How Computer Science Can Help Art Historians

I was the lead of a team of computer scientists at Rutgers that published a paper this past August titled, “Toward Automated Discovery of Artistic Influence.” In that paper we reported on our research, where we used object recognition techniques to compare paintings and identify similarities between them in colour, form, texture and content. The goal was to classify painting styles and determine how artists may have been influenced by their predecessors.

80% Of Australian Prescriptions Are Dispensed Electronically

So I had only one reaction when I learned that 80 per cent of prescriptions in Australia are dispensed electronically: why on earth are the other 20 per cent not?

How Border Protection Rolled Out A Major IT Project In 12 Months

One of the most common complaints about IT projects is that they take so long to deploy. Here’s how the Department of Immigration and Border Protection managed to fully automate its Border Risk Identification System (BRIS) in just 12 months.

The NBN-Telstra-Optus Deal Is Still Overloaded With Unknowns

Yesterday, NBN Co announced that it had successfully renegotiated its $11 billion deal with Telstra to acquire its existing copper network, as well as setting up contracts to buy and continue using the cable (HFC) networks owned by Telstra and Optus. While we’re seeing lots of high-fiving going on about the deal and how it might speed up the rollout of the National Broadband Network, there are still lots of uncertainties — especially in terms of when consumers will actually get to enjoy the fruits of these arrangements.

Microsoft Desktop Optimization Pack Adds App-V Enhancements

Microsoft has updated its Desktop Optimization Pack (MDOP) software. The 2014 R2 release adds improved support for App-V desktop app virtualisation, including simpler settings for deploying Office.

The Internet Of Things: What It Is And Why You Should Care

You’ve may have heard the term “Internet of Things” being thrown around a lot lately. If you’re not sure what it means, this video can help you understand.

Bird-Themed Meeting Rooms And Plenty Of Food: Inside Twitter HQ

Fancy working for Twitter? Its San Francisco headquarters stick with the company’s ornithological theme, with meeting rooms and restaurants named after birds. And like any Silicon Valley firm keen to retain staff, there’s a lot of free food on offer.

Why Office Design Still Has A Long Way To Go

With all the chatter about beautiful office design, it would be easy to assume workplaces have come a long way from the days of the cubicle farm. But recent research has shown this may not actually be the case.

Windows 8.1 Is Finally Bigger Than Windows XP

Windows XP officially took its last gasp back in April, but that didn’t mean it stopped being used. Yet November marked an interesting development: there are finally more machines using Windows 8.1 than Windows XP.

All The Reasons The NBN Might Be Late (Again)

The list of new places that will gain access to the National Broadband Network (NBN) over the next 18 months that was released today makes interesting reading. One of the most interesting aspects? All the reasons why the revised deadlines might not be met.