Four Email Problems That Technology Can't Solve Yet

The email address as we know it was born when Ray Tomlinson introduced the “@” sign in 1977, since which email has continually grown in popularity as a communication tool for work and pleasure — until last year. For the first time ever, 2014 recorded a sharp decrease in the number of emails sent around the world, from 204m per second in 2013 to 138.8m per second in 2014.

The Easiest Way To Launch An Administrator Command Line In Windows 8.1

The Windows command line is very handy, but it’s not particularly evident how to launch it with administrator privileges in Windows 8.1. Here’s the simplest way to do that.

Why Cortana Isn't Working For Australians In Windows 10 Yet

The latest preview build of Windows 10 includes a preliminary version of Cortana, the voice recognition technology that first debuted on Windows Phone. However, if you’re in Australia the chance is you won’t see it.

How Commonwealth Bank Spends Its IT Budget

Commonwealth Bank is generally reckoned to be the market leader when it comes to bank technology deployment in Australia — but it still managed to spend less on many areas of IT over the last six months than before. Here’s where CommBank spends its money on IT services.

Cooling Your PC With Nutella

No, we can’t recommend this, but apparently it works. If your self-built PC is running hot, then instead of using a sensible solution like thermal paste, you can apply Nutella, as this Coolmaster video demonstrates.

You Can Download The Office 2016 Preview For Windows 10 Now

One of the key announcements during the Windows 10 briefing earlier this month was Office 2016, which will run as a universal app across all Windows 10 devices. If you’re running the Windows 10 Technical Preview, you can now download beta versions of Word, Excel and PowerPoint from that suite.

No, You Don't Need A Chief Internet Of Things Officer

Ludicrous job titles sometimes seem like a fact of life in IT. But one title we don’t need to endorse is Chief Internet Of Things Officer.

Yammer Adds Support For Handoff, Android Wear

iOS/Android: Microsoft has updated the mobile versions of its Yammer enterprise social networking tool with a bunch of new features. The most noteworthy are platform-specific: support for Apple’s Handoff feature for swapping between iOS and Mac, and the ability to use Yammer on Android Wear devices.

Why Microsoft Is Investing In Android And Open Source

Microsoft’s part in a $US70m investment in CyanogenMod has raised many eyebrows: why is Microsoft investing in a popular version of the Android mobile phone operating system, when it has its own competing Windows Phone product? The firm’s motivations behind investing in the most open version of the Android operating system have justifiably made open-source advocates decidedly nervous.