VMware vCloud Air In Australia: Everything You Need To Know

Joining an increasingly crowded local cloud marketplace, VMware has announced plans to offer its VCloud Air public cloud platform through an Australian data centre in Melbourne in 2015. Here’s what you need to know.

Cloud Patches: Azure Australia Aftermath, AWS Goes System Center

Last week in cloud computing: Microsoft followed up its Australian Azure launch with a host of new products at TechEd Europe, while AWS centralised its support and added the ability to manage Windows VMs from within System Center.

Cloud Attitudes Are Often All-Or-Nothing, But Cloud Decisions Shouldn't Be

Cloud computing isn’t a topic that managers are neutral about. However, that doesn’t mean that the decisions we make about cloud rollouts are logical.

Hyperscale Cloud Hassles: Lock-In, Contracts And Availability

‘Hyperscale’ cloud providers (the big guns like AWS and Azure) have assumed a dominant position in the cloud market. But scale brings its own set of problems, as any obese person can attest.

Microsoft Revamps Azure Marketplace

Looking for some apps to install in those new Australian Azure regions? Microsoft has revamped its Azure Marketplace site, making it easier to search for pre-built apps and system images.

Hybrid Cloud 2.0: When You Want Multiple Cloud Providers

Hybrid cloud — a mixture of on-premises gear and commercial cloud services — is a common approach in scenarios where pure cloud isn’t acceptable for whatever business reason. But what happens when you want to throw more than one cloud service into the mix?

Microsoft Azure In Australia: How Much Extra You'll Pay

The good news? Microsoft’s Australian Azure data centres in Sydney and Melbourne are finally open today. The bad news? You’ll pay extra to use them in many cases, and not every service is available at launch. Here’s what you need to know.

Cloud Patches: Azure In Australia, AWS Adds OpenID Connect

Last week in cloud computing: finally Azure gets its official local data centres, Amazon adds support for OpenID Connect, and other cloud news.

AWS Adds Its Own Directory Service, Charges Australians More

Amazon Web Services (AWS) is launching its own directory service, allowing administrators to either set up their own cloud-based directory of users or replicate existing on-premises directories.

Microsoft's Australian Azure Data Centres Will Open Next Week

We’ve been waiting quite a while for this, and now it looks like it’s finally happening: Microsoft’s Australian Azure data centres in Melbourne and Sydney will officially launch next week.