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Google Steps Up Help For Webmasters After 761,000 Hacked Websites Detected

Google has ramped up efforts to assist webmasters that have had their websites compromised by hackers. This comes after the company joined forces with the University of California for a research that found around 761,000 websites were hacked and infected with malware targeted at those sites’ visitors last year.

64-Bit Microsoft Windows 10 Mobile Coming Soon: Why Should We Care?

Microsoft has let slip that it will be releasing a 64-bit version of its Windows 10 Mobile operating system. So why does this matter? What does this mean for mobile device users? Read on to find out.

You Need To Keep IT Cost Optimisation In Mind All Year Around

You shouldn’t just consider optimising IT costs in your business on a rainy day. Looking at how to make the most of your IT dollars should be something that organisations consider as an ongoing exercise. We have some advice on how to do this and it’s not all about cutting costs.

Latest Windows 10 Mobile Preview Brings Improved Notifications And Cortana Tweaks

Microsoft has released Windows 10 Mobile Preview Build 14322 for Windows Insider program participants. The new build has a swathe of improvements with a focus on refining the mobile OS’ Action Centre and notifications as well as added functionalities for Cortana. Here are the details.

Microsoft Puts a QR Code On The Blue Screen of Death to Help You Find Out More

In the latest version of Windows 10, Microsoft is set to roll out a QR code to its infamous Blue Screen of Death.

New USB Type-C Authentication Protocol Can Protect Devices From Faulty Cables

Let’s face it. We have all bought cheap USB cables from shady merchants in the past. I’m charging my phone with one of those cables right now. But there is always a risk that a dodgy USB cable can do damage to a device it is connected to. USB Implementers Forum (USB-IF), the group in which certifies USB devices, has announced a new protocol to fight against non-compliant USB Type-C cables. Here’s what you need to know.

Facebook's Messenger Bots Will Change The Way Businesses Think About Customer Service

Facebook has enormous ambitions for its chat app, Messenger. So big, that it doesn’t even think of Messenger as an app. Facebook thinks of Messenger as a platform on which entire businesses will be built. Read on to find out why.

Microsoft Adds Reports To Office 365 To Track Productivity Apps Usage

It’s good to know how your employees are using various work apps in your company so you know where to allocate additional IT resources. That’s why Microsoft has now introduced usage reports for SharePoint, OneDrive for Business, Skype for Business and Yammer offered through Office 365. Here’s what you need to know.

Feast Your Eyes On Nvidia's Stupidly Powerful Supercomputer For Deep Learning

“250 Servers in a box.” That’s how Nvidia describes the DGX-1 — the world’s first commercially available supercomputer specifically built for deep learning. Packing in eight Tesla P100 GPUs that are capable of delivering up to 170 teraflops at peak performance, it is hands-down the most powerful system Nvidia has ever brought to market. We took some snapshots of this AI behemoth on the GTC showroom floor.

New Windows 10 Preview Build Includes Bash Support And Cortana Tricks

Everybody lost their minds when Microsoft dropped the bombshell that it was bringing Linux Bash to Windows 10 for the upcoming Anniversary update. Windows Insiders will have fun with this feature ahead of everybody else through the new Windows 10 Preview Build 14316 which also adds a ton of nifty Cortana improvements. Here are the details.

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