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Australia Is Vulnerable To Cyber Threats: What Can We Do About It?

The Australian Cyber Security Centre (ACSC) 2016 Threat Report has some concerning details about the state of Australia’s cyber security. The report highlights the ubiquitous nature of cyber crime in Australia, the potential of cyber terrorism, and the vulnerability of data stored on government and commercial networks. Several factors are driving these vulnerabilities and there is considerable work to do to address them.

How To Protect Linux Servers And Android Phones Against Dirty COW Security Bug

Last week, a nine-year old bug was uncovered in the Linux kernel that can give attackers root-level access to machines running the Linux operating system. Because the vulnerability is related to how the kernel handles copy-on-write memory, it has been dubbed ‘Dirty COW’. The security flaw exists on every distribution of the operating system. Devices that use Android, which is based on Linux, are also affected. If you’re running a Linux-based server or using an Android phone, here’s how you can protect yourself against Dirty COW.

#CensusFail: IBM Slammed For Failing To Block Puny DDoS Attacks

IBM and Nextgen have been blaming each other for the failure of Census 2016. Based on today’s Senate Economics References Committee hearing into #CensusFail, it appears both companies were at fault to some extent. Nextgen may have incorrectly implemented geoblocking aimed at mitigating distributed denial of service (DDoS) attacks while IBM acknowledged it should have a real test of its router’s resilience to failure. But Alastair MacGibbon, the Special Adviser to the Prime Minister on Cyber Security, has laid the blame predominantly on IBM for failing to handle relatively small DDoS attacks that shouldn’t have brought down the Census website.

Your Wireless Keyboard Isn't Safe (Even With AES Encryption)

Many wireless keyboard and mice setups connect to computers through a USB dongle and boast that this communication is encrypted. This is to stop hackers from sniffing the wireless connection to monitor keystrokes which can reveal sensitive information including passwords. But at Ruxcon 2016, one security researcher has demonstrated that you can still gain access to a computer using a wireless keyboard, even when the connect is protected by AES, one of the most secure data encryption standards around. No keylogging required.

Hackers Can Intercept And Block Your 4G LTE Calls And Texts

Chinese security researchers have found vulnerabilities in 4G LTE networks that allow hackers to intercept calls and text messages as well block mobile signals to targeted phones. 4G LTE mobile networks are widely used around the world, including in Australia.

Mass Government Surveillance Worldwide Made Possible By NZ Company Endace

We already knew from the Snowden leaks in 2013 that governments around the world had been spying on their citizens through the use of various technologies. We now know that at least one spy agency, GCHQ in the UK, enlisted the help of New Zealand network monitoring vendor Endace. Here’s what we know.

Deals: Make Bank As A Professional Hacker

Cybersecurity experts may be in high demand, but companies are only going to trust certified pros with their online safety. That’s why the Computer Hacker Professional Certification Package is a must-have for any aspiring cybersecurity expert.

Stop Microsoft's Malicious Software Removal Tool From Phoning Home

A while back quite the kerfuffle was made over Windows 10’s somewhat ambitious telemetry features. If you’re still keen to keep you computer locked down — so to speak — you might want to make sure Microsoft’s Malicious Software Removal Tool also isn’t sending data back to Redmond.

Today's Brutal DDoS Attack Is The Beginning Of A Bleak Future

This morning a ton of websites and services, including Spotify and Twitter, were unreachable because of a distributed denial of service (DDoS) attack on Dyn, a major DNS provider. Details of how any the attack happened remain vague, but one thing seems certain. Our internet is frightfully fragile in the face of increasingly sophisticated hacks.

Windows 10 Can Automatically Turn Wi-Fi Back On After A Few Hours

When you turn off Wi-Fi on your Windows laptop, you probably don’t want to turn it off forever. Yet that’s what Windows will assume until you tell it differently. In Windows 10, however, you can finally specify that you only want to turn it off for a little while.

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