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Fatal Error: Why We Don't Fully Trust Technology

We’ve all been there. The presenter is about to begin, but then disaster strikes: the computer technology fails. Perhaps the computer has fallen asleep, the data projector is using the wrong input, or the mouse clicker has run out of juice.

Microsoft Launches Windows Store For Business In Australia

Microsoft has launched Windows Store for Business, which allows IT decision makers, purchasers and administrators to curate, deploy and manage apps to Windows 10 devices across their organisations. The new online store has been switched on for 21 countries, including Australia.

Death Of Betamax: The Digital Format Wars Continue

Sony announced this week that it will stop selling Betamax cassettes from March 2016. It was a format that appeared not to succeed as Sony had desired.

Microsoft Open Sources Distributed Machine Learning Toolkit For Easier Big Data Research

The Microsoft Distributed Machine Learning Toolkit (DMTK) has been made open source by the vendor’s Asia research team. The DMTK will make machine learning tasks on big data more scalable and efficient with a smaller cluster of computers. This is particularly useful for machine learning researchers and developers that work with large datasets.

Spice Up Presentations By Adding A Villain, Victim, And Hero

Presentations can be dreadfully boring if not executed well, but the Harvard Business Review points to one easy approach that will spice up any presentation: use a villain-victim-hero framework.

How To Use Gmail And Inbox Together

Google developed two very good email clients for the web, Android, and iOS, but you don’t have to choose between them. It’s possible to use the two apps together, taking advantage of the best features from both to power through your overflowing inbox. Here are some tips on how to do it without getting in a complete tangle.

What To Do If You Feel Like You're Being Discriminated Against At Work

Discrimination in the workplace, whether it’s over race, ethnicity, gender, sexuality, age, or religion, is no joke, and dealing with it isn’t as easy as just “calling a lawyer.” Here are a few things you should know before you go the legal route.

Dropbox Rival Box Launches Windows 10 App To Entice Enterprise Customers

Enterprise cloud storage provider Box has teamed up with Microsoft to launch its app on the Windows 10 platform. Box already has over 50,000 paying businesses around the world using its service, half of which are Fortune 500 companies. With the new app, which integrates directly with some Windows 10 features, Box is looking to woo enterprise customers away from rival Dropbox. Here’s what the Windows 10 Box app can offer organisations.

Time To Take A Sick Day: Working When Ill Is Bad For You - And Your Company

Feeling ill? Well, staying at home would seem to be the sensible course of action. Yet for many, going to work while sick has become the norm, even a necessity in the face of the pressures placed on us by the organisations which employ us.

Yelp Just Open Sourced Its Internal Cloud Platform PaaSTA

Yelp, which hosts user generated business reviews all around the world, has open sourced a crucial component of its cloud infrastructure: a platform-as-a-service (PaaS) called PaaSTA. The PaaS is used internally by the company to automate the management and deployment of services that power Yelp.

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