Just as Meitu, the insanely popular mobile app that 'anime-fies' your face, has gone viral in the Western world, so has security and privacy concerns over the amount of data it collects on its users. Some security researchers have noted that, for a frivolous photo editing app, it's asking for way too many permissions to access information on a user's phone. The app is also apparently sending data about its users to remote servers in China. Here's what you need to know.


There are several cities across Australia that are currently running or trialling publicly accessible Wi-Fi networks. Most recently, the NSW Government has announced it will be running a sponsored trial of free Wi-Fi on selected public buses across the city. But just because the government is backing the free service doesn't mean it's safe. There are still privacy and data security issues you need to consider if you're going to use any public Wi-Fi network.


Various models of Netgear routers have been found to have a critical security flaw that lets hackers take over the devices and remotely run code on them. The vulnerability is easy to exploit and the list of affected Netgear routers is growing. Here's are all the Netgear routers that have been found to carry the security bug and a possible workaround.


When you enter your password online, the companies behind reputable websites will do a number of things in the background to ensure it is protected. These include hashing the password, using salted hashes and inefficient mathematical algorithms so that even if hackers do get your password data, it will be extremely difficult for them to crack it. But how do these security techniques work? Let's find out.