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Nerd Love: Nine Valentine's Day E-Cards For IT Professionals

It’s the final stretch before Valentine’s Day on Sunday. If you have a significant other that works in IT, specifically in networking, who you want to do something special for, we are here to help. For a bit of fun on a Friday, here are a few funny “romantic” e-cards they might appreciate.

My Robot Valentine: Could You Fall In Love With A Robot?

Imagine it’s Valentine’s Day and you’re sitting in a restaurant across the table from your significant other, about to start a romantic dinner. As you gaze into each other’s eyes, you wonder how it can possibly be true that as well as not eating, your sweetheart does not – cannot – love you. Impossible, you think, as you squeeze its synthetic hand. Could this be the future of Valentine’s Day for some? Recent opinion indicates that yes, we might just fall in love with our robot companions one day.

The Impact Of A Slow Website On Your Business Is Worse Than You Think [Infographic]

A sluggish or unresponsive website might be a “first world problem” — but it’s one that web users take very seriously. If your company relies on online commerce, speed and reliability are absolutely imperative — a slightly slower load time can result in customers taking their business elsewhere, never to return. This infographic looks at the different ways a slow website can burn a hole in your pocket.

How To Implement A Data Privacy Strategy Without The Pain

Data breaches are becoming common occurrences for organisations of all sizes. While the message on the importance of stepping up data security has been loud and clear, there are still plenty of companies out there that haven’t heeded the warnings or simply haven’t done enough to safeguard their sensitive digital information. Maybe it’s because data security has been filed into the “too hard” basket, but implementing a plan to protect your company’s data is not as difficult as you may think.

VMware Unveils Workspace One To Unify Device And App Management

VMware has launched a digital workspace platform called Workplace One that aggregates the management of all devices, applications and services into a single identity for each employee within an organisation. This is aimed at making it easier for enterprise IT departments to securely manage digital assets as workers become more mobile and transient. Here are the details.

Everything I Learned About IT From Stock Photos

Love them or hate them, stock photos are everywhere. From billboards to online websites (yes, Lifehacker Australia uses them too), they are often employed to provide context to written words. But sometimes stock photos get it so wrong — particularly when it comes to depicting the people and happenings in the IT industry. If you take some stock photos at face value, you’ll have a pretty warped understanding of what goes on in IT.

Three Enterprise App Distribution Models To Consider For Your Organisation

Brought to you in partnership with Konica Minolta, Evolve is your weekly guide to trends and advice in enterprise technology.  

Just because you’ve been using the same enterprise app distribution model for years doesn’t mean it’s the best one for your organisation. It’s still early in 2016 and its prime time to re-evaluate the way your company lets its employees access apps to help them with their work. Here are three enterprise app distribution models that you can consider switching to.

Microsoft Changes User Number Requirements For Enterprise Agreement

Microsoft’s Enterprise Agreement currently offers the best value on its software to organisations with at least 250 users. But that is set to change as Microsoft plans to alter its Enterprise Agreement policy so smaller organisations won’t be able to access the discounts anymore. Here are the details.

Satya Nadella's Master Plan For Microsoft Is Starting To Work

Today, Microsoft reported solid quarterly earnings, and investors are pleased. The stock is up about three per cent after hours. Unlike Netflix and its subscriber numbers, or Facebook and its monthly active users, there’s no single stat for Microsoft that made Wall Street happy. Instead, Microsoft offered a mix of solid metrics that showed that the company’s master plan is proceeding right according to schedule.

Apple Power Adaptors Recalled Over Electric Shock Risk

Apple is recalling a range of power adaptors for Macs and some iOS devices that were sold in Australia from 2003 to 2015 due to risk of electrical shock if a user touches them. If you do own one of the affected adaptors, here’s how you can get a replacement from Apple.

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