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Salesforce Revamps Core CRM Offering

Salesforce.com has overhauled its bread-and-butter customer relationship management (CRM) product with a brand new look and added capabilities. The changes are collectively known as Lightning. Here’s what you need to know about this new offering from the software-as-a-service (SaaS) juggernaut.

You Can Now Recover Contacts, Calendars, And Reminders From iCloud

Apple has updated iCloud.com with a handy new way to recover contacts, calendars, and reminders you deleted on accident.

Why Telstra's Category 9 Mobile Devices Are A Boon For Businesses

Category 9. Sounds more like a typhoon than a mobile technology. Telstra announced today that it’s bringing in Category 9 devices to Australia which will offer a theoretical download speed of 450Mbps on its 4GX network. We breakdown why you and your business should care about this.

Microsoft Updates Outlook On Office 365 With New Look And Features

Microsoft has cleaned up the user interface on its Office 365 browser-based email service Outlook, because we’re all superficial and like looking at pretty things. Oh, and some new tools have been added.

Does Your Organisation Trust Hosted Cloud Email Services?

The email server is down at work. Within two minutes, nervous murmurs could be heard in the office followed by people sticking their heads up in their cubicles looking like lost lambs. Pretty soon the entire workplace grinds to a halt. Suffice to say email is a critical part of almost every organisation and while businesses are moving many of their productivity applications to third-party cloud providers, there is still some resistance in doing so with emails.

Seems Australian Businesses Aren't Fussed About Off-Shore Cloud

A common concern expressed about cloud computing in Australia is that it’s not viable to use cloud services located offshore, either for questionable legal reasons or because of performance. But that concern doesn’t seem to actually be impacting buying decisions.

How Cisco's Intercloud Links All The Clouds

The only thing we can be certain of is networks will only become more complex. One of the big challenges is more and more data is being created, stored, analysed and used on the edges of the network. And tat means lots of separate systems. Cisco expects the Intercloud to do for the cloud what the Internet did for networks.

Which Cloud Services Have The Best Security Options?

Security is crucial when you move IT into the cloud. This infographic from security-as-a-service provider FortyCloud highlights the main options available if you’re using AWS, Azure, Google Cloud Platform, IBM or Rackspace.

Microsoft Is Investing In More Undersea Cables For Azure, Except In Australia

Cloud computing relies on high-speed connections, and when you’re moving large chunks of data around the higher the speed the better. So it’s no surprise that Microsoft has been investing in undersea cabling to connect its Auzre data centres around the world.

Why Dropbox Just Moved Your Account To Ireland

Over the weekend, Dropbox updated its terms of service so that customers outside of North America are now provided via Dropbox Ireland, rather than Dropbox USA. What’s going on?

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