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Slow Windows 7 Update Process Has Been Patched By Microsoft

Plenty of people are still kicking along with Windows 7 and will likely stick with it for the foreseeable future. If you’ve noticed that the update procedure for the OS takes forever — or never finishes at all — your salvation is at hand. Microsoft has released a patch that should sort out Windows 7’s slow patching process.

How A Start-Up Used Child-Like Naivety To Change Its Business (And The World)

Tell a child that things should be done a certain way and you’ll likely be greeted with a puzzled looked followed by the question “Why?”. As we grow older, we start losing that sense of curiosity and wonder, preferring the comfort of the status quo and accepting the “normal” way of doing things. Many start-ups have cropped up to challenge that status quo in established industries. One start-up founder talks about how maintaining a childish naivety has helped his company achieve unprecedented success against the odds.

How To Keep Your Gadgets Charged And Stay Productive

How long can you last without your smartphone? You don’t have to be nomophobic to be constantly checking your phone, ensuring you have enough juice to last the rest of your day. And, as more work becomes mobile, keeping devices charged is also a concern for businesses. So, here are some tips to keep your gadgets charged throughout the day.

Do Australians Even Care About FTTP Vs FTTN For The NBN?

Since the National Broadband Network (NBN) was first announced, it has stirred up debate among politicians, technology experts and the specialist press about which technologies will best serve the nation. Should we (allegedly) spend more tax payers’ dollars for a superior fibre-to-the-premise (FTTP) model that will pay off in the future? Should we stick to the fibre-to-the-node (FTTN) approach doggedly pushed by our current government? Or is something in-between required? It seems illogical to be opposed to the “best” technology, but most Australians — the very people the NBN is being built for — simply don’t care.

Apple iOS 10 VS Google Android: Which Is Leading The Way?

Both Apple and Google use their developer conferences to introduce updates to their mobile operating systems. Google IO, held last month, introduced Google’s latest version “N” of Android, along with new apps. Apple has done the same this week at its World Wide Developer Conference, introducing iOS 10.

While both Apple and Google are likely to be monitoring each others’ releases to stay competitive, there is a big difference underlying the Android and iOS approaches to feature development that means their respective focus will also differ. Read on to find out more.

Tips For Keeping Remote Staff Busy, Connected And Happy

Remote work isn’t new, but thanks to technology and changing norms, it is growing. It allows for more flexibility for workers, and brings new opportunities for companies — a wider hiring pool and lower overhead among them. But it also brings a unique set of challenges to be met.

Microsoft Edge Consumes Less Power Than Chrome - But Do You Care?

So tests have shown Microsoft’s Edge browser consumes less energy than other popular browsers including Chrome and Firefox. The company is proudly promoting these test results but will this be enough to convince people to ditch their current browsers and go with Edge instead?

Don't Forget About Proper Cable Management When Building A PC

I’m in the process of upgrading my antique PC from six years ago. Progress is slow but I’ve started to dismantle parts for replacement. It’s at this time that I’m forced to reassess the way I’ve approached cable management — something that is easily neglected — inside my PC. Armed with more insight than my inexperienced past self, here are some tips you may find useful in keeping your PC cables neat and tidy.

Linux App Distribution Gets A Little Easier With 'Snap'

The latest version of Ubuntu came packed with support for a new app distribution service called snap that significantly simplifies app installation. Now, that’s available on just about every popular Linux distribution around.

Microsoft Releases Dedicated Bloatware Removal Tool For Windows 10

What’s the first thing you do with a shiny new Windows notebook? The only answer to this question is “format and reinstall the OS”. It’d be nice if you could just, you know, use the gadget you bought, minus the vendor-installed and mostly useless software. Windows 10 might be Microsoft’s first OS to make this possible.

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