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Beware Online Banking SMS Scam That Snares Victims With Fake Websites

It looks identical to your bank’s online portal. But don’t be fooled. A SMS phishing scam is catching victims by directing them to fake websites which look identical to those of real Australian banks, and then capturing their private banking login details. We have some tips on how to deal with this kind of scam.

Microsoft Finally Makes Edge InPrivate Browsing Mode Private

Last week, we reported that Microsoft Edge Browser’s InPrivate mode was still keeping track of users who didn’t want their browsing history to be recorded. It’s a disconcerting discovery considering the Edge browser launched last year and the flaw was only found recently. It would seem Microsoft has now fixed the problem.

Hearthstone Online Game Cheaters Expose Themselves To Malware

Players of the insanely popular Hearthstone video game by Blizzard Entertainment are being targeted by cyber attackers. Well, specifically players who are looking for online tools to cheat in the game. Here are the details.

Sophisticated Malware Can Spy On Skype Users And Steal Their Files

Researchers have found new Trojan malware that can record the audio, video and text communications of Skype users and steal the files on their affected devices. It’s a new variant of the T5000 malware family which was linked to cyber-espionage activities allegedly by the Chinese government.

How To Get 2GB Of Free Google Drive Storage

It’s Safer Internet Day today and Google is encouraging users of its online services to do a security check on their accounts by offering up a bonus 2GB of storage on Google Drive as a reward. Here’s how you can claim the extra storage.

Improve IT Security Without Breaking The Bank By Beefing Up Governance

It’s good and all to talk about making additional investments in to IT security, but budget is a concern for most organisations. If your company has a tight purse string, there are still ways to improve IT security.

WinRAR Is Fine. As Usual, Windows Is To Blame For Supposed 'Vulnerability'

When it was reported last year that WinRAR had an unpatched security flaw, everyone (including us) was quick to pounce. Few however seem to have noticed that WinRAR wasn’t at fault — there’s nothing wrong with the archiver. In fact, old favourite Windows was to blame and even then, the problem was fixed back in 2014.

Google's Safe Browsing Now Protects Against Deceptive Software Downloads

Late last year, Google beefed up its Safe Browsing service that protects internet users from various tricks attackers use to gain access to their computers. Google has now bolstered Safe Browsing further by warning users of embedded content like ads that pretend to be from a legitimate company to get users to download dodgy unwanted software. Here’s what you need to know.

Malwarebytes Warns Users On Security Bug In Its Own Anti-Malware Software

Security software vendor Malwarebytes has humbly admitted to security flaws in its own consumer anti-malware offering and are urging customers. Here’s what the company had to say.

Microsoft Edge Keeps Browser History, Even When Used In Private Browsing Mode

Private browsing mode is a now a common option offered by web browsers so that users can surf the net without any record of the websites they visited being stored. But Microsoft seems to have missed the point of private browsing mode on its Edge browser. It would appear that Edge’s InPrivate browsing mode still keeps tracks of websites a user visits. Here’s what we know.

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