows as well.

Your Hard Drive's Time Of Death Is Based On These Numbers

Solid state has made listening out for a hard drive’s “click of death” an impossible task, but magnetic disks are still in heavy use, especially in server applications and knowing exactly when a drive is going to fail can’t be left up to the sharpness of one’s hearing. That’s what SMART, or Self-Monitoring, Analysis, and Reporting Technology, is designed for, but getting any actionable information from a drive’s SMART data is difficult at best. Through trial and error, one company has figured out which SMART stats you should be paying attention to.

Ask LH: How Can I Set Up My Own Hosting Service?

Hi Lifehacker, I’m a student who just started doing some work on the side building websites for local businesses in my spare time — thanks for introducing me to Codecademy and making that possible). I’ve decided to look into hosting the websites myself as another form of income. How do I go about setting up a server to host websites? Are there student discounts for buying servers?