Craft A Better Presentation With Zombie Apocalypse Principles

We’ve all daydreamed about how we’d react if the undead began rise from their graves and the zombie apocalypse commenced. It would take quick thinking, careful planning and grace under pressure. Oddly enough, these are the same principles it takes to craft an effective presentation.

New Windows 10 Build Adds Three-Finger Gestures

Microsoft had rolled out a new test build for Windows 10. As well as the expected bug fixes (and new bugs), there are some new features, including some nifty three-finger gestures for touchpads.

Big Data: The Skills Shortage Continues

We’ve often observed that a lack of skilled staff is holding back big data projects in Australia. New research from analyst firm Telsyte suggests that issue won’t resolve itself any time soon.

This Video Shows What Happens When Backup Tape Dies

Tape still has a role to play in backup, and if handled properly it provides cheap and effective archiving. This video shows what happens when you don’t treat it so well.

Cloud Accounting In Australia Is A Two-Horse Race Between Xero And MYOB

If you want to ditch desktop accounting software, there are lots of cloud-based options to choose from. But two packages appear to be completely dominating the Australian market: Xero and MYOB.

Ask LH: Can I Access cPanel And WordPress From Overseas?

Dear Lifehacker, I’m about to head on a trip. Can overseas IP addresses access cPanel/FTP and the WordPress’ administrator dashboard?

How Technology Is Changing Australian Cattle Farming

Farming cattle in northern Australia can be tough, especially in times of drought, but producers are increasingly turning to digital technologies to help them look after their herds.

Dropbox Is Being Integrated Into Microsoft Office

This makes me very happy: Dropbox is going to be integrated with Microsoft Office, across its desktop, mobile and online versions.

What The History Of Unix Can Teach Us About The Future Of The Cloud

The next time someone tells you that in the near future, absolutely everything will migrate to the cloud, offer a one-word response: Unix.

How Big Data Is Changing Sport

In sport we don’t just want to know who won. We now want to know how to replicate success and then improve on it. And to do this, we’re using data — and lots of it. The field of “big data” analytics has come to sport and athletics, with massive implications for sport as we know it.