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Windows 10 Ransomware Email Brings More Headaches To Business IT

After our report on crytoviruses, readers expressed frustration over how despite their best efforts to secure IT within their organisation, there is always that one chump who clicks on a special offer email on the computer they use for work and compromise the corporate network. Well now there’s one more threat to worry about: Windows 10 upgrade ransomware emails.

Cisco: CEOs Need To Be More Accountable For IT Security

If your company’s IT security rests solely on the IT manager, Cisco wants this to change. As part of its recommendations to the Federal Government for the 2015 Cyber Security Review, the networking vendor wants to see CEO level accountability for the “integrity, confidentiality and assured availability of data, systems and services” within businesses.

Five Steps To Securing Your Business IT Systems

There’s no point investing in hardware if you don’t also have systems in place secure it. We identify the critical tools you’ll need to secure your IT systems.

Infosec: It’s Not About Security

During last week’s RSA Conference in Singapore, a panel hosted by RSA Conference Chair Dr Hugh Thompson with Tobias Feakin, the director of the International Cyber Policy Centre, RSA’s CTO Zuli Ramzan and Paul O’Rourke, the Asia-Pacific Cyber Security Leader at Ernst & Young discussed a number of interesting issues pertaining to the “Asian Opportunity for Security”.

What To Do When Your Small Business Is Hit By A Cryptovirus

When Kristie Green, owner of North Star Scaffolding, saw a traffic infringement notice email come through on the computer she uses to run her small business, she didn’t even think twice about clicking it. The computer instantly froze up and then a message appeared on the screen informing her the device has been hijacked and that she needed to pay a $900 ransom to gain access to all her files again. Kristie had been hit by a cryptovirus.

What’s Your Biggest Infosec Fear?

It’s an interesting question. When it comes to your business’s information assets, security policies and defensive measures — what is it that makes your CSO or CISO lose sleep?

Tagging Data For Exchange

As the Executive Director of the Asia Cloud Computing Association, May-Ann Lim works with a number of the largest cloud service providers in the region, dealing with all sorts of different issues. The association’s mission is to be the voice of the technology community and accelerate the adoption of cloud computing in the APAC region.

How The Experts Protect Themselves Online (Compared To Everyone Else)

If you ask the average person what the best ways to protect themselves online are, they will give some true answers — but they will likely be different than the answers you’d get from a security researcher. Here’s the difference.

Are We Getting Better Or Worse At Security?

During an exclusive Q and A with RSA‘s President Amit Yoran, we wanted to find out whether the infosec industry was getting better at fighting off adversaries and stemming the tide of mega-breaches and other security incidents.

Security Workplace Habits: In Device We Trust

It’s clear from this year’s RSA Conference in Singapore that mobility is one of the key battlefronts in the cybersecurity fight. According to RSA’s senior director of technology Kayvan Alikhani, one of the biggest steps forward has been the establishment of a hardware route of trust.

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