How To Explain Risk In Your Data Centre

If your data centre was flooded or lost power , the business impact would be significant. But how can you accurately measure and manage that risk, and how can you discuss it with other parts of the business?

Microsoft Throwing In Bonus Services For Large Office 365 Deployments

Looking at rolling out Office 365 across your organisation? Microsoft is offering some freebies to persuade sites with more than 150 users to make the switch.

Four Ways To Make Your Data Centre Cooler (In Every Sense)

Effective temperature management in your data centre can improve efficiency and cut your operating costs. Here are four principles to bear in mind while you’re trying to deal with data centre heat.

Google Decides 'Work' Sounds Less Scary Than 'Enterprise'

Google likes rebranding stuff to make it sound less complex, so it’s not surprising that it has decided to retire its Google Enterprise name and replace it with Google for Work.

Office For iPad Now Offers Monthly Subscriptions

Microsoft has tweaked Office for iPad, adding the ability to sign up for a month-by-month subscription from within the app.

Here's A Thought: Data Centres Near Gas Storage Sites

One problem with data centres is excess heat. The problem with liquified natural gas terminals is excess cold. In a perfect world, one problem would neatly cancel out the other — which is exactly the world imagined by Massachusetts-based TeraCool. Coupling data with liquified gas could make a lot of energy sense.

What Do Claims About Data Centre Size Really Mean?

We know data centres are becoming more important, and we know that many of them are becoming bigger and more densely-populated as a result — but what do terms such as “large” and “high density” really mean? A new set of proposed standards might help answer the question. Are you large, massive or mega?

RFSNA Site Helps You Find Current And Planned Mobile Base Stations

Curious about where the nearest mobile tower is? The Radio Frequency National Site Archive (RFSNA) lets you search by address to find current mobile base station sites in Australia, as well as locations where new towers are proposed and details of any community consultations.

Analytics: Pick One Of Scalable Or Agile

Call it big data, analytics or old-fashioned business intelligence, the ability to identify trends in business data can be useful. However, trying to build a system which is both adaptable to large volumes and easily tweaked can be challenging.

Why Disabling IPv6 Won't Speed Up Your Internet Connection

Support for IPv6 is enabled by default in most operating systems, and legend has it that disabling it will increase your internet speed. That’s not really true, and here’s why.