Microsoft Confirms Project Spartan Won't Be Called Project Spartan

The successor to Internet Explorer won’t be called Project Spartan. Internet Explorer isn’t quite dead yet either.

How To Access The Office 2016 IT Pro And Developer Preview

Microsoft announced its plans for Office 2016 back in January, and then released a preview version including Word, Excel and PowerPoint for Windows 10 testers. Now the full suite is available as a beta preview for IT pros and developers.

Quick User Manager Puts Windows Account Control In One Place

Windows: Windows doesn’t always make it easy to tweak user account settings — some are only accessible via registry modifications. Quick User Manager consolidates all those settings into one small portable application.

The NBN Will Use DOCSIS 3.1 To Speed Up Its Cable Broadband Service

Good news, speed freaks: after the National Broadband Network (NBN) begins rolling out services based on the existing pay TV cable network early next year, it will upgrade the network with a new standard that offers a theoretical top download speed of 10 gigabits per second.

Why Windows 10 Build Release Dates Are So Unpredictable

The technical preview for Windows 10 includes a “fast track” for people who want access to the latest builds quickly, but that process doesn’t always seem to deliver builds much faster than the regular releases for more cautious folks. Why is that?

How To Decide Whether You Should Upgrade

The question of whether or not to go for the upgrade or stick with the devil you know is an increasingly common contemporary dilemma; the lure of new features against the threat of potentially disabling a device that plays an important role in our lives.

Microsoft Releases Preview Build For Office For Mac 2016

Mac: Microsoft Office for the Mac hasn’t been fully updated since 2011, but Microsoft just put the training wheels on its preview build for Office 2016, and you can check it out for free right now.

The Intergenerational Report Can't Resist Jumping On The Big Data Bandwagon

Although it missed the official deadline, the Federal Government today released the Intergenerational Report, which emerges every five years and attempts to project what Australian society (and its associated finances) will look like for future generations. One trend the report is keen to embrace? Big data.

Office 365 Clutter Can Now Be Tweaked To Ignore Specific Messages

Last November, Microsoft quietly rolled out Clutter, an Office 365 feature that aims to automatically highlight the most important messages in your inbox. Administrators can now tweak how Clutter works so that vital messages aren’t de-prioritised.

Smartphone OS Share: Android Tops, iOS Surging

The success of iPhone 6 led to a healthy chunk of market share for Apple’s iOS in 2014, but in terms of total phones shipped, it’s still very much an Android world.