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Microsoft's Advanced On-Premises Cybersecurity Product Has Landed

With cyberattacks becoming more prevalent and sophisticated, Microsoft has officially launched its Advanced Threat Analytics (ATA) software designed to simplify IT security for enterprises on their own infrastructure. The product uses some of the fancy technology, like machine learning, that Microsoft uses to protect customers in its Azure cloud platform. Let’s see what other good stuff it has put into ATA.

Make Windows' User Account Control Prompts Less Intrusive

Windows: The User Account Control feature in Windows provides an extra measure of security by prompting you to confirm before any major changes take place. It also takes over your desktop every time you use it. This setting allows you to display UAC prompts in less invasive windows.

Dating Site PlentyOfFish Contains Hidden Maleware Bite

If you’re looking for love on the dating website, PlentyOfFish, you might find malware instead. Internet security vendor, Malwarebytes, has detected a malvertising attack on the site. Considering PlentyOfFish has upwards of 100 million users, this has the potential to affect a lot of people worldwide.

The Ashley Madison Hacking Scandal: What You Need To Know

A massive cache of highly personal information collected by dating site Ashley Madison has been publicly posted on the internet by a group calling itself “Impact Team”. Here’s everything we know about the hack so far — and what IT departments can learn from it.

Check If Your Data Was Leaked In The Ashley Madison Hack

If you’re concerned that your data, or the data of someone you know, was leaked in the recent Ashley Madison hack, this tool can let you know.

Microsoft Patches Internet Explorer Security Hole

Believe it or not, there are still companies out there running apps that are only compatible with Internet Explorer. I used to work for one. Hell, my dad still uses Internet Explorer. So it’s good news that Microsoft has issued a critical update for the browser which fixes a big security vulnerability.

Encrypted Cloud Storage Service Wuala Announced Today It's Shutting Down

Encrypted cloud storage service Wuala announced today they’re shutting down, going read-only on September 30th and purging data on November 15th. Wuala was one of our favourite secure cloud storage services, but it recommends another of our faves, Tresorit.

Mozilla Is Adding More Privacy To Firefox's Private Browsing

Firefox could get an injection of super extra privacy should tests of an enhanced Private Browsing mode prove successful. Currently incorporated in a “pre-beta” version of the browser, the new mode will go a step further by shutting down page elements that might be snooping on your activities.

Suspicious Package Inspects PKG Files On Mac Before You Install Them

Mac: All types of hardware, codecs, and other under-the-hood apps for Mac require that you install a PKG file instead of a standard installation file. This can be a bit scary to do, but Suspicious Package lets you peek inside those files before you install them.

Dropbox Now Supports USB Security Keys

Dropbox is beefing up security by allowing the use of USB key as part of a two-step authentication process when users log onto their accounts. Here’s how it works.

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