Store Your Valuables In A Kid's Bag When Travelling To Avoid Theft

The #1 nightmare scenario when travelling abroad is having your luggage stolen, especially if it contains your passport, wallet and other important valuables. Children’s bags, on the other hand, are typically filled with lollies, stickers and stuffed animals — which makes them a far less tempting target for thieves.

Luggage picture from Shutterstock

Reader Mark wrote in to explain his tip:

I travel with a basic children’s backpack (the more pink the better) and put all my valuables within. It’s the last place a potential thief will look. It would also make them easy to spot running away with a Barbie backpack under their arm.

The trick obviously suits parents best, but as long as you don’t mind getting occasional odd looks from other travelers, we suppose it could work for anybody. (You might want to keep a closer eye on any tween girls in the vicinity though — we hear those pink Barbie bags are highly coveted!)

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