Microsoft Surface 3 Australian Pricing, Release Date

Microsoft’s Surface Pro 3 is a very effective laptop replacement, but it’s relatively expensive. If you like the Surface approach to 2-in-1 tablets but don’t need the same level of grunt, the newly-announced Surface 3 might do the trick. Here’s what it will cost in Australia.

The Complete Lifehacker April Fools' IT Tricks Guide

Tomorrow is April Fools’ Day, and what better way to celebrate than by messing with the computers of colleagues, friends and family members? We’ve rounded up some of the all-time classics ready for April 1.

NBN Co Is Now Officially Offering Fibre-To-The-Building Services

After trials last year, NBN Co is officially offering fibre-to-the-building options for unit blocks and offices as of today. Just how fast will those services be?

Office 365 Now Hosted In Australia For Business Customers

Well, that was speedy. Yesterday, Microsoft kicked off its Office 365 Summit in Sydney by saying that hosting for Office 365 and Dynamics CRM in its Australian data centres would be coming very, very soon. Today, it has launched the service.

How Particle Accelerator Maths Helped Me Fix My Wi-Fi

Electromagnetic radiation — it might sound like something that you’d be better off avoiding, but electromagnetic waves of various kinds underpin our senses and how we interact with the world — from the light emissions through which your eyes perceive these words, to the microwaves that carry the Wi-Fi signal to your laptop or phone on which you’re reading it.

Still No Date Set For Office 365 Hosting In Australia

Last year, Microsoft announced plans to host Office 365 and Dynamics CRM in its new Australian Azure data centres, providing a potential performance boost for business customers. At the time Microsoft said it hoped that would have happened by March 2015. So what happened?

How The Sydney Harbour Bridge Benefits From The Internet Of Things

Looking for a practical example of the internet of things actually being useful? The Sydney Harbour Bridge is here to answer your call.

Malcolm Turnbull: The Internet Of Things Relies On Imagination, Not Regulation

Federal communications minister Malcolm Turnbull isn’t shy about sharing his thoughts on tech topics. His view on the internet of things? It’s great and we should all get involved — but government should have as little to do with it as possible.

We're Going To Canberra To Find Out More About The Internet Of Things

The internet of things is a topic constantly referred to in discussions on the future of technology, but as we’ve recently noted, there are arguments over exactly what the things are, even before we consider how to grapple with the data they produce. Over the next couple of days, we’ll be looking at the role of the internet of things from a variety of persepctives.

Xero Updates With Inventory, Online Quotes

Xero has updated its eponymous accounting platform, adding inventory and online quote modules.