This Jabra Headset Has A 'Busy Light' To Stop Colleagues Hassling You

Putting on headphones is one way of signalling to colleagues that you don’t want to be interrupted, but in workplaces where everyone uses a headset for phone calls, working out who is busy can still be tricky. Jabra’s new Evolve range of headsets includes a “Busy Light” so that fellow workers know not to interrupt.

Why Apple And Google Won't Care About Irish Tax Law Changes

Ireland has this week moved to change its tax law, closing the “double Irish” tax avoidance technique widely used by multinational enterprises including Google and Microsoft.

The Best Business Features In Android 5.0 Lollipop

The most-discussed feature of Android 5.0 Lollipop is likely to be Google’s shift to material design, but many of the under-the-hood changes will be especially beneficial to business users. These are the ones that stood out for us.

Redefining Hadoop As A Recursive Acronym

I like this idea. Nobody remembers how big data platform Hadoop got its name (it was for a soft toy elephant owned by one of the creators), so why not make it a recursive acronym?

Windows 10 Testers Aren't Opting For Virtual Machines

One of the more popular ways to test beta operating systems is to run them as a virtual machine, meaning that you’re not putting your main system at risk. With the Windows 10 Technical Preview, it seems not too many people are doing that.

How Quantum Computing Will Be Revolutionised By Silicon

A dramatic increase in the amount of time data can be stored on a single atom means silicon could once again play a vital role in the development of super-fast computers.

Outlook Web App Can Use OneDrive For Business For Attachments

Using Outlook Web Access (OWA) via the browser or on a mobile device and need to include large attachments? If you’re using OneDrive for Business, you now have the option of including file links rather than attaching the file itself.

Ask LH: How Can I Persuade My Employer To Let Me Use Dropbox?

Hi Lifehacker, My workplace won’t let me use Dropbox anymore — I’ve been told I can only access it via the browser. How do I go about persuading them that I should be allowed access?

Atmail's Queensland HQ: Beaches, Boards And Beer

Email software developer Atmail chose not to locate in a typical high-tech environment. Instead, its headquarters are in Noosa, and there’s a definite beach vibe to the headquarters — complete with its own beer tap.

BlackBerry Blend Is A Data Sharing App That Kills 'Device-Hopping' Dead

Today BlackBerry launched the latest weapon in its long-term comeback plan: the cross-platform business app Blend. As its name implies, Blend allows BlackBerry users to access their messages and content on a range of tablet and PC screens while still under the protection of BlackBerry’s secure network. In other words, it hopes to render “device-hopping” a thing of the past.