Why You Shouldn't Just Pocket Your Cloud Savings

Switching to a cloud infrastructure can result in substantial savings. However, if you want the transition to be successful, you should invest those savings in ensuring your workers are happy, rather than just trying to enhance the immediate bottom line.

Cloud Patches: Developer Tools Ahoy!

Last week in cloud computing: Amazon AppStream enhances its reach, Azure Active Directory adds tenant deletion and free trials, and much more.

How Microsoft Uses Azure Internally

Microsoft’s Azure cloud platform is aimed at businesses of all sizes, but how does the tech giant use the service itself? During a recent media tour, Jon Ormond from Microsoft IT talked through some of the uses Microsoft’s internal IT department has found for Azure — and how shifting to the cloud could save it $US150 million.

AppGuru Exits Preview, Sets Pricing

We wrote up LogMeIn’s AppGuru cloud management service when it launched as a preview release more than a year ago. It has now exited preview and is on general release — and that means you have to pay for it.

How Small Business Is Missing The Tech Revolution

Most companies that live and breathe the online revolution are not tech startups, but smart smaller firms that use online tools to run their core business better: to cut costs, reach customers and suppliers, innovate and get more control. Many others, however, are falling behind, according to a new Grattan Institute discussion paper.

OneDrive Doubling Free Storage, 1TB For Office 365 Users

Fancy some more free storage? Microsoft has upped the allocation of free storage for OneDrive from 7GB to 15GB. If you’re an Office 365 customer, the news is even better — you now receive 1TB of storage as part of your subscription.

Cloud Patches: Azure Status Upgrade, Amazon Elastic Expansions

Last week in cloud computing: Microsoft’s Azure status tracker sees a revamp, while Amazon tweaks its elastic options.

When The Cloud Gets Graphical

Cloud computing has its roots in repetitive business and analytical processing, but as public cloud platforms mature, those resources are being used for an increasingly diverse range of tasks. Two recent examples highlight how cloud computing resources can be used to supplement local hardware for graphics-intensive tasks.

Not Using Cloud? You're In The Minority

Cloud isn’t yet the dominant model for enterprise computing, but it’s clearly heading that way. A survey of Australian enterprises with more than 20 employees suggests that more than half are now using public cloud services for at least part of their infrastructure.

Cloud Patches: AWS SNS Goes Windows, Azure AD Proxy

Last week in cloud computing: AWS enhances Windows push notification support, while Azure begins testing its Active Directory proxy.