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Why The 'Million-Dollar View' Is Bad For Our Body And Soul

Sydneysiders desire to have a house with a harbour or ocean view. Elsewhere a distant mountain view will do. But a view from the house to the vast space is bad for us — the allure of the capacious world out there can only make our body, and our mind, relentlessly unsettled. This is something that the Romans, Chinese and English of old understood well.

The Danger Of Overselling Science

Sometimes scientists, the media and the general public inadvertently conspire to oversell science. There’s a lot of incentive to hype scientific findings but in the end nobody wins. Overselling findings can undermine the authority of scientists as well as the credibility of the sources and ultimately deceive or even endanger the public.

Deals: Get A Lifetime Of ZoogTV VPN And Save 94%

Never worry about falling victim to hackers again. Get secure and unrestricted access to the Internet from any type of network – even public Wi-Fi – with a lifetime subscription to ZoogTV VPN. Lifehacker Australia readers can take advantage of this offer for just $53 AUD [$39 USD], a savings of 94% off the RRP.

Computer Memory Explained In Five Minutes

The most cost-effective way to upgrade a PC is usually to swap out the RAM. If it’s been a while since you last purchased computer memory, the various options available can be a little confusing. This video from TED-Ed breaks down all the random access memory essentials that you need to know about.

How To Keep Remote Staff Busy, Connected And Happy

Remote work isn’t new, but thanks to technology and changing norms, it is growing. It allows for more flexibility for workers, and brings new opportunities for companies — a wider hiring pool and lower overhead among them. But it also brings a unique set of challenges to be met.

Would You Buy A Chromebook If It Ran Android Apps?

Last month, we got a very strong indication that Google is bringing its Android-based Google Play Store to Chromebooks. This could be a game changer. Would it affect your decision to buy one?

IT Admins Can't Block Access To Windows Store On Windows 10 Pro Anymore

Companies running Windows 10 Pro used to have the ability to block workers from accessing Windows Store to prevent them from downloading unauthorised apps. Microsoft has now removed this features from the Pro version and has made it available only to the more expensive Windows 10 Enterprise and Education editions. That’s a bummer for smaller businesses. Here’s what you need to know.

Here's The Long List Of New Features On The Updated Dropbox App For Windows 10

Dropbox has released a brand new update for its app on Windows 10. There are a ton of new features that have been added for the universal Windows platform (UWP) app. Here a list of all the improvements this update brings.

Always Think Of The End-Users In Any Mobility Deployment

Workforces are becoming more mobile as technology unshackles employees from their desks. As such, workers’ expectations on what mobile technology can deliver has changed. Organisations need to factor this change into their decision-making process when they look to deploy mobility solutions in their businesses, as Peter Poullin, CMO of rugged tablets manufacturer Xplorer Technologies, highlighted at CeBIT 2016.

There's More To Customer-Led Product Design Than Just Listening To Complaints

We live in a time when customers have an array of social media outlets to express their frustration about a company’s goods and services. While it’s never a good feeling to receive criticism, organisations can take this kind of feedback to improve on their own products. But this process doesn’t just involve listening to customers. National Australia Bank (NAB) Labs head of human-centred design team Louise Long spoke about this topic at technology conference CeBIT 2016.

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