The Best Thing About Samsung's New Tablets? Micro-USB Charging

Samsung launched its new range of Galaxy Tab tablets in Australia today. As Luke over at Gizmodo points out, one big advantage of the new range is the low prices. To my mind, there’s an equally important advance across the range: it now uses a standard micro-USB plug for charging.

Previous Samsung models have used a proprietary 30-pin charger, but all three new models introduced today use the standard USB connection that’s now found on virtually every phone not manufactured by Apple. (Full credit to fellow journalist Leigh Stark for pointing this out to me.)

This is good news for IT managers too, since you don’t need to maintain a stock of multiple chargers with weird plugs when someone forgets their own charger and is racing out with their tablet for an urgent appointment. Samsung’s launch played heavily on the entertainment aspect of the tablets, but given how often I see them in airport lounges, there’s clearly a productivity/fun blur going on.

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