Outlook.com Adds Clutter Clean-Up Tool, Add-Ins

Microsoft seems very keen on its Clutter tool for automatically filing email right now. Not only is it being added to Office 365, a version of it is also being incorporated into its free Outlook.com web-based email service.

Power Blackouts Becoming More Frequent In Australia

Blackouts in Australia are on the rise. A compilation of outage reports by industrial manufacturer Eaton found that in 2014 there were 201 power outages across Australia and New Zealand, up from 162 the previous year.

No, Radiation From Wi-Fi Isn't Killing You

Tomorrow at TedX Sydney’s Opera House event, high-profile neurosurgeon Charlie Teo will talk about brain cancer. Last Saturday Teo was on Channel 7’s Sunrise program talking about the often malignant cancer that in 2012 killed 1,241 Australians.

VMware Horizon Air Hitting Australia This Year

Last month, VMware launched its vCloud Air platform in Australia. Now it’s promising that Horizon Air, its desktop-as-a-service platform, will roll out from that local data centre before the end of June.

Microsoft Office For Android Phones Is Now Available As A Preview

Want to edit Word, Excel, or PowerPoint docs from your Android phone? You can now test them out in the new Office Preview apps.

Microsoft Will Take Control Of Windows 10 Mobile Updates

Microsoft plans to take charge when it comes to Windows 10 Mobile updates, rather than waiting on carriers to offer upgrades.

Office 365's Clutter Feature For Email Will Soon Be Enabled By Default

Microsoft has been testing Office 365’s Clutter tool, which aims to highlight important messages in your inbox and move stuff you don’t need to worry about immediately into folders, since late 2014. Apparently it’s working well enough that from next month, it will be switched on for all Office 365 accounts by default.

How To Decide When To Upgrade Your Hardware

“If it ain’t broke, don’t fix it” is not a sensible policy when you’re dealing with crucial IT gear. Follow these basic guidelines to ensure you’re getting the maximum value from your equipment while minimising risk.

All Seven Versions Of Windows 10 Explained

When Windows 10 finally appears this year, there will be at least seven separate versions of it available. Here’s what’s on offer in each.

5 Reasons Why ERP Still Sucks (And How To Fix It)

Enterprise resource planning (ERP) is about as sexy as dried-up mucus, and user hatred for these systems is legendary. No large business can function without one, though. Why does ERP go wrong so often, and what can we do to fix it?