Chromebook Sales Are Growing, But Business Buyers Are Resisting

Chromebooks are more than a fad: according to Gartner, 5.2 million of the low-powered, ChromeOS-driven devices will be sold this year. What we’re not seeing is massive deployments within enterprises and workplaces.

Our IT Survivor's Top 5 Tips For Working Anywhere

My week as the IT Survivor on Magnetic Island was pretty radical. Apart from getting to soak up the sunny shores of tropical Queensland, I also found myself getting a whole lot of work done — and pushing the boundaries of what’s possible with technology. As someone who works remotely on a regular basis, I’m pretty experienced with completing tasks and connecting with clients on the go, but I also picked up a few new tips along the way. Here are some ideas to help make your remote working experience more productive and enjoyable.

Make Mobile Tech Work For Your Business With Our Free 'Making Mobility Real' Ebook

How can you make mobile technology work for your business, rather than just causing you hassles? Find out in our free ebook Making Mobility Real.

Why Mobile Devices Are So Hard To Secure

IT security is difficult no matter what the platform — because software is imperfect, complex and constantly changing. However, there are three key factors which make securing mobile devices even more challenging.

IT Survivor: The Video Wrap-Up

Three days in and we’re wrapping up the last of IT Survivor winner Mark Monfort’s challenges. The scenario he has been tasked with is a pretty common one: having to complete some tasks on a corporate network ahead of a major presentation at the end of the week.

Why Workstation Sales Might Be About To Pick Up

A decent workstation is an expensive piece of gear, so it’s not surprising that in times of economic austerity sales tend to drop off. However, it appears that trend may finally be at an end.

Surface Pro 3 Hits Australia On 28 August

We’ve known since its announcement back in May that Microsoft’s Surface Pro 3 tablet would hit Australian shelves in “late August”. Now we have a more precise release date: Thursday 28 August.

IT Survivor: How Is Our Winner Coping?

This week saw our IT Survivor winner Mark Monfort commence his gruelling series of remote working challenges on Magnetic Island. Sounds like a super-tough gig, but Mark’s been holding up okay so far. We caught up with Mark to get his thoughts on the whole experience so far.

How To Scan 80km Of Historical Documents Into An Online Archive

Tracking the lightning quick development of modern cities is easy with Google Street View, but a big new project aims to provide context for the past 1000 years of urban evolution in Venice, Italy. The Venice Time Machine will digitise and catalogue a staggering amount of historical documents — a combined 80km worth of shelves! — then turn the data into an internet archive and adaptable 3D model.

Why You Don't Always Need An App

As soon as mobile phones and tablets begin rolling out in an enterprise, you know it’s only a matter of time before someone says “We should introduce an app”. Is that a sensible idea? It very much depends on the circumstances, and it certainly isn’t the case that moving to supporting mobile devices means you also have to roll out newly-developed mobile apps for your workforce.