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Microsoft Is Recalling Surface Pro Power Cables Due To Overheating

Microsoft is doing a voluntary recall on the power cords for its Surface Pro tablet range due to an issue with the cable that causes the power supply to overheat, which can pose a fire hazard. Hundreds and thousands of Surface Pro, Surface Pro 2 and Surface Pro 3 users could be affected. Here’s what Microsoft has to say about the issue.

Stop Microsoft From Forcing Windows 10 Down Your Throat With GWX Control Panel

Microsoft has been aggressively pushing for PC users to upgrade to the latest version of the operating system, Windows 10, with pop-up ads that just won’t go away. You can try different tricks to remove it temporarily but they just keep coming back every time you install an update on your PC. Now there is a way to get rid of those pesky pop-ups once and for all with a tool called GWX Control Panel. Here are the details.

Here's Every Australian Government Agency That Wants Your Data

In response to a Freedom of Information request, the Australian government has released a partially-redacted list of Commonwealth agencies that have applied for access to the metadata retained by Australia’s telecommunications providers as part of the Telecommunications Interception and Access Act. There are over five dozen government entities that want to look through your mobile, internet and home phone records, ostensibly to uncover criminal activity.

Smart Machines Can Diagnose Medical Conditions Better Than Human Doctors

Until now, medicine has been a prestigious and often extremely lucrative career choice. But with intelligent machines now used to diagnose diseases, in the near future, will we need as many doctors as we have now? Are we going to see significant medical unemployment in the coming decade?

Microsoft To Limit Support For Upcoming Processors To Windows 10

It’s been a long time since we’ve had to worry about CPU / OS incompatibilities. In fact, the last time it was an issue was the shift from x86 to x64, but that was largely transparent to consumers thanks to AMD and its x86-64 specification, which was later adopted by Intel. Now, with Windows 7 having just entered its extended support phase, Microsoft has taken the opportunity to drop the news that only Windows 10 will be supported on upcoming CPUs.

Four Tips For Businesses Developing A Social Media Strategy

Over the past ten years we’ve all become accustomed to a daily social media cycle of posting, tweeting, liking and checking in. However, few of us have ever been explicitly shown how to make these social interactions effective. For individuals, learning as you go along is fine. With new platforms constantly popping up, we can afford to experiment. Businesses, however, do not have this luxury. A misjudged tweet can seriously damage a brand. It is therefore vital that businesses get it right first time.

Microsoft Offers A Way To Block Windows 10 Upgrade Pop-Ups For Business Customers

People have been complaining about how Microsoft is seemingly forcing eligible Windows users to upgrade to Windows 10 through annoying pop-up alerts that appear on the taskbar. The vendor is offering business customers a way to avoid getting those pesky alerts.

Are Businesses Ready To Let Go Of Internet Explorer?

Today marks the day when Microsoft finally ends support for older versions of its archaic web browser, Internet Explorer. But some businesses may not be ready to face this reality.

Best Practices For A Successful Enterprise App Program

Mobile applications management vendor Apperian sought to analyse the trends in the Enterprise applications space through a global study conducted at the end of last year. The company hosts nearly two million mobile app installations around the world and decided to examine those apps to distill what makes for a thriving enterprise app program within an organisation.

What Does It Mean To Think And Could A Machine Ever Do It?

The idea of a thinking machine is an amazing one. It would be like humans creating artificial life, only more impressive because we would be creating consciousness. Or would we? It’s tempting to think that a machine that could think would think like us. But a bit of reflection shows that’s not an inevitable conclusion.

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