Chrome Remote Desktop Arrives On iOS

iOS: Google just released the iOS app for its Chrome-based remote desktop application. With the app installed on your iOS device and the extension in Google Chrome, you can login and use your home computer remotely.

Chromebook Recovery Utility Makes Recovery Media For Your Chromebook

Chrome: Chromebooks are generally reliable, but problems do happen. Create a restore disk with the Chromebook Recovery Utility, so you can reinstall your operating system if anything ever goes wrong.

How NASA Deals With BYOD: Build Your Own Petting Zoo

Ever wondered how the planet’s peak space agency manages its bring-your-own-device (BYOD) program? We spoke to the agency’s chief technology officer to find out. Hint: it involves building a petting zoo.

How Adding An Extra Second Will Mess Up Computers This Year

Why is an extra “leap second” being added to clocks in June this year, and what hassles will that create for computer systems? Markus Kuhn from the University of Cambridge explains.

How (And Why) Google Is Transforming Maps

Google has managed to map most of the world. Recently, the company offered a behind-the-scenes glimpse into how it’s built the Google Maps application using a combination of technology (the Google Street View car), expansion (the acquisition of satellite-imagery startup Skybox) and algorithms (computer vision, photogrammetry, mapping).

Microsoft Adds Pinterest-Like 'Boards' To Delve For Office 365

Microsoft has expanded its Delve contextual search and notification tool by adding “boards”, which let you organise and share content which Delve highlights.

The Airbnb Call Centre Does Not Look Like A Call Centre

Think “call centre” and you usually think long hours in drab cubicles. The call centre for Airbnb is nothing like that — there are shared desks and lots of meeting areas.

Most Popular NBN Posts Of 2014

The National Broadband Network saw big changes in 2014 — but one thing that didn’t change is that most of us still can’t access it. These are the 10 most popular NBN posts from Lifehacker in 2014.

Most Popular Deployment Posts Of 2014

We’re all about how-to advice at Lifehacker, and when it comes to IT, that means knowing how to make technology actually work. These are the 10 most popular deployment posts from Lifehacker in 2014.

How Santa Uses Big Data For His 'Naughty Or Nice' List

After a year in which further details of national intelligence agencies’ shadowy surveillance networks were laid bare, a fresh leak of documents reveals the obsessive surveillance that extends as far north as Lapland…