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'Robot' Bosses And Employee Fitness Trackers: Top 10 IT Predictions From Gartner

Increasing acceptance of artificial intelligence in both the business and consumer sectors coupled with the growing popularity of wearables has shaped analyst firm Gartner’s predictions for the IT space. We take a look into their magic eight ball.

Microsoft Surface Pro 4 And Surface Book Details And Pricing For Australia

Microsoft announced a ton of new products this morning but the ones that really matter are the Surface Book 4, the new version of its slate tablet, and the Surface Book, the company’s first ever laptop. We take a closer look at the two devices and how much it will cost you to buy them in Australia.

Dell Updates And Beautifies Workstation Laptop Lineup

Dell has redesigned its range of mobile workstations, making them thinner, lighter and better looking than their predecessors with a significant improvement in performance. We have the details on the four new Dell Precision mobile workstation laptops that are aimed squarely at professional users.

What To Consider When You're Buying A New Device If You Work From Home

If you spend some or all of your time working from home, choosing a new device is a little more involved than just poring through spec sheets and picking something with a decent price. Here are the key issues you need to consider.

Microsoft Brings 'Likes' And 'Mentions' To Outlook On The Web

You can ‘Like’ posts on Facebook and ‘Favourite’ Tweets on Twitter, so why not whack that feature onto emails? That’s exactly what Microsoft has done with Outlook on the web. The email service is getting a social media treatment with the addition of ‘Likes’ and ‘Mentions’. God help us. Here’s the lowdown.

What Would A 21st Century Broadband Infrastructure Look Like?

Earlier this month, the US Broadband Opportunity Council declared that broadband is “taking its place alongside water, sewer and electricity as essential infrastructure for communities”. Descriptors like “very fast” (Australia), “superfast” (UK), “ultra-fast” (New Zealand) or “ultra-high speed” (Singapore) reinforce the message that speed is an essential component of good broadband.

Vodafone Taps Into TPG's Dark Fibre For Mobile Data

Vodafone Hutchinson Australia has signed TPG Telecom as its new wholesale provider for mobile data. TPG will be providing dark fibre, which is essentially unused optic fibre infrastructure that has been rolled out, and network services to Vodafone over a 15 year period. So what does this mean for Vodafone and TPG mobile customers?

How Data Visualisation Can Give Businesses A Fresh Perspective

Data visualisation is a simple concept but it has evolved beyond just charts and graphs. We are now capable of using high powered computers to process data and render them into spectacular images that we can interact with. So how can this kind of technology benefit businesses across a variety of industries? We find out.

10 Tips And Tricks To Master Apple Mail On iOS

Apple’s mobile email client has been designed with simplicity in mind, but that doesn’t mean there aren’t some useful tips and tricks to be found if you look closely enough.

Vocus And M2 Merger Will Create Australia's Fourth Largest Telco

Vocus and M2 have announced their intention to merge which will make the combined entity the fourth largest telco in Australia worth more than $3 billion. Here are the details.

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