Windows 10 Technical Preview Gets Its First Major Update

Already trying out the Technical Preview for Windows 10? Microsoft has just pushed out a major update that adds some new features — but also breaks some stuff. Remember, it’s a beta!

300 Australia Post Outlets Are Finally Getting Their Own Computers

Back in June, we noted that there were an astonishing 432 Australia Post outlets that used manual point of sale (POS) systems rather than computerised ones. Good news for some of them — the mail carrier has announced plans to upgrade 300 of them with full computer systems.

VirtualXP Runs Your Old XP Installation Safely In Windows 7 Or 8

Windows: Many people have kept their old Windows XP computers running because they have software on the systems that can’t be reinstalled. VirtualXP lets you migrate an existing Windows XP installation into a virtual machine that you can run on Windows 7 or 8.

Yes, Your Office Space Is Getting Smaller

As technology gets smaller, the space we are provided with to work also shrinks. In the 1950s, the typical office worker was assigned a total of 50 square metres of space. By the end of this decade, that figure will have dropped to 10 square metres.

The First 140 Suburbs Which Will Get NBN Fibre To The Node

I guess it’s better to be in a suburb where fibre-to-the-node (FTTN) NBN connections are promised than to be in one where no-one knows what’s happening. NBN Co has released a list of the first 140 suburbs that will be set up.

This Jabra Headset Has A 'Busy Light' To Stop Colleagues Hassling You

Putting on headphones is one way of signalling to colleagues that you don’t want to be interrupted, but in workplaces where everyone uses a headset for phone calls, working out who is busy can still be tricky. Jabra’s new Evolve range of headsets includes a “Busy Light” so that fellow workers know not to interrupt.

Why Apple And Google Won't Care About Irish Tax Law Changes

Ireland has this week moved to change its tax law, closing the “double Irish” tax avoidance technique widely used by multinational enterprises including Google and Microsoft.

The Best Business Features In Android 5.0 Lollipop

The most-discussed feature of Android 5.0 Lollipop is likely to be Google’s shift to material design, but many of the under-the-hood changes will be especially beneficial to business users. These are the ones that stood out for us.

Redefining Hadoop As A Recursive Acronym

I like this idea. Nobody remembers how big data platform Hadoop got its name (it was for a soft toy elephant owned by one of the creators), so why not make it a recursive acronym?

Windows 10 Testers Aren't Opting For Virtual Machines

One of the more popular ways to test beta operating systems is to run them as a virtual machine, meaning that you’re not putting your main system at risk. With the Windows 10 Technical Preview, it seems not too many people are doing that.