300 Free Ebooks About Microsoft Products

This is handy: a list of 300 free ebooks covering how to use Microsoft products, including Windows, Azure, office and pretty much everything else you can think of.

Yammer Now Included In Office 365 Midsize Business

Microsoft’s “enterprise social networking tool” Yammer is now a little more affordable: it will be included in the Midsize Business skew of Office 365.

The Four Locations Where Your Data Could Be Stored

Enterprises spend a lot of time worrying about where their data centres are located and associated data sovereignty issues. But in an era where data moves rapidly and the legal principles underpinning its use don’t always reflect reality, thinking solely about physical location doesn’t make sense.

Who Won Our VMware IT Survivor Competition?

Hundreds of readers entered our IT Survivor competition to blog about using VMware Horizon 6 to work remotely while enjoying a trip to beautiful Magnetic Island. We’ve sifted through the entries, and picked the overall winner. Step forward . . .

This Is What A Fibre-To-The-Node NBN Cabinet Looks Like

Trying to find out when the National Broadband Network (NBN) will reach your area or what form it will take is little more than guesswork these days. But since the currently favoured model involves fibre-to-the-node and the use of VDSL to boost speeds on the “last mile” to your home or office, the chances are good one of these cabinets will be involved.

Google Is Retiring Quickoffice

Google Docs, Sheets And Slides saw major updates last week, including a new iOS app for Sheets and the ability to directly edit Microsoft Office documents. One less obvious consequence of that shift? Quickoffice is being retired.

Get Microsoft Office For $15 From Your Employer

Don’t want to pay full price for Microsoft Office or sign up for an Office 365 subscription? You may be able to buy the full version for just $15 if your employer has volume licensing .

Ask LH: What Is 'Big Data' And Who Is Collecting It?

Dear Lifehacker, I’ve been hearing more and more about “big data”. What is it, and is it something I should be worried about? Is this another way companies harvest my data and sell it?

Test A New External Hard Drive By Doing A Secure Erase

External hard drives are great for cheap portable storage, but sometimes you get a bum drive. Performing a secure erase on the drive gives it a stress test before you put it into service.

Tell Windows 8.1 You Have A Metered Connection To Restrict Data Usage

If you use a personal hotspot or tether your phone, you need to keep an eye on your data usage. Windows 8 lets you set a connection as “metered” to avoid unnecessary data usage.