Google In Amsterdam Has Ceiling Waffles And A Caravan

Google’s Sydney HQ is fairly impressive, but it can’t boast giant waffles hanging from the ceiling or a caravan-inspired meeting space. For that, you need to head to its Amsterdam office.

What Can A Supercomputer Actually Do?

A new supercomputer, called ARCHER, has recently been launched. ARCHER is a Cray XC30, funded by EPSRC and NERC. It is more than three times more powerful than its predecessor, HECToR, and is hosted by the University of Edinburgh. But what can you actually do with a supercomputer?

Why IT ROI Calculations Become Meaningless After A Buyout

No IT project is likely to receive funding these days without a detailed calculation of return-on-investment (ROI). Yet those figures are often highly speculative and subject to rapid change, especially in the event of one company acquiring another.

Outlook Web Access Is Finally Coming To Android

Last July, Microsoft released an iOS app specifically designed to replicate the features of its Outlook Web Access (OWA) browser-based interface, but in a native iOS environment for business Office 365 users. This week, it has announced plans to do the same for Android, saying a native app will be available soon.

The Best April Fools' Tech Tricks To Play On Your Colleagues

Tomorrow is April Fools’ Day. Mark the occasion with these simple tricks that will leave your colleagues confused. This is your chance for revenge from a year of idiotic support questions — make the most of it.

Big Data Is Scientific, And That's Why Most Businesses Fail At It

Much of big data comes from people. Web logs, mobile phone usage, financial transactions, insurance claims, you name it: it’s being recorded for potential further analysis to generate business value and improved customer experience.

Ask LH: Will Using Office 365 On My iPad And iPhone Use Up Two Licences?

Hey Lifehacker, Following last week’s launch, I’m interested in getting Office 365 for my iPhone and iPad. I already have a 365 Home subscription, and I’m using three of the five licences. Do I need to use the remaining two licences, one for my iPhone and one for my iPad, to get full access to the apps on both devices?

Microsoft Office For iPad: Everything You Need To Know

Microsoft has officially released Word, Excel and PowerPoint for iPad users — and the basic apps are free. Here’s what you need to know.

Ask LH: What Happens When Windows XP Support Ends?

Hey Lifehacker, So we are now days away from Windows XP reaching the end of service. I don’t believe there has ever been a situation where so many computers will be left vulnerable in this way. It has more than 10 times the market share Windows 98 had when support ended for it. This is unprecedented, right? Is this likely to be a really bad time for an awful lot of people?

Use Your Computer To Help With Climate Research

Australians and New Zealanders can now use their computers to help scientists discover if climate change has contributed to record heatwaves, droughts and flooding across both countries. The Weather@home project, launched in Australia and New Zealand today, is the latest stage of what has been dubbed “the world’s largest climate modelling experiment”, started in the UK a decade ago.