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25% Of WordPress Security Holes Thanks To Just 3 Add-Ons

WordPress is arguably the most prevalent of content management systems on the web today so, unsurprisingly, it’s a massive target for malicious activities. While the core WordPress package has had its share of security issues, it’s outdated plugins that are a major contributor, with three in particular comprising 25 per cent of all WordPress vulnerabilities.

ESET Launches Free TeslaCrypt Decryptor For Ransomware Victims

The TeslaCrypt ransomware has been a popular choice for cybercriminals since it was launched in early 2015. But in a surprising turn of events, the people behind the ransomware has unveiled the master decryption key for TeslaCrypt. Security vendor ESET has used that key to develop a decryptor tool for TeslaCrypt and has made it free to the public. Here are the details.

Acronis Creates Prototype Blockchain App For Secure Data Storage

Acronis, a company that specialises in hybrid cloud data protection, has established a dedicated research and development team to develop applications of blockchain technology for secure data protection. The technology, created for transactions of cryptocurrency Bitcoin, has long been thought to be a viable technology for use within the finance industry, though Acronis believes it could help guarantee data authenticity, privacy and control.

Here Are Some New And Improved Ransomware Variants Out In The Wild

By now, you should be very familiar with ransomware and just how prevalent they are on the internet. It’s a global problem but Australia has become a popular target for this kind of cyberattack which can hold computers to ransom. While the IT security industry is constantly finding new ways to combat this type of threat, cybercriminals are just as quick in developing new varieties of ransomware to evade detection and mitigation. Here are a few new and interesting strains of ransomware that have been spotted by security vendor FireEye.

What To Use To Protect Your PC When Commercial Antivirus Offerings Fail

It has recently come to light that nearly all Symantec antivirus products are vulnerable to remote code execution that could give attackers root access to computers. The reason why this bug is particularly nasty is because it affects Symantec’s antivirus engine which is embedded into the Windows kernel, giving it the ability to cripple computer systems. Symantec isn’t the only antivirus vendor that has experienced serious security flaws but it does beg the question: how should you protect yourself when you can’t rely on commercial antivirus products? Read on to find out more.

How To Protect Your Privacy When Using A Route Mapping App

There are plenty of smartphone apps that can help map your movements as you are driving, cycling, running or just out for a good walk. Many of these apps encourage you to share your route publicly on websites or with friends on social media. Some people even go to extreme lengths to pre-plan their routes to produce maps with entertaining shapes. What many people don’t realise is that by using such apps, you could be giving away information that could be abused by others.

Vulnerabilities In 7-Zip Could Affect 'Many Products And Appliances'

Your average user doesn’t pay much attention to security vulnerabilities in software, but when they affect something like 7-Zip, one of the most popular compression tools available, it has a way of cornering the raised eyebrow market.

Pornhub Is Paying Hackers To Penetrate Its Website

Pornhub, one of the biggest adult entertainment websites on the internet, has launched its very own bug bounty program, offering up to US$25,000 to security researchers that find vulnerabilities on its site. If you are an IT security professional skilled at finding backdoors, you may find this job extra pleasurable. Here’s how the program works.

Microsoft Patches A Number Of Critical Vulnerabilities For Windows OS, Office and Browsers

In the latest Microsoft Security Bulletin, the vendor has issued patches for 16 security bugs for its software of which eight are rated as critical. Some of them affect all supported Windows operating systems including Vista, Windows 7, 8, 8.1 and 10. Among the critical security flaws found, a handful involved remote code execution which would allow hackers to take over vulnerable PCs. Here are the details.

IBM Watson Is Now Gunning For Cybercriminals

IBM Watson is a cognitive computing platform that uses artificial intelligence to essentially “think” for itself. A new cloud-based version of the technology dubbed Watson for Cyber Security has just been announced — and its coming after hackers.

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