Five Questions To Ask To Make ERP Suck Less

Pedicure picture from Shutterstock Enterprise resource planning (ERP) software has all the sex appeal of an infected toenail, and is considerably more difficult to manage. Cloud technology is improving ERP, but it’s a very slow process. Here are five questions to ask to help speed the transformation.

Stop Talking About The Importance Of Data And Start Using It

We constantly hear about the importance of data to effectively running businesses, and there’s no shortage of sources we can draw on. But actually doing that? It’s still much rarer than it should be.

Analysis And Procurement: Where The IT Jobs Will Be

Picking the best areas to develop IT skills for future career security is always difficult, but two themes do keep popping up at Gartner’s Symposium/ITxpo event this week: analytics and procurement.

Office 365 ProPlus Adds OneDrive For Business Access

One of the peculiarities of online storage platforms is that consumers are often given access to features ahead of paying business customers. And so it proves with the enterprise-focused ProPlus version of Office 365, which is belatedly adding support for OneDrive for Business.

Choose Powerline Adaptors For Distance, Wireless AC For Speed

Most of use use wireless to connect the devices in our home, but as we’ve discussed before, wired is usually faster, even if it’s through your wall with a powerline adaptor. With wireless AC, however, the game has changed a bit.

Why Technology Isn't Going To Fix Banking

New digital platforms present a threat to conventional banks — but there are several factors that mean they aren’t going anywhere in a hurry. Here’s why the future of banking looks more like the past than you might think.

What Do You Want To Learn From Gartner Symposium 2014?

Next week, Lifehacker will be at Gartner Symposium/ITxpo 2014, covering tips and tricks on delivering efficient enterprise IT in the fractured modern environment. What topics would you like us to investigate?

Australian IT Pros Can Now Use Apple's Mass Configuration Option For iPhones And Macs

Apple has extended its previously US-only device enrolment program to Australia, enabling easier setup of mobile device management (MDM) across corporate devices.

Craft A Better Presentation With Zombie Apocalypse Principles

We’ve all daydreamed about how we’d react if the undead began rise from their graves and the zombie apocalypse commenced. It would take quick thinking, careful planning and grace under pressure. Oddly enough, these are the same principles it takes to craft an effective presentation.

New Windows 10 Build Adds Three-Finger Gestures

Microsoft had rolled out a new test build for Windows 10. As well as the expected bug fixes (and new bugs), there are some new features, including some nifty three-finger gestures for touchpads.