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How To Run Windows 10 On Your Mac

Mac users who are itching to try out Windows 10 can do so thanks to Apple’s Boot Camp software. You’ll need a few things to get started.

Parallels Access 3.0 Adds File Sharing, Apple Watch Support And Remote Gaming Capabilities

Parallels has released the newest version of Parallels Access, introducing the ability to transfer large files from a computer to iOS and Android mobile devices directly. It has also brought out a companion Apple Watch app and an experimental gaming mode for the Access app. Here are the details on the improvements.

How Machine Learning Has Saved Microsoft Millions

Microsoft wants to become a leader in machine learning and has been spruiking the wonders of this technology in helping businesses make better decisions. That’s good and all, but does Microsoft actually use it internally in its own organisation? Apparently so, and it has saved the company millions.

When Bad Code Happens To Good Developers

Even great developers would have written a bad line of code once in their lives, which can can lead to anything from making the layout of an app look funny to major security flaws. Here’s how good coders deal with the daunting development process.

Pixar Wants To Give Away Its New Software For Animators

Pixar has been working on a piece of software that will simplify the animated filmmaking process allowing animators at the smaller end of town to make movies like the big studios do. And it wants to give the software away for free by making it open source.

How To Choose The Right Tech For Your Business: The Complete Guide

Whether you’re running an SMB or a larger enterprise, it’s imperative to have up-to-date equipment that does what you want, when you want it to. The 2015 Business Tech Guide is here to help: over seven in-depth chapters, we explain everything you need to know about essential IT software and hardware; from storage and networking to operating systems and laptops. Click on the chapter headers to read the full article!

What Does Alphabet Spell For Google?

Yesterday, Google birthed Alphabet Inc. which became the umbrella organisation for a collection of companies. Google is now one of the subsidiaries under Alphabet’s wing and has acquired a new CEO, Sundar Pichai. That’s a lot of change for one of the most influential companies in the world. Here’s more on what the overhaul means for Google.

How To Join Skype For Business Beta For iOS And Android

Microsoft is calling for users to join the preview program for the iOS and Android app versions of its Skype for Business service. Here’s a list of new features along with instructions on how you and your company can join the beta test.

HP Australia Offering Windows 10 Testing And Deployment Services For The Enteprise

HP has launched its suite of enterprise services for Windows 10 in Australia. The objective is to provide organisations with the tools to test out the new Microsoft OS in a controlled environment before deciding on a wider rollout across their businesses along with assistance with a full deployment.

How To Choose The Right Desktop Software For Your Business

Which operating system do you need? Which applications are essential for all staff members? How will you ensure that your organisation complies with relevant regulations? This in-depth guide will attempt to answer all your software questions (along with some you haven’t thought of.)

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