How An iOS Backdoor Could Compromise Your iPhone

Apple prides itself on the fact that its iOS, used on iPhones and iPads, is considered to be the most secure mobile and tablet-based operating system on the market. This is a fact that has — until now — been unchallenged when it comes to malware.

How Google Plans To Fight Cybercrime With Project Zero

Google’s new Project Zero team adds some welcome muscle in the fight against cybercrime and could also lead to better privacy for all, making it harder for intelligence agencies to spy.

Secure Windows Apps With The Enhanced Mitigation Experience Toolkit

Microsoft’s Enhanced Mitigation Experience Toolkit (EMET) is targeted toward system administrators, but the How-To Geek explains how you can use it to secure your personal Windows system as well.

Dashlane 3 Adds Secure Password Sharing, Emergency Contacts

Windows/Mac: Dashlane, one of our favourite password managers, just took the wraps off its latest version. Dashlane 3 now features emergency contacts who can access your passwords if you’re unable to, secure password sharing for teams or families, and it’s even lighter on system resources than ever.

Ask LH: Can My Former Employer Maintain An Email Account In My Name?

Hi Lifehacker, I recently quit my job, and found out that they’re not shutting down my work email — only my access to it. Is this legal? I worry they could send emails claiming to be me.

Office Macro Viruses Are Making An Unwelcome Comeback

Macro viruses — utilising Visual Basic for Applications (VBA) to execute code inside Office apps like Word and Excel — were the most visible form of malware at one point, but improved security in Office meant their prevalence has dropped dramatically in recent years. Now, however, it seems they’re on the prowl again.

Patch Tuesday: Six-Way Serving Of Robust Rebooting

It’s the second Tuesday of the month tomorrow, and that means Patch Tuesday. Come Wednesday Australian time, there will be a neat heap of essential security updates for Windows systems.

Why Heartbleed Is Still A Problem

It has been almost three months since the Heartbleed bug was revealed and many thousands of computer servers still need to be fixed.

Remove Shellbag Entries In Windows For More Privacy

Windows’ shellbag entries are capable of showing you how and when specific files and folders were accessed. For maximum discretion, Ghacks shows you how you can remove these entries to ensure privacy.

Concrete And Wood: The Unusual Workspaces Of Security Firm Bitium

Today’s featured workspace belongs to Santa Monica-based security firm Bitium. It’s a homier office than you might expect.