What Happens Now Computers For Schools Is Over?

The computers for schools program, which involved federal funding for the supply of laptops to high school students, is set to end in June. The program was a central piece of the former government’s “digital revolution” but is being discontinued by the current government.

9 Tips To Improve Wireless Connectivity In The Office

Two things that really upset people when they try to connect to a wireless network is that a) the connection is not free and b) that it doesn’t work properly. The reaction is very much the same within an office environment. Employees not only expect the company to provide wireless but they also expect a decent connection, at par with the wired network.

Why You Need Windows In Your Office

No, this isn’t what you think. Research suggests that a windowless office can be bad for you: working in a space with no natural light means you’ll get less sleep at night.

Storage Is Getting Cheaper But We're Still Running Out Of Space

Storage prices have dropped massively in recent years. Yet despite that, there’s a risk that we might actually run out of space for data. This is why.

The New NBN: Uncosted, No Upload Speeds And No Timetable

The National Broadband Network (NBN) plan the Coalition took to the 2013 election included a promise that its NBN plans would be subject to a cost-benefit analysis before rollout and that the majority of Australians would be connected to higher-speed services by 2016. Six months later, neither of those things is true anymore.

How To Choose The Best Tool For Your Big Data Project

Trying to choose the right tool for a big data project? This chart (and three simple rules) can help guide you through the options.

Open Source Alternatives For Windows XP

As the sun sets on Microsoft’s support for Windows XP this may be a great time to think about trying out a Free and Open Source Software (FOSS) operating system for your still-working PC.

How Will Cortana Cope With My Australian Accent?

“What’s the weather in Melbourne?” I ask Cortana, the newly-launched virtual personal assistant for Windows Phone 8.1. Given I’m in the US, I’m half-expecting to see the results from Melbourne, Florida. The reality is worse: I see the weather for Millburn, New Jersey, a place I have never heard of. This is the state-of-the-art for intelligent voice recognition when you’re an Australian.

Threshold 2015? What We Actually Know About The Next Version Of Windows

While the major focus of Build 2014 has been on Windows 8.1 Update and Windows Phone 8.1, the keynote also included glimpses at the next major release of Windows. We know that it will include the much-discussed return of the Start menu, but what else was revealed?

The Windows Start Menu Is Coming Back (But Not Yet)

One of the most-hated aspects of Windows 8 was that it eliminated the Start Menu. After two years of users screaming, it seems Microsoft has finally listened: a future version of Windows will include the return of the Start menu in enhanced form.